5 A Sadistic Yandere

Alizejh was in quite a dilemma, she was actually quite shocked seeing the behavior of her brother Rael.

Most of the time her brother would always remain stoic, either whoring around or under the influence of alcohol.

When they were children, their father would always abuse them, as fact, the other siblings would try to bully them.

From what they knew was this that their father was immensely in love with their mother but she left as soon as she came.

Apparently, their mother had a temporary memory loss, she left without even giving her name but what their father knew was that she was from the God Plains also the reason why he was trying to ascend.

He always thought that the children he had were the reason why his mother left him quite a messed up reason but that is what he believed.

Due to him being smitten with her, the other two ignored wives would exert their anger on the twins and force their children to bully them.

They were hated by their siblings, the wives, and even their own father.

The only one who ever treated Alezejh well and showered her with love was Rael.

When people bullied her he would gladly take all her hits on himself, when they were given less food he was the one who would give her his food.

Through times of thick and thin, he was the only one for her.

He was the only light of her life, a star that shined brighter than any in the blackness of the night.

She hated her siblings and wanted to kill them, she wanted to torture them, she wanted to make them feel as if they were better off dead.

Hence she developed sadistic tendencies along with an awakening in her Angel Bloodline, and because she was a female which was the most compatible with her bloodline she was able to comfortably merge it with her demon genes smoothly without a hitch.

When her father banished her brother for being trash which she obviously didn't believe, she left their household with her beloved brother to the human country on her own accord despite her father trying to stop her because she was very talented and the spitting image of her mother.

Rael was with her when she was powerless, now she wanted to be with him when he is powerless.

Rael protected her when she was weak, now she wanted to protect him.

Always and forever.

Rael is her only reason to live, when Rael is there the entire world is beautiful.

Without Rael, nothing deserves to exist!

This was also one of the reasons to why she adopted the principle that Rael was solely hers.

Along with her protective desires, she subconsciously believed that Rael belonged to her.

Whenever she sees him, she feels herself getting wet but suppresses it, she doesn't want her darling brother to feel uneasy.

However, she was surprised today!

Usually, her brother's eyes are usually dim.

But today... his eyes were brimming with light and desire almost as if the previous Rael was a shell of a being.

The way he moved, the way he politely spoke, the way he ate... the way he cried.

Everything about him was extremely elegant.

She had never seen such grace in her life!

It was as if he had completely transformed.

An unusual calmness followed his noble demeanor along with the enchanting nimbleness he showed in his every movement.

Normal people wouldn't understand but she who had trained a bit in ways of noble finesse could and what she saw today was something that even her father couldn't catch up to.

It was as if it was an art!! No! That would be an understatement!!

Glancing up to look into his eyes, she found them different from before. Now they were deep, deeper than the ocean, and more enchanting than the solitary stars.

For a second she felt lost... alone but then she felt the darkness staring back at her, warming her heart up.

They were violet in color and a pale ice jade color would flicker from time. If she guessed correctly then his eyes were containing extreme amusement in everything.

Alizejh! Likes it! UMU!

She liked what was going on, it made her feel even more excited. Now she really wanted him. she really really really really wanted him.

To trample over him!

She wanted to chain him down on a bed and thoroughly ravage him!!

She wanted to see if his face would be of despair or the same calmness he was showing right now.

'Calm down... calm down Alizejh... Amitabha Buddha Amitabha Buddha no lewd... it is not yet time to take him for yourself... ughhhhh I want to kidnap him and violate every part of him!!'

She licked her lips as a delicious grin came over her face as she observed him crying with elegance.


That is what she was feeling.

'Is he also like me?'

She wondered if her brother was also a sadist, what she wanted the most was for her brother to be a masochist if possible.

At least that is what she used to think when she noticed that he would always take the initiative to get beaten up by the siblings in place of her.

But after being close to him for a long time, she realized he was not an M, and instead did what he did for the love he had for her.

Alizejh obviously felt very touched as her feelings started to breed only to get stronger and stronger....and maybe a bit too strong.

She also felt a little bit of resonance with her brother, she had a suspicion that her brother had finally awakened their bloodline.

Although she didn't know that her bloodline was that of an angel she knew that her bloodline was a rule-breaker itself.

Hence, she felt happy for Rael, now he could live however he wanted, and he would no longer be called garbage.

'Is this the reason why he is acting differently? Has his self-esteem increased?'

Secretly, she felt complicated emotions in her heart, if this went on then her brother wouldn't need her protection but she wouldn't do anything to heed his growth after all she wished happiness for him.

She felt scared.

'Brother you can never abandon me!'

Alizejh had a sense of insecurity toward Rael and her heart would beat louder from time to time due to the anxiety she was feeling.

She sighed secretly, she really had to try harder to control her emotions.

'Will brother detest me when he learns about my true nature?'

She shuddered and gave a gave a slight glance at him who was currently walking around in the banquet hall's buffet and stuffing food in his plate.

Feeling a gaze upon himself, Rael turned to look at where it was coming from. Slightly surprised that it was Alizejh he smiled and waved at her.

She felt warm in her heart as she looked at his smile but at the same time also bitter.

Alezejh sighed again and waved back at him, taking her leave from the area.

'Anh~ brother I love you so mush~'

Now she would have to go and masturbate.

Rael sat against his seat frowning, wondering where Alizejh had gone to.

However, even after twenty minutes, she didn't turn up. He shook his head and decided to enjoy the banquet.

The banquet he was in was the Regent Banquet. One of the events taking place as a welcoming event for the Regent Auction.

Regent Auction was one of the most famous across the world, all kinds of treasures would be placed upon for a price.

From the rarest in the Lower World to treasures which are from the Celestial Plains.

All kinds of items would be placed for the auction. Basically an auction for lower beings.

The Banquet was kind of an opening event for the Auction. It was held to give out a favorable impression.

His sister was quite an important figure in the United Enforcer Department.

Hailed as a prodigy she really proved her worth, she had been successful in becoming the youngest being ever to enter the department.

Most people would take at least 100 years to become an apprentice Adjudicator and she was already an Adjuctor in less than four years.

She joined at the age of 24 and just in a year she graduated from the Enforcer Department.

Even joining the department would usually be after schooling is done which apparently was not done in her case but being a figure from one of the most prominent families she was allowed to join.

And to their expectations, she didn't disappoint them at all!!

Instead of disappointment, she completed all her education in just 1 year which would be 20 years for an average person.

After that, she became an apprentice Adjuctor and then finally a full Adjudicator in just four years.

The chronological ranking was, Apprentice< Adjucator< Enforcer and then finally an Elder.

Enforcers had a very high rank across the entire lower realm, they were all heavily favored by everyone.

Regardless of their species, every Enforcer was respected, they were all in charge of the investigation, defense, raids, etc.

From what Rael knew based on his memories, every household wanted one of their younger generations to infiltrate into the department regardless of what the species was.

When the young influence, they eventually become the ones who climb up the ladder to finally become Elders.

After becoming Elders they would be able to properly influence their authority and show favorability.

Alezjh was an important asset to their father but because of Rael's banishment, she also left which she was anyway planning to do anyway.

Both of them gave up their names and identities as Greed Prince and Princess to start anew.

Rael already knew what all his previous self had to endure, now that his memories were back he wouldn't let such injustice happen to himself.

An amused smile came upon his face as he stared into the distance while drinking his tea.


His fingers tapped onto the table making a pleasing rhythm.

Every classical musician had an orchestra in their head, every second would be a new beat, a new tone, a new composition.

The wind also sings the very Earth, the beings on the world who talk, and even the souls.

As he was having profound thoughts something else caught his attention.

A tranquil piece of electric guitar rhythm permeated into the air.

It was a chill blue solo.

At that moment an announcing host came near the garden and announced warmly.

"Couples get ready as the ball dance will begin, singles can die watching the others dance."

He chuckled at the end which brought a lot of angry glares to him, so he cleared his throat to speak properly.

"If you don't have a partner then you are very free to find one."

He quickly turned to look at the many classical musicians who were holding their violins while wearing black vests as he gave them a nod to start their music

"Alright then let the ball begin!"

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