The Heroine Eavesdropped on My Voice Heart

Tells the story of an MC who has transmigrated 10 times in the novel world as a villain. But in the 10th round he decided to escape the plot and went to another country. But there he found other fictional characters and he didn't know that the heroines secretly heard his voice heart. The heroines don't play according to the plot, their characters collapse. The MC is surrounded by heroines. Meanwhile, the protagonist is jealous of the MC and has a green hat on his head. MC: Damn, the plot collapsed. Is it okay like this? Protagonist has even become a villain... Rias: Protagonist? I don't care about him. I like you, I just want you. Sona: You are now my fiancé, don't you want to do it with me? Akeno: Ara ara~ Tian-kun, why do you keep avoiding me? I won't eat you. Tsubaki: Tian-kun, can you stay at my house tonight? Koneko: Senpai, I like you. Am I not pretty enough? Grayfia: As a professional maid, I have to wash all your body parts. Yasaka: Husband, Kanou wants a little sister. Let's make one. - World: - Highschool Dxd - Return of the Dragon King - My Wife is a Beautiful CEO - Doctor Genius - Shokugeki No Souma - Shinmai Maou no Testament - Saenai Heroinai No Sodatekata - Arifureta - Other Novels or Anime. - Get the latest chapters faster on my patreon. Support me on patreon to keep me motivated to write more chapters: www.patreon.com/DogLicker

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Basara was acting, wanting to conquer his aunt! Chisato smiled kindly and gave him...

"Are we not going to follow Basara?" Yuki asked while tidying up the lunch boxes on the table like a good wife since she was also tidying up Qin Tian's.

Hearing Yuki's question, Qin Tian turned his gaze away from the blonde-haired girl named Marin Kitagawa.

That girl... He felt familiar when he saw her, it seemed like she was a heroine from another fiction that had nothing to do with Basara. And there was also a girl named Shiho Fujishe, that girl seemed to have a crush on Basara... He wasn't sure if that girl was a heroine or not because he didn't even feel familiar about her. Although he could use his Destiny Eyes to confirm the matter, but he could do that later.

After all he wanted to focus on the heroines of Basara's fiction first since they had a lot of destiny points connected to Basara and of course he himself was greedy to get all those heroines.

"Do you want us to follow Basara to the medical room and then do perverted things there so that Basara can hear and watch what we do? Yuki... Looks like you're starting to like this kind of thing, right?"

Qin Tian smiled mischievously at the blue-haired girl, Yuki blushed slightly at what he said.

"N-No, it's not like that... I just... I... Want to immediately weaken the transmigrator's control on Basara's body again."

"Oh, I see... So just for the sake of saving your childhood friend, Basara?" Qin Tian asked with a sad and disappointed expression on his face.

Yuki somehow became panicked seeing him make such a face.

"No, it's not just that... I actually enjoyed doing those things with you too." Yuki said with an expressionless face but anyone could see there was a blush on her cheeks.

Her yellow eyes looked straight at Qin Tian, she seriously said that and didn't want the other party to think her words were a lie.

It was true that she still prioritized saving Basara, but she was also actually starting to enjoy what she was doing with Qin Tian. Putting aside the perverted things the two of them had done because she was too embarrassed to say it, but doing the routine that couples usually did also felt good.

Yuki usually always ate alone at school and didn't hang out much with others except when doing schoolwork. So eating with Qin Tian, feeding him, and chatting with him was a pleasant thing for her.

Even she was getting excited about doing things with Qin Tian as his girlfriend from now on. Although she didn't really have romantic feelings or fall in love with him, but she knew it was only a matter of time because now her liking for Qin Tian was even getting higher. Making herself confused as to why she could like someone so quickly? Even her former friends in the Hero Clan took quite a long time to get along with her.

But seeing his handsome face that was so perfect, his dazzling abyss-like black eyes, the smile he gave her that easily shook her heart, and the safe and comfortable feeling she felt when she was close to him...

Yuki realized that she was completely fascinated by this villain.

'By the way, is it just my feelings or does this guy look even more handsome than yesterday?'

'No, it's not just my feelings...' Judging from the way the girls in class often look at him with those hot and lustful eyes it...'

Yuki somehow felt unhappy with the girls' gaze on Qin Tian. It was even worse than yesterday, if she wasn't sitting with Qin Tian and making her position as his girlfriend clear.

She was sure the girls in this class would gather around Qin Tian during break time.

Not knowing what the blue-haired girl was thinking, Qin Tian chuckled hearing Yuki enjoying doing that with him. Although he only pretended to make a sad and disappointed face before, but the result was good because he was happy to be able to see from the blue-haired girl's eyes that she wasn't lying with what she said.

While they were talking about Basara, Qin Tian had already made an invisible sound barrier around the two of them so that the other students in the class couldn't hear what the two of them were talking about.

From the perspective of the other students in the class, they could only see that he and Yuki were chatting, but they were chatting in a small voice so it was difficult for others to hear.

"Okay, good to know you at least don't hate doing those things with me."

"And about Basara, you don't have to worry. There's someone who will help in our plan. She happens to be in the medical room, so let's just follow the school lessons as usual and let that person handle Basara."

"Someone is helping with our plan? Who?" Yuki asked with confusion and curiosity in her eyes.

"Well, I just met her this morning and she took the initiative to help our plan to save Basara. She is... Basara's aunt. You probably already know her, after all she works as a nurse in this school." Qin Tian said and he also added some more in his heart.

[Although I haven't really given Chisato any instructions on what to do, but with that woman's intelligence. I'm sure she can do something to hit Basara's mentality in the medical room.]

[Well... For now it's better to wait for what will happen from Basara's inner voice.]

"So that's it..." Yuki nodded, in her heart she just realized who the additional person who would help Basara's rescue plan was.

She did remember Qin Tian once said from his inner voice about doing something with Chisato Hasegawa this morning.

She felt disturbed when she heard Qin Tian might be doing something perverted with that woman this morning.

But she'd forgotten about the incident and only remembered it again now.

It turns out that the school nurse named Chisato Hasegawa took the initiative to help she and Qin Tian's plan!

She's also a heroine just like her, and Qin Tian must be eyeing her too.

Thinking of this an uneasy feeling filled her heart, but on the surface she looked as expressionless as ever.

She would just keep it in her heart for now and not make a big deal out of it.

Moreover, she also remembered that Qin Tian had many relationships with other women since he even already had a Harem.

Yuki just sighed in her heart, she realized the reason why her heart felt uncomfortable.

She started to feel... Jealous at the thought of other women having romantic relationships with Qin Tian.

Obeying Qin Tian's words, after recess ended. The two of them attended school lessons as usual and put aside what Basara might be doing in the medical room.


Well, what is the protagonist Basara doing now?

From behind a door, Basara was standing in front of the door of the school medical room and preparing his heart for acting.

No, he's actually not feeling well because his mental state is unstable, so his sick act should look convincing, right?

Especially with his face looking pale, as a aunt who loved her nephew more than anything. His aunt, Chisato Hasegawa would have been very worried about him, even taking care of him carefully in the medical room bed.

Although she had previously seemed indifferent to him whenever he visited the medical room, and pretended to have an injury after finishing his exercise class. But with his current condition that made his face look pale, it would definitely worry her because Chisato had excessive affection for him since he was the child of her deceased sister.

He didn't know why Chisato had been so indifferent to him, but he was sure that this time she would be very worried after seeing his condition.

Basara smiled widely at the thought, but his smile soon faded and was replaced by a weak expression as if he might faint at any moment.

{Yosh, you can definitely do it Basara! You're the protagonist of this world and you can definitely conquer the heroine's heart!}

Sliding the door in front of him, he stepped into the school's medical room. There were several beds with white curtains and shelves containing medicines. At a table located next to the medicine rack, a very beautiful mature woman with long black hair and a sexy figure saw him coming.

Her green eyes widened from behind her red-colored glasses, she got up from her chair and walked towards him.

"Toujou, what's wrong with you? Your face looks very pale."

Hearing that gentle voice mixed with a worried tone to him. Basara's heart blossomed, he was very excited at this moment.

See, his aunt looked so worried when she saw him!

There was a term he had heard somewhere that said a man in a weakened state looked more charming to women than a man who always looked strong.

Not sure about the details, but he was sure his current situation fit the term.

This way the chances of making his aunt fall in love with him would increase even more!

He would stimulate a aunt's feelings of concern for her nephew to the point of crossing the line and becoming love like in the anime. He wasn't sure how Basara in the anime did it, he envied the bastard and he could definitely do the same with him.

{This must be my defining moment to rise as a true harem protagonist after receiving so many setbacks due to villain Qin Tian and transfer student Tian Yagami it.}

{I must do well and not mess up this opportunity...}

{I can definitely make Chisato fall in love with me!}

Basara made a fake cough and his body looked unsteady. "Uhuk, uhuk, sensei, for some reason my body feels so weak today... and I feel like I'm going to faint at any moment."

He hoped Chisato would catch his body as he looked like he was about to fall, but she just stood in front of him with a calm smile.

No, it was definitely a worried smile, she just wanted to keep her face looking like a professional nurse.

Basara nodded in his mind, he knew Chisato was actually very worried and wanted to hug him but she refrained.

What a shy professional woman, made Basara like her even more!

He even imagined that after he managed to conquer Chisato, he would play the patient and nurse game with her.

Seeing Basara who looked lost in thought, Chisato immediately opened the white curtain on one of the medical room beds.

"If you feel like you're going to faint at any time, you'd better lie down immediately Toujou."

"O-oh, okay sensei." Basara woke up from his lewd fantasy and felt like slapping himself for his lewd thoughts.

He should focus on acting and conquering Chisato's heart first before being able to do those things with her!

Basara slowly walked towards the bed Chisato had pointed to and lay down on it. He looked at Chisato who walked back to her seat and couldn't help but ask.

"Uhuk, uhuk, sensei... Aren't you going to check my body? Uhuk, I want to know the condition of my body."

With a pale face and a loud cough, how could Chisato ignore her dear nephew?

Basara was confident about his body shape and wanted Chisato to see his body, he was sure she would be mesmerized by his super manly body.

And after that she might not be able to hold back and confess her love to him.

Basara was very excited in his heart, even though his body felt uncomfortable and somewhat painful because his soul was unstable. But his zeal to gain the heroine's heart overlooked all the pain he was experiencing.

"I'll do it Toujou, but wait a moment I want you to take this medicine first."

Chisato took out a black bottle from her desk and took out a small white pill from inside the bottle before she walked over to Basara.

Then placed the medicine beside his bed.

"Uhuk, um... What kind of medicine is this, sensei?" Basara asked Chisato and certainly did not forget his acting. He picked up the pill beside the bed with trembling hands.

With a calm smile Chisato looked at him before saying. "It's a dizziness reliever. Toujou, you said earlier that you felt like you might faint at any moment, right? This medicine should be able to relieve the symptoms you're experiencing."

"Okay... After I take this medicine. You'll check my body, right sensei?"

Chisato wanted to roll her eyes, but she just stared at Basara calmly.

"Yes, as a nurse here. I naturally need to examine your body."

Hearing this, without asking again Basara immediately swallowed the medicine Chisato gave him.

He didn't even suspect that Chisato would poison him, after all she was his aunt and definitely wouldn't do anything bad to him.

"Uhuk, I already drank it sensei. Do I need to take off my shirt now so you can examine my body better?"

"Wait a minute, I'll get my tools first."

Basara nodded with a weak face, but his eyes stared at Chisato's sexy ass covered by her white robe hotly.

{Even after being covered by the robe, it did not cover up her extremely sexy and voluptuous curves.}

{It's true, mature women are the best! I want you more and more, Chisato!}

A certain part of Basara's pants sticks out at the thought of Chisato's body, he was about to take off his shirt so that Chisato could see his naked body when he returned, but his eyes were suddenly sleepy.

He felt very sleepy and his vision became dark.

{Huh? What's going on? Why am I suddenly feeling so sleepy? Oh, no I can't fall asleep, I still have to feel Chisato's slender hands that will examine my body... Ahh... No....}

{.....} Basara offline.

The heroines: ???

Qin Tian: ???

What exactly is going on here?

Did the heroine drug the protagonist?

Chisato had returned from her desk, not carrying any tools in her hands.

Her expression that previously seemed calm yet friendly to Basara was now replaced by a cold and indifferent expression that would make people dare not approach her carelessly.

Her eyes looked cold and there was murderous intent in her eyes as she looked at Basara who had fallen asleep due to the effects of the medicine she had given him.

"Disgusting transmigrator... If you weren't in Basara's body, I would have killed you long ago."

"Hmm... It looks like I should also add a drug to paralyze the nerves of his hands and feet so that he can't move for the next few hours."

"After that I'll call Qin Tian here."


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