The Heroine Eavesdropped on My Voice Heart

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What is The Heroine Eavesdropped on My Voice Heart

Read ‘The Heroine Eavesdropped on My Voice Heart’ Online for Free, written by the author DogLickerGods, This book is a Anime & Comics Fanfic, covering ACTION Fanfiction, ROMANCE Fan Fiction, SYSTEM Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: Tells the story of an MC who has transmigrated 10 times in the novel world as a villain. But in the 10th round he decide...


Tells the story of an MC who has transmigrated 10 times in the novel world as a villain. But in the 10th round he decided to escape the plot and went to another country. But there he found other fictional characters and he didn't know that the heroines secretly heard his voice heart. The heroines don't play according to the plot, their characters collapse. The MC is surrounded by heroines. Meanwhile, the protagonist is jealous of the MC and has a green hat on his head. MC: Damn, the plot collapsed. Is it okay like this? Protagonist has even become a villain... Rias: Protagonist? I don't care about him. I like you, I just want you. Sona: You are now my fiancé, don't you want to do it with me? Akeno: Ara ara~ Tian-kun, why do you keep avoiding me? I won't eat you. Tsubaki: Tian-kun, can you stay at my house tonight? Koneko: Senpai, I like you. Am I not pretty enough? Grayfia: As a professional maid, I have to wash all your body parts. Yasaka: Husband, Kanou wants a little sister. Let's make one. - World: - Highschool Dxd - Return of the Dragon King - My Wife is a Beautiful CEO - Doctor Genius - Shokugeki No Souma - Shinmai Maou no Testament - Saenai Heroinai No Sodatekata - Arifureta - Other Novels or Anime. - Get the latest chapters faster on my patreon. Support me on patreon to keep me motivated to write more chapters: www.patreon.com/DogLicker

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There are some people who ask if this is an Original Fanfic or MTL? I will answer that this is my own Original Fanfic. You can search for this fanfic on the Chinese website or MTL nation and you won't find it. However, you will find some books that have the same inner voice genre as my fanfic, although the story is obviously different from mine because my fanfic has Highschool Dxd and other series in it.


Reveal spoiler


Well........ honestly, I DONT TRUST this author anymore... he has dropped 9 F novels already and NONE has gotten more than 25 chapters. NOT RECOMMENDED.


The story and grammer is good but I just read similar Chinese novel ok n webnovel and then mtl it. This is very similar to that one down to thoughts of female leads so it feels somewhat unnatural to me that they thoughts and reactions to protagonist voice like it doesn't feel like they are characters of dxd. But overall story is good as I mentioned and hope you will countinue it.


Its good so far but I won't continue reading it since author likes to drop good fanfics and make readers depressed.... .


In a nutshell this what you get when you mix a Chinese Villain reincarnated mc and inner voice novel with Chinese multi anime world fanfic novel i thought it would be different than those but sadly isn't writting 3/5 story 2/5 character design 1/5(would give zero if possible) update 2/5 world background 3/5(well there might be interaction between Chinese side and Japanese side{sole reason for the 3/5 if it's not so then consider it to be 1/5)


Reveal spoiler


The novel itself isn't a bad one. The story has a nice comedy feeling and well enough developed characters. Still I will not continue reading it , too many homophobic comments made by the author. I mean dude if you despise yuri so much then i have some advice ... DON'T READ YURI NOVELS!! I mean seriously if you hate them, don't read them ... simple. Other than that not a bad comedy fiction.


I am likely it but can you give some link fic with similar concept. Thanks 👍 I am curious how the future will go. Please update more and don't drop the fic. 👍🤩


The Novel is good its just that... The way Issei is in the story gives me PTSD from some disgusting Chinese Novels, though i kinda like the Vibe of chinese novel this story has that in the first chapters i was thinking that it was a very very good translation


l like the story so far .The system not broken but almost OP And the new Issei was annoying more than canon Issei[img=recommend][img=recommend]


After all the clichéd fanfiction on this web that im sick of it, this one got me. Although there are still many cliches, It's still interesting. There's a comedy, I laughed out loud a few times. Just hope you don't drop it like one of the review said.


I'm just here to see the protagonists (Not the MC) suffer


[img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend] Good story funny concept Mc is Op (Not to the extreme)


The only thing missing is the HHH scenes [img=update]


best fan-fic i read it ..................


it's pure comedy for me, some action here and there, some spiciness here and there, its overall a good ff...sometimes however there are a few wrong word choices used making u thinking it's MTL, but author has assured us it is his/her own work


i absolutely love this, dont u ever drop this author (this is among my top 5 favorites) but honestly this is a really unique idea that has hooked in, and the situations with the mc are funny cause of them hearing his inner voice


It's a pretty good story, and I especially like the fact that even though the MC is technically based on a Transmigrated Chinese Villain Side Character, he isn't the typical annoying MC that tries to follow the plot, and then when things don't go how they expect, they get perplexed, which gets really annoying. I also like the fact that it's an "Inner Voice" fanfiction, which we don't really see often. By the way, if I can get recommended some "Inner Voice" novels, that would be very much appreciated. And I'm talking about MTLs, Chinese Websites, Korean, Fanfiction, Japanese, etc. But it has to have the "Inner Voice" theme where the heroines can hear the MC's thoughts.


La verdad es muy bueno ya sea en calidad de escritura y la trama que aun se esta desenvolviendo. Espero que continúes con las constantes actualizaciones


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