The Heroine Eavesdropped on My Voice Heart

Tells the story of an MC who has transmigrated 10 times in the novel world as a villain. But in the 10th round he decided to escape the plot and went to another country. But there he found other fictional characters and he didn't know that the heroines secretly heard his voice heart. The heroines don't play according to the plot, their characters collapse. The MC is surrounded by heroines. Meanwhile, the protagonist is jealous of the MC and has a green hat on his head. MC: Damn, the plot collapsed. Is it okay like this? Protagonist has even become a villain... Rias: Protagonist? I don't care about him. I like you, I just want you. Sona: You are now my fiancé, don't you want to do it with me? Akeno: Ara ara~ Tian-kun, why do you keep avoiding me? I won't eat you. Tsubaki: Tian-kun, can you stay at my house tonight? Koneko: Senpai, I like you. Am I not pretty enough? Grayfia: As a professional maid, I have to wash all your body parts. Yasaka: Husband, Kanou wants a little sister. Let's make one. - World: - Highschool Dxd - Return of the Dragon King - My Wife is a Beautiful CEO - Doctor Genius - Shokugeki No Souma - Shinmai Maou no Testament - Saenai Heroinai No Sodatekata - Arifureta - Other Novels or Anime. - Get the latest chapters faster on my patreon. Support me on patreon to keep me motivated to write more chapters: www.patreon.com/DogLicker

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Qin Tian convinces both heroines with his acting! Basara prepares to experience...

*Ding Dong~*

The school bell rang signaling that school hours had ended and it was time for students who did not have club activities to go home.

But Qin Tian and Yuki didn't go straight home, they were currently in the school medical room.

In front of them was an adult woman who served as a nurse there. She was Chisato Hasegawa, the heroine who previously drugged the protagonist Basara.

"You really drugged him?" Qin Tian asked with a hint of surprise in his eyes when he saw Basara who was lying on one of the medical room beds.

"Not only that. I've also given him medicine that temporarily paralyzes the nerves of his legs and hands."

Chisato said while striking a pose crossing her own arms under her large breasts. While doing so her gaze glanced up and down Yuki before looking at Qin Tian's handsome face.


Yuki wondered if this Chisato Hasegawa was looking for trouble with her?

This was actually not the first time she met her, but before that she only knew that Chisato was a school nurse and an ordinary person who was popular among teachers and students.

But after hearing Qin Tian's inner voice about her identity, she knew the woman in front of her was actually a heroine and Goddess disguised as a human.

And besides that Chisato was also actually Basara's aunt.

This was quite a shock to her...

But what was the purpose of this woman showing off her large breasts in front of the two of us?

Yuki subconsciously looked at her own breasts and started comparing them with Chisato's.

'Chisato Hasegawa's breasts are definitely bigger than mine...'

'I don't know why I feel a little annoyed now. This woman is secretly bragging about her big breasts in front of me, or rather she must be doing it on purpose to seduce Tian.'

Driven by jealousy, Yuki hugged one of Qin Tian's hands between her breasts.

Chisato raised her eyebrows seeing this.

Qin Tian was silent for a moment.

[What's with you Yuki?! Although I love being hugged by you and feeling the warmth of your body... Especially the texture of your breasts- *cough* but we're in serious conversation here.]

[Don't trigger my little brother to get excited at a time like this. Oh my... Resisting beauty is not easy, even for a destiny villain like me.]

Didn't intend to ask Yuki to let go of her hug, because he enjoyed being hugged by a beautiful girl.

He coughed and said with a serious face. "*cough* I didn't expect you to go that far, but good job Chisato. This way we can more freely do something about the evil spirit inside Basara's body."

Chisato and Yuki rolled their eyes as they saw his serious face which was in stark contrast to the cute man complaining in his heart.

They both actually felt amused and funny seeing Qin Tian pretending to be calm and restrained.

As a villain, shouldn't you be ruthless and unable to restrain yourself while being in the same room with two beautiful women?

"So can you get that evil spirit out of Basara's body now, Tian?" Yuki asked with hope in her eyes.

"I also have the same question as Nonaka." Chisato said calmly as she looked at her.

Although Chisato had previously seen evidence that the original Basara's soul could return to his body in a few seconds when the transmigrator's soul weakened, but honestly she was still not 100% sure about that.

She put aside her interest in Qin Tian at the moment, as her top priority was saving the original Basara who was her nephew.

Unlike Yuki who believed in him, Qin Tian knew Chisato still doubted him and didn't 100% believe him that he aimed to save the real Basara.

However Qin Tian had expected this, he knew even though Chisato might be mesmerized by his 500 points charm and become very attracted to him. Chisato was a Goddess who had lived longer than ordinary humans, hence she definitely wasn't easy to fool.

"I can try to draw the evil spirit out of Basara's body using my power... to be more effective. But whether it works or not depends on how weak the evil spirit is now."

Yuki and Chisato nodded at his words. Yuki released her hug and let Qin Tian stand beside Basara who was still asleep due to the effects of the medicine.

"Please back away from me a little, I don't want you two to accidentally get hurt because of my power. Although I know you two are quite strong but it's better to be safe than sorry."

Qin Tian smiled at the two heroines.

"Okay Tian." Yuki said expressionlessly, but there was a blush on her cheeks when she saw his smile.

She really had been mesmerized by this villain, but she did not regret it at all and trusted Qin Tian.

Chisato just nodded and went to the side of the room with Yuki to see what Qin Tian would do to Basara.

Although on the surface her face looked calm, but actually her heart was pounding when she saw Qin Tian's smile.

She suppressed the feeling of attraction to Qin Tian that grew in her heart because she still doubted him.

Even though she knew how impossible it was to manipulate someone's soul, especially the original Basara's soul being replaced by the transmigrator's soul. Moreover, she herself who was a Goddess didn't know if the original Basara's soul was still inside his body or had his soul been destroyed since the transmigrator soul took over his body? Chisato didn't know that and seeing what happened yesterday she had a little hope that Qin Tian could save Basara.

Basara was the child of her dead sister... As his aunt, she naturally cared and loved him very much.

When she first learned of Basara's condition of having his body taken over by a transmigrator. She was of course very sad and angry, and she even wanted to kill the transmigrator who pretended to be Basara.

But that transmigrator was a protagonist and after hearing Qin Tian's inner voice a lot, she knew what consequences would be caused if the protagonist was killed carelessly.

So until now she had continued to hold back and could only rely on Qin Tian to save the real Basara.

Shortly after that she saw Qin Tian place one hand on Basara's chest and something happened.

Qin Tian flicked his finger and a golden barrier enveloped the school building where he, Yuki, Chisato, and Basara were. He had already made sure that no one else but the four of them were currently inside the school building. The golden barrier that he created also could not be seen by ordinary humans and could only be seen by supernatural beings.

[The level of this barrier should be strong enough to withstand the pressure of my power from leaking out.]

The heroines wondered what Qin Tian would do?

Is this man going to show off his destiny villain power?

They were actually interested in seeing Qin Tian's power, but not everyone could see him easily.

Even at this moment only two heroines like Yuki and Chisato were getting a special chance to see the destiny villain displaying his power at close range.

Yuki and Chisato widened their eyes, not because of the barrier Qin Tian created, but at the pressure exuded by Qin Tian after he spoke in his heart.

The two of them shuddered at the tremendous power Qin Tian emitted from his body. A Goddess like Chisato knew that if she fought Qin Tian, even after the seal was removed she wouldn't be able to win against him. Combat experience aside, but in raw power Chisato knew that she was inferior to Qin Tian.

Even compared to the other 9 Immortals she knew, Chisato doubted they could win against Qin Tian in raw power.

And this power she felt from Qin Tian was like... Pure Qi, not magic power.

She remembered Qin Tian once said from his inner voice that he was a cultivator.

'So this is the power of a cultivator? No, I feel like Qin Tian's cultivator strength is in a league of its own compared to other cultivators that might exist in this world.'

'Although I haven't seen any cultivators other than Qin Tian, but I doubt there are many cultivators at his level.'

'As a destiny villain, Qin Tian was definitely a special existence comparable to or more than the protagonist in this world.'

Chisato didn't realize that at this moment she was staring at Qin Tian with a heated gaze, her heart was beating faster than usual, and her panties were getting a little wet. Especially when looking at Qin Tian's serious face from the side that looked extremely handsome with an golden aura around his body.

Not only Chisato, but Yuki also felt the same way at this moment. Unlike Chisato who looked calmer on the surface. Yuki currently looked a little breathless and her expressionless face was flushed.

Her panties were wet just from seeing how handsome and charming Qin Tian was right now, especially when feeling how strong he was as a man.

The power that Qin Tian was showing right now was definitely stronger than the time in the cafeteria yesterday where he released the pressure of his power to make the people there faint.

Fortunately the pressure from the power Qin Tian was currently showing wasn't targeting her or Chisato Hasegawa beside her, because otherwise she might have fainted by now.

As for Chisato Hasegawa? Do not know whether she who was a Goddess could withstand the pressure from Qin Tian's power without fainting or not.

'With this level of power... Hopefully Qin Tian can really save Basara...'

'I'll even help him by all means if he asks me to.'

'Even if it's something perverted...'

Yuki's face was getting redder, her body temperature was even getting hotter as she was feeling horny now.

She quickly shook her head and won herself over.

'Calm down Yuki! You can't be horny at a time like this! This must be a side effect because last night I watched too many of those videos on the internet... Makes me think of dirty things easily...'

'Even last night I had a wet dream doing those things with Qin Tian. Surprisingly I didn't even dream of doing it with the original Basara, but with Qin Tian...Although I still love the original Basara, but subconsciously it seems like my feelings are starting to lean towards Qin Tian.'

Yuki wasn't sure if this was a good or bad thing for her? But after making an agreement and an oath that she would dedicate herself to Qin Tian.

Her diminishing feelings of love for the original Basara should be good because then she wouldn't feel sad or depressed for being Qin Tian's woman.

She even starts to like Qin Tian more and more and that will be good for the future development of both of them.


Hearing this Yuki stopped her inner monologue, so did Chisato because they both saw something surprising at this moment.

They saw Qin Tian lift one hand from Basara's chest and lift it into the air. In the air or precisely above Basara's body were two transparent humanoid shapes. They guessed it were human souls, one looked like it had Basara's face with a naked body that looked blurry, and the other had the face of an ordinary-looking unknown man with a naked body that was blurry with transparent white light. The two souls seemed to close their eyes as if they were asleep while floating in the air.



Yuki and Chisato approached Qin Tian's position and saw Basara's soul up close. Their eyes glazed over when they saw that the soul w looked like Basara.

Chisato nervously asked Qin Tian.

"Qin Tian, can you-"

Before she could finish speaking, Qin Tian cut her off with a sweaty-looking face.

"I can't. This other person's soul residing in Basara's body still seems to be more dominant than Basara's. It seems like this is a person who has lived more than once that's why his soul is stronger than Basara's. In short, this is the soul of a transmigrator... and it's still not weak enough for me to forcefully separate the transmigrator's soul from Basara's body."

Qin Tian told them that the evil spirit possessing Basara's body was actually the soul of a transmigrator, but it seemed like Chisato and Yuki weren't surprised to hear this as if they already knew.

He expected them to react surprised or something, but their reaction of ignoring the explanation of the transmigrator's soul confused him.

"What if I destroy this transmigrator soul? What would happen?"

"Right, why don't we just destroy this transmigrator soul?"

A greenish aura emanated from Chisato's body and her eyes looked cold as she stared at the transmigrator soul in the one floating beside Basara's soul.

Yuki also looked the same, but unlike Chisato. She was emitting a white aura from her body and her clothes changed into a typical female heroes outfit, which consisted of a dark blue leotard with a black collar and white skirt and a dark blue cape. There was also a sword that appeared out of thin air, she pointed it at the transmigrator's soul as if ready to cut it down at any moment.

Qin Tian coughed seeing this, the two heroines who were ready to attack the transmigrator soul paused for a moment and looked at him.

"You two, please don't rush into taking such risky actions. If you destroy the transmigrator soul that's still connected to Basara's body, not only will the transmigrator soul be destroyed, but Basara's soul will also be destroyed since their two souls are connected in one body."

Qin Tian's face looked pale as he said all this, making the two women frantically stop their combat mode and immediately support his body from both sides.

"Tian! Are you alright? You look so pale..."

"I understand what you're saying Qin Tian. We can use other means instead of destroying that transmigrator's soul. You'd better deactivate your powers first, because it seems like doing all this is taxing on your body..."

Unlike before where Chisato had doubts in her eyes when she saw him, now she looked at him with tenderness and trust in her eyes.

Qin Tian smiled wryly, in his heart he was smirking because his acting is successful now and the result was just as he expected.

"I'm fine Yuki, just need a little rest. And Chisato, you're right I can't take out these two souls any longer... I'm sorry, but we have to weaken the transmigrator's soul further before doing this again so that I can completely separate his soul from Basara's body."

After saying that, Qin Tian took the two souls floating in the air into Basara's body and he also deactivated his cultivation base in order to convince these two heroines that he was completely exhausted right now.

After a while, Qin Tian's face started to look better and only looked slightly pale. The two heroines were still hugging his body from both sides with worried faces.

"Tian, are you sure you're okay?" Yuki asked with unconcealed worry in her eyes. Her clothes had already returned to her usual school uniform and her combat uniform had disappeared somewhere.

"Yes Yuki, I'm a bit better now..."

Qin Tian smiled, he liked Yuki even more for worrying about her.

Chisato on the other hand felt uncomfortable seeing Qin Tian smiling gently at Yuki.

She thought of something and said. "It's good that your condition has improved Qin Tian. Now what should we do with Basara? Why don't we do something to weaken that transmigrator's soul further?"

Chisato said with a smile as she hugged Qin Tian's hand tighter, even Qin Tian gulped feeling the softness of her large breasts in one of his hands.

Yuki frowned at what Chisato said.

"Sensei, you're too hasty. Tian's condition is not good at the moment, it's better if we do it at another time."

"Oh? Nonaka, it seems you misunderstood... I proposed this idea not only for Basara's sake, but I also want to ease Qin Tian's burden by comforting him." Chisato said while rubbing Qin Tian's thigh and breathing near his ear.

Qin Tian's lips twitched feeling Chisato's movements on his body.

[Lighten my burden and comfort me? You seriously want to do that? Although I was originally planning on suggesting that, but I didn't expect you to be so proactive about it and say it first.]

He swallowed and his little brother reacted when thinking about those things. He quickly covered a certain part of his pants using both hands.

It was a bit embarrassing for his little brother to act like this when he was chatting while standing.

Many heroines were confused at Qin Tian's inner voice, including heroine Yuki.

"Sensei? What are you-"

Before Yuki finished speaking, she looked in a certain direction where Qin Tian was covering something with both of his hands. Then she realized what Chisato was talking about and what Qin Tian's inner voice meant.

Her expressionless face flushed red, Chisato smiled charmingly at Qin Tian.

Her eyes looked hot and no longer hesitated as if she had decided something.

Qin Tian felt like a handsome boy who was about to be eaten by two beautiful women at this moment. He felt excited but why did he feel like he wasn't dominant here? And how could the destiny villain be embarrassed just because his little brother reacted at a time like this?

He had nothing to be ashamed of and had to appear dominate!

Removing his hand from his pants and revealing his erect little brother's mark. The eyes of the two beauties hugging him widened when they saw this.

"I agreed to do it here, but Basara is still not awake and even if he is awake, he may disturb us while doing-"

Before finishing his words, his body was pushed by Chisato to another bed that was next to Basara's bed.

"Don't worry, that transmigrator will only be able to hear our voices and see our shadows from behind the curtains. He won't be able to move from his bed because the effects of the drug that paralyzed his legs and arms will still be in effect when we do. Oh, and I've also temporarily sealed his magic. Wouldn't that will be a nice mental attack for that transmigrator's soul? That transmigrator seems to have a crush on me and Nonaka." Chisato said as she let her white robe fall to the floor, revealing her tight green sweater and her sexy curves more clearly.

Qin Tian who was lying on the medical room bed was surprised to hear how cool and wonderful Chisato's idea was.

Yuki was still stunned where she stood, but soon walked to Qin Tian's bedside and gazed hotly at the handsome man lying with a slightly pale face in front of her.

She didn't even mind doing those things with Qin Tian here after everything Chisato said about Basara lying on the next bed.

Not only to weaken that transmigrator's soul, but she also actually wanted to do a lot of those perverted things with Qin Tian.

Qin Tian grinned, without saying much more he flicked his finger to create a golden barrier, but unlike before this golden barrier only covered the school medical room.

The sun was almost setting, teachers and other students must have left the school, Basara who was lying on the bed next to him had already been given a lot of debuffs so as not to disturb and could only be a spectator behind the curtain.

Yuki and Chisato sat beside his body lying on the bed, both looking at him with lustful gazes, especially at a certain part in his pants.

Only a few seconds after that Chisato kindly helped take off his pants and let his little brother out of his nest.

Then the two women's eyes widened as they saw a long, thick object towering in front of them.


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