The Heavens System Subsidiary (I Was Chosen By The Word)

Author: God_Is_With_Me
Eastern Fantasy
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What is The Heavens System Subsidiary (I Was Chosen By The Word)

Read The Heavens System Subsidiary (I Was Chosen By The Word) novel written by the author God_Is_With_Me on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Eastern Fantasy stories, ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Vincent Gate, a man trapped in a life of poverty and hardship, struggles to awaken his comatose mother. Despite his relentless efforts, he is met with disappointment as his attempts prove futile. Tragically, not long after, Vincent succumbs to his own fate. Expecting to face the consequences of his life's choices, Vincent instead finds himself in a peculiar line of souls, each assigned an identification number, his being [77777]. Though deemed ready to move on, Vincent encounters complications that prevent him from progressing. Consequently, he is granted a chance at reincarnation, but with a unique twist. To his astonishment, Vincent awakens in a new world, a different dimension fraught with peril. Yet, he possesses an extraordinary ability and a mysterious system to aid him. With the power to manipulate all that exists as if it were his personal sandbox, Vincent faces the challenge of survival amidst this unfamiliar realm. As reality bends at his word. Vincent embarks on an action-packed adventure, encountering multiple heroines along the way. As he navigates this treacherous landscape, he also discovers the slow emergence of romance, both inevitable and heartwarming. "Devour" "Rewrite" "Die" Join the now Vincent Cadmean in this thrilling portal fantasy, where a strong and ever-growing protagonist grapples with the divine, reincarnation, a captivating system, and powerful heroines. Tags: Portal Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Strong MC, Strong to Stronger MC, God, Reincarnation, Slow Romance, Eventual Romance, System, Multiple Heroines, Strong Heroines. Author - God_Is_With_Me Please also check out my novel on inkitt for support :) Sure webnovel has more chapters than Inkitt, but in the future I plan to release more free chapters on inkitt. PS: I kindly ask you to stick with me. While I consider myself an average author, I promise the story improves as it progresses.

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Sigh, Shameless Author Here trying to contribute to activating my Rankings Since I'm here, Might as well Explain a few things The main goal of MC is to become The G(g)od, Reach Heaven and reunite with his mother and thereafter spend his days with her. Of course, I won't make it so easy. Spoiler: Reaching Heaven isn't the end Note: Although MC is strong there are still a plethora of people capable of beating him but most of them are not able to kill him Note Note: The system manipulates MC a few times, But MC isn't dumb to not know that. He instead keeps it to himself since he needs the system and the system needs him too. That's all from Me Hope you enjoy this Novel🙂🙃😉


not to take a jab at the author or anything but whenever i see a novel with 100k+ views but only 14 reviews will all of them being 5star reviews i couldn't help but feel that negative reviews have been deleted, have happened to me before, some people just cant take criticism. they don't understand that veteran readers will identify this anomaly instantly and most of the time skip the novel. anyway although apprehensive i will still give it a try.


Noise Novel, Decent Grammar, Okay world building and concrete story, although why are there 2??? Is webnovel glitching or something 👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿


Reveal spoiler


Really Lovely Book The descriptions of the scenes are accurate and helps my imagination quite a lot. Some missed grammar but they are very negligible. The plot is very interesting with little holes, The MC is strong but I still see some people who can deck him but cannot kill him. But I love the fact of no info dumbs at the very first chapter Although I do hate the fact that the system manipulated the mc but I was relieved that the mc noticed but decided to leave it, probably because it needs the system as much as it needs him. overall this novel is part of my must read. Thumbs up to Author😁😁


The writing and characters are illogical and unless the mc lives in a different world where there is no law and order it makes no sense. People do whatever they want and hospitals throw dead bodies out on the sidewalk. Judges seemingly dont do their jobs anymore and people are illogicaly dumb. Mind you I have only read the first chapter and I will try to read more but if this is a habit then no I dont recommend this story in the least.


I don't think it's right to talk about God or religion that way I think it's blasphemy so I don't advice to read this work and I hope for the author to delete it


Great story and great chapters so keep up with new chapters and updates and don't drop this story. thanks for your hard work and hope you continue to update and post new chapters


Hate it. MC is illogical and I can spot mistakes in some places. Some people could like this but it really isn’t for me. Everything is just… it hurts my brain in some places so I can’t continue reading.




A 5 star review for the author. The book has decent grammar, a good plot, good writing and most importantly the mc is overpowered with a God like skill. I hope the story doesn't have any romance or harem though. Keep up the good work and go on..


here author sama you said you wanted a rewiew so here it is so far the story is well written and i'm enjoying it and i'm waiting for more chapters the descriptions are good and the world creation is excellent but I didn't really like the "schemes" of some characters but that's just my personal taste and i have some questions for you author sama Could you give a description of the appearance of the protagonists? and is ama love the protagonist's love interest? and a suggestion? perhaps? I just want to talk about a power that I think is cool and that I wanted to see in history the weakest affinity of the protagonist is time, right? but I would really like if the protagonist uses temporal powers


Really great novel. I generally either like op mc from the start or one where mc grows quickly, plot-wise. And this falls into the former, which is just as welcome as the latter. However, mc is still not too op, which is also appreciated. Not everyone can have a good story with an unbeatable mc like opm. therefore, I like such plots more, where there are people who can beat up mc. good job so far, waiting for more chapters


IT'S JUST AMAZING! I love the way how the author describes things it's so clear and makes my imagination even vivid. There are so many chapters, good for me I can read more and more. The mc feels off slightly but I will read more to find more about him.


Nice writing style, great story development Has the ability to make one engrossed in the chapters. I love the characters, how the author is able to depict them vividly was simply brilliant


Really love how to author built the plot and how easy it is to feel immerged in tHat system. Can’t wait to see how the story will deVelope 💖🥰


I Officially Love This Novel, Well Built Character, Little Plot Holes. Very Readable English and Exceedingly Interesting Plot. What else does a man like me need, Please don't stop Author, UPDATE, UPDATE, UPDATTTEEE! Please🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺




The author is a big chuunibyo. The formatting is already hard to read and added by ridiculous font style. The plot is good but it's difficult to digest the story. Can't he just write it in a normal way? Without using those weirds font.


bird is the word . .


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