With You : In The Prevail Planet Book

novel - Fantasy

With You : In The Prevail Planet


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Anna is a normal girl from Earth. One-day while walking outside....... She suddenly found herself into a whole new place.... At first she didn't understand anything but later she learnt that she was into another planet..... A planet called "Prevail". And this planet was far away from Earth. And after that many things happened and she met her Soulmate in there. She fell in love with him... (this story is narrated in Anna's voice) Ray : Anna you know, when I think of going away from this place my heart aches..... I feel so bad just by the thought and you have been away from your home for such a long time..... I can hardly imagine how much you miss them. Anna : (chuckles.....Then holding his right arm and placing my head on his shoulder ) Ray you know what there is an accent back in my place .... It says "HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS "...... And my heart is with you.(looking at Ray I held his face and with a sweet smile on my face I calmed him) So, no matter where ever we are .... It'll always be my home as long as it's WITH YOU. (This picture in the book cover isn't mine.)