The Greatest Beast Tamer of Earth Book

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The Greatest Beast Tamer of Earth


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In the year 2050, a colossal object suddenly appeared above Earth. Governments worldwide panicked as they saw the technologically advanced marvel with many mystical patterns shining in a purple glow. No one knew what was happening till a humanoid alien emerged. "Humans, I am your ancestor." A voice appeared inside everyone's head. "We distributed our life code with an atmosphere-changing module device to many universes and galaxies, hoping to recover our numbers after the Universe War." "I will now awaken the earth's mana core and install a dimensional dungeon system, which will open many dungeons around the earth." A mystical Golden-Purple Aurora emerged and engulfed the sky; this phenomenon was visible everywhere on Earth. "I'm also leaving behind a System that will guide you to awaken faster and get strong enough to survive on your own. Gaia(system) will explain the rest," He disappeared, and so did his voice and spaceship; it was as if everything was an illusion and he was never present. [Hello Humans, I am Gaia. I will help you all to awaken and become strong] A woman's voice appeared inside everyone's head, which confused them even more. ... It took 300 years for Earth to fully transform; now, many powerful beasts roam all around the world. At the age of ten, everyone becomes eligible to challenge the beginner's trial. Everyone challenges, but not all pass. Those who pass it Awaken, unlocking the ability 'Book of Contracts' and walk on the path of Beast Tamer, but Rishi is someone who has already failed twice and has only one chance left. He wants to Awaken and become a Beast Tamer, but the fear of failing has shackled him, making him a societal failure and a disgrace to the clan. Will he be able to Awaken? Will he become a Beast Tamer? Read "The Greatest Beast Tamer of Earth" for answers.  ... #Few Important things to keep in mind before reading# a.) Here, the Beast Tamers make contracts to cultivate by using Beasts. b.) In it, the focus is also on Individual strength, not totally in Magic Beast, Power of a Beast Tamer= 60% Individual Strength+ 40% Beast. It can be different in certain situations, but generally, this is the case. c.) The story is medium-paced at the beginning but becomes slow-paced later. It shifts from one pace to another according to the plot. d.) The world-building is slightly different; you mostly explore the world through Main Character's POV. e.) The MC may feel more mature than his age but remember that people mature faster in Magic World. He is also ruthless and sly at times. f.) No Harem #Note# The story of Rishi starts from Chapter 2. Chapter 1 explains the incident with the alien in detail. Bonus Chapter Milestones "..." >075 Power Stones for 1 Bonus Chapter >125 Power Stones for 2 Bonus Chapters >160 Power Stones for 3 Bonus Chapters


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