Chapter 194 Dragon Dumplings

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Wu Minqi led Jiang Feng away from the shopping mall, across several intersections, and down a few side streets until they arrived at a small produce market.

It was indeed a small market, one that Jiang Feng had never seen on Gaode Maps, hidden within the alleys of residential buildings. At first glance, he estimated that there were no more than 20 stalls with only three selling meat. The sole fish stall was nearly sold out, only a few listless, mixed fish remained in the tank, belly-up.

With so few stalls and less-than-fresh produce, the meat stalls mainly had unwanted scraps of bones and less desirable cuts of meat. Wu Minqi had to settle for a piece of pork that was a passable mix of fat and lean.

Then, Wu Minqi, carrying the small bag of pork, led Jiang Feng to the adjoining grain and oil store.

She was very familiar with the area, knowing every stall, the structure of the residential buildings, and the surrounding shops like the back of her hand.