193 Chapter: Date

Translator: 549690339

By the time Jiang Feng emerged from the bathroom, before Wang Hao had a chance to thoroughly interrogate him, Jiang Feng had already taken the initiative to ask, "What's a good activity for a first date with someone?"

This question hit the mark, and Wang Hao instantly forgot the million questions he had been pondering earlier. He drew on his expertise as a seasoned lover, having had a girlfriend since his first year at UAL University, and began to analyze the situation for Jiang Feng.

He didn't reply to Zhenzhen's messages for now, simply texting her, "My roommate needs me for something, we'll talk tomorrow, my dear muah, go to sleep early, goodnight." Wang Hao then resumed his role as the adviser, formulating a dating strategy for Jiang Feng's date the next day.

Helping others with their romance was much more fun than being in a relationship himself.