Chapter 195 Aquarium

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By the time they finished eating the dumplings, it was already past 3 PM, and Jiang Feng had mostly forgotten the notes he'd taken last night, the "100 Must-Win Strategies for a First Date" that Wang Hao had passed on to him, after downing a bowl of dumplings.

What a joke, the Jiang Family men had always relied on their natural talent when it came to dating, never needing any sort of love manuals or external help.

Hey, what did Wang Hao say they should do after lunch yesterday evening?

Jiang Feng's first date encountered an unprecedented crisis.

Worse than the crappy movie they watched this morning.

Jiang Feng kept his composure as he continued to wash dishes and clear the table, while the inner computer in his brain rapidly searched through all the strategies he had planned last night.


Shopping mall?


Claw machine?

In the end, Jiang Feng followed his heart and chose the aquarium, mainly because he wanted to go.