Chapter 190 The Taste of Love

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Even when the Sweet and Sour Yam was brought to the judges' table, Jiang Feng couldn't believe his eyes.

It was actually an A-grade dish; he actually managed to create an A-grade dish.

Could it be that he was really about to turn his luck around, marry a powerful CEO, and reach the pinnacle of his life?

The next second, the display on the Sweet and Sour Yam changed.

[A perfect Sweet and Sour Yam (First Love Buff: 100% increase in all attributes)]

Jiang Feng: ...

He felt his face flush, as though there was a fire burning on his cheeks. Even though only he could see the display, it felt like a public execution.

This damned game display was actually tarnishing his innocence – what first love, what buff, what 100% increase in all attributes – it was utter nonsense!

Had he accepted it? No, he hadn't even spoken a word. How could it be considered acceptance? How could it be called a first love?