Chapter 189: Sweet and Sour Yam Grade A

Translator: 549690339

"I like you," Wu Minqi said in a voice so soft that Jiang Feng almost questioned if he was hallucinating.

She walked away quickly, not giving Jiang Feng any time to react or respond. By the time Jiang Feng snapped out of his daze, Wu Minqi was already two meters away.

"Contestant Jiang Feng, do you have a problem? Are you feeling unwell?" Due to Jiang Feng already being a contestant that Han Guishan had marked for special attention and based on a previous incident, staff members thought something unexpected had happened to him when he suddenly stopped moving. They were very anxious as they called out loudly from below the stage.

"It's nothing." Jiang Feng turned his head and mouthed to the staff below, then quickly walked towards the cooking station.