Chapter 191 I Like You

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"9.7 points?!" Jiang Junlian nearly jumped up in the audience seats, her face unable to hide the wild joy, "Could little brother be advancing to the finals now!"

We can skip another physics makeup class!

Because her real mother was sitting right beside her, Jiang Junlian, with a strong will to survive, didn't voice the latter sentence.

Jiang Junqing's focus was completely different from Jiang Junlian's, she stared at the empty plate on the judges' table and murmured, "That Sweet and Sour Yam must be really delicious!"

Her words struck like a bell, startling everyone; as soon as Jiang Junqing spoke, all the Jiang Family Members were taken aback.

Indeed, if Jiang Feng's eight-treasure porridge, which was so well-made, only scored 9.6 points, the Sweet and Sour Yam, which scored 9.7, must be exceptionally tasty.

Just how delicious could it be!