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CHAPTER - V( not edited )

As I got up early to start my routine that started just yesterday I head to the park to start the routine.

An hour later.

I stretch after finishing my exercise routine and I head home arriving at the door I open it I see my aunt who is cooking some kind of grayish steaks I greet her I go to the shared room I pick up Peter with a pada that roll out of bed and find a white shirt and navy blue jeans, get dressed in the bathroom, go back to the bedroom and pick up my backpack and go to the kitchen greet uncle ben with a hug and kiss aunt May's cheek I sit at the table next to Uncle Ben.

Richard: What did Aunt May cooked? I asked Uncle Ben that he was reading the newspaper.

Uncle ben: liver steak. He said it calmly, the truth is that Aunt May doesn't cook badly, but she likes to cook strange things.

I shivered a little as she was going to cook something new again I saw Peter come in and he saw Aunt May cooking and he saw me sitting down and he sat next to me he was going to ask something but I explained what I was cooking.

Aunt May: I'm done. She said so happily as she served us all three of us tried our best to eat it with a smile.

After finishing breakfast, Uncle Ben went to work. I and Peter headed out the door to head to Midtown High. We met Mary Jane at the apartment exit. I greeted her with a smile and she greeted me back later. She joined us and later, at the exit of the building, we met Barbara who greeted me and Peter and Mary looked at me and I explained to them how I met while Barbara refuted what I explained.


[+10 to Mary-jane] (for showing that you're trustworthy when someone's in trouble)

Richard: Wow, I didn't see that one coming. I thought about it with surprise, quickly approaching Peter.

Richard: hey pet .. What's school like? I said it calmly since I have most of the memories of the original Richard and this one is erasing some things that he knew about Spiderman.

Peter: well it's quite entertaining, there are some subjects that fascinate you and that you did yesterday to take a long time in school. He said it nervously and quickly changing the subject.

Richard: I met some metahumans it was great I was friends with Barbara and I found Winston. I said it excited remembering young justice and my new pet.

Peter: amazing and you didn't call me to meet them and who Winston. He told me a little angry but surprised.

Richard: Winston is a possum I found. I said it like it was nothing and took a photo from my phone that came out holographically.

Peter: Well I don't see bad he looks very smart. He says so as he sees Winston strike a bodybuilder pose and the girls look at him in disgust.

Mary: You picked up a super-grown rat from a dumpster. She said it with a little disgust and surprised to see how I am changing the photos and they change their pose.

Richard: hehehehe it's not a rat Mary it's a marsupial, she's a very clean species, they're very skittish, but this one is very smart. I said it somewhat proud to have found Winston.

Peter: how did you happen to adopt a possum. He said it a little strange.

Richard: I didn't see him he saw me and I thought what a nice guy. I said it on time.

Barbara: Note to self Richard can be very impulsive if he sees something he likes. She said it with a blank look.

We arrived at the school gate I was going to take another step, but I stumble and fall face down I see that my shoes have untied laces.

Mary: Richard, are you fine. She says it in a worried tone.

Richard: Don't worry, nothing happened to me. I said it as she picked me up, wiped the blood from my nose and dusted my clothes.

Richard: that's Parker's superluck.... I thought to myself.

Richard: go ahead I caught up with you'll later. I said it with a calm voice.

Peter: Understood, don't be late brother. He says so looking at the time and walking towards the school.

Mary: come quickly. She says it herself as she runs to Peter.

Barbara: See you at lunch as I am a class after you. She says it remembering that I'm 15 years old.

I just nodded as I looked at my lace, I saw that they were broken, I took out a cord that I used to make exact measurements because in the camp I had to use everything I had as a tool.

I remove the broken lace, I put it in my left pocket and I put the cord in its place, I tie it well, I run to enter the school, I take out of my right pocket a note that tells me the room in which I am class A of Eleventh Grade.

I check room after room until I bump into someone I see her and it's Elizabeth (Liz) Allan is a pretty blonde with blue eyes, an attractive body with a cup D breast with a blue shirt and jean set that mark her attractive curves.

Liz: be careful where you walk Parker you could hurt me. She says it angry.

Liz: won't you help me stand up. She says it, extending her hand, I grab her and help her up.

Richard: Sorry I'm a bit lost. I said it a little embarrassed.

Richard: Sorry, but I'm late. I said it while looking at the time and starting the search for my living room again.

Liz: What's wrong with Parker. She says it strange because he always stutters when he talks to her.

Liz: It doesn't matter. She says it herself taking less importance.

Back with Richard.

Richard: I finally found it. I said it a little nervous, I adjusted my clothes, calmed my breathing and knocked on the door.

Teacher: Who is it? She says so herself as she opens the door.

Richard: Hello, sorry for being late, I got lost at school. I said it as my nerves returned she stares at me, then she goes into the room where Peter is sitting and looks back at me, she repeats it a few more times, then she goes back to her desk and goes through some papers looking for something until she stops at one overall.

Teacher: young Richard Parker, wait a moment, I'll call you to come in. She says it calmly.

Teacher: well guys we have a new student who comes to study in this wonderful institution. She says it in a friendly way.

Teacher: Give a big round of applause to your new classmate. As she says it I start to enter the classroom.

Richard: n-nice to meet you, I'm Richard Parker. I said it as calmly as I could, but failed miserably anyway.

The people repeated the same action that the teacher did, they look at me and at Peter.

Teacher: is there someone who wants to ask a question to your new classmate. She says it to motivate my new teammates.

Student: You are related to Parker. She says it in a strange way because of my appearance very similar to Peter's.

Richard: Yup...you are correct my unknown friend I am his twin brother. I said pointing to it.

Richard: Another question. I said expecting something else.

Student: where have you been? She says so as she raises her hand.

Richard: Very well asked, dear colleague, I was on an Astral journey in search of knowledge. While I was saying it, everyone stared at me with the face that he is passing this bato.

Richard: Na… I was in a military camp itself, it's a military school. I said it playfully.

Gwen: why did you went there. She throw the question in the air Peter hit her forehead knowing that sometimes I get my impulse of idiocy

Richard: It wasn't an impulse of idiocy. I thought about it while I was trying to control myself, I failed.

Richard: I went to camp because I bit a guy's ear off. I said it in an intimidating way, everyone stared at me with fear.

Richard: just kidding, it was because of a stupid thing I did when I was little. I said it downplaying it by making everyone see me as an idiot.

Teacher: Well, young Richard, sit next to your brother. I said it while rubbing my eyebrows and I proceeded to sit next to Peter.

Richard: hi pet. I said it playfully, Peter gave me a sape for what I did.

Peter: You couldn't control saying something stupid right. He said it with a blank look.

Richard: I'm sorry. I said it while I was rubbing my head I heard a small laugh I turned around and saw someone who shouldn't be here hope summers.

Hope summers is a beautiful redhead, with beautiful light green eyes and a stunning figure with fair skin, wide hips and a still developing cup D breast, she is one meter 65 centimeters tall, she wears a short-sleeved shirt with jeans that stand out her figure.

Richard: hi. I said it a little embarrassed.

[+5 hope summers] (for starting your first meeting with a grace touch)

Richard: how the hell is this hope summers rocking the mutant. I thought about it remembering that she is an omega class mutant.

[Mr. Richard do not forget that this world was created for fun so there may be irregularities as it also contains other heroes from a different dimension]

Richard: Please tell me that my new world is not what I'm thinking of right now. I thought about it with annoyance.

[sorry to give you bad news, but your world is a bridge between the DC and Marvel multiverse, all the possible information you know about the characters is totally useless since there is a possibility that it will never happen or it will happen differently]

Richard: This is bullshit. I said it with regret.

Richard: well there is nothing I can do and thanks helpi for the information. I thought about it, accepting everything, I turn aside and I see Mary and I greet her, she returns the greeting.

Richard: Well this is boring I don't know why she made us study high school level stuff. I thought about it with a bit of annoyance since I knew what he was explaining.

I grabbed my backpack and took out my phone some screwdrivers a portable keyboard a holographic display that I created and some materials that I had in the backpack connected my phone to the holographic display and connected the keyboard to my modified phone.

While I started typing to search for a project, I wanted to move forward as quickly as possible. When I found it, I took a laser out of my backpack, put on special glasses so as not to damage my eyesight, and started building a small drone.

They all stared as I was concentrating on what I was doing until Peter elbows me and I turn to look at him.

Peter: Seriously Richard. He said it with an impassive look.

Peter: You're going to start doing your crazy experiments at school. You don't remember what happened in elementary school. He says it a little angry.

Richard: Of course I remember hahahahaha. I said it remembering when I created a stink bomb that stinked up the school for 2 weeks.

Richard: I don't know why you got mad we didn't have classes for two weeks. I said it calmly.

Peter: It makes me angry because you sucked for three more weeks since you were the epicenter of the explosion and you didn't hide that you caused it. He said it a little irritated.

Richard: You should be happy I was thinking of putting potassium nitrate in the mix. I said it a little offended.

Peter: You wanted to blow up the school. He said it more angry.

Richard: relax and leave that stage behind. I said it to reassure him.

Peter: Well what are you doing? He wondered more calmly.

Richard: I'm making a body for SIF. I said as he went back to what he was doing.

Teacher: sorry for interrupting your brotherly talk. She said it getting our attention.

Teacher: but I would like you to pay attention since this will come in the exam. She said it in a serious tone.

Peter: sorry teacher. He said it embarrassed.

Teacher: as I was explaining…. I taught you in this subject.

I continued building the body for SIF that would be like a spider.

Teacher: Mr. Richard I see that my class does not interest you. She said it a little angry.

Richard: Sorry, teacher, I already studied that topic. I said it apologetically.

Teacher: If you already know the subject I am explaining, you could go on to solve the following problem. She says it with a bit of annoyance as all of my new classmates stare at me including Peter.

I just paid for my equipment and walked calmly, I stood in front of it, I solved the exercise and I gave her proof, the teacher stared at me, I just went back to my desk, I put my glasses back on, I started with the project of a body for SIF.

Teacher: Well, since you've already shown that you know about the subject, please don't bother your classmates. She says it in a defeated way.

Richard: Understood teacher. I said it with a smile as I continued to concentrate on what I was doing. A while passed while the teacher explained the subject. I continued to concentrate until he finished and I looked at him proudly and integrated SIF's mind into his new temporary body since this will only be a part of his future body.

???: cute. Says someone behind me I turn around and I see hope summers.

Richard: a... hi. I said it shyly.

Hope: Hi, my name is Hope Summers. She says it cheerfully.

Richard: nice to meet you I am…. I couldn't say more since she said it for me.

Hope: I know you are Richard Parker the crazy version of Peter. She said it in his cheerful tone.

Richard: you know pet. I said surprised.

Hope: not in person just how he behaves and they are very different. She says it remembering that Peter's behavior is reserved with strangers.

I look everywhere I see no one.

Richard: what happened to everyone. Asked.

Hope: everyone must be in the cafeteria. She said it quietly.

Richard: why did you stayed here. I asked her strangely.

Hope: I was watching what you were doing. She said it casually.

Richard: well would you accompany me to the cafeteria. I said it while extending my hand.

[+5 hope summers] (being nice to her for no apparent reason)

Hope: It will be a pleasure, but first I want to see what your creation does. She says it excitedly.

Richard: Yes of course I forgot. I said scratching the back of my neck in embarrassment and turned on SIF's new body.

Starting system, checking systems for optimal status, Mr. Richard, how is your day? He said it in a respectful tone and I put it on my shoulder and he climbed on my head from there we headed to the cafeteria.

While we talk a little about our destination, she tells me a little about herself, that she is the daughter of some important people and they allowed her to come to this school, although she is far from it.

When we got to the cafeteria I saw how Peter was sitting with Gwen Stacy and Edward "Ned" Leeds I greeted them Peter greeted me via hope sitting alone in a corner I motioned for him to wait a moment he just nods.

Richard: why only miss summers. I said it playfully as she glanced at me like most people.

Hope: don't worry, I'm fine on my own. She said it a little absentmindedly I just grabbed her hand, pulled her to a stop and guided her to where Peter and his friends were.

Richard: Don't worry, just hang out with us. I said it with a smile go to the side where I hear a lot of noise see mary-jane and harry osborn with flash thompson, liz allan and the whole football team.

Hope: I don't feel good being around a lot of people Richard. She said it in an exhausted way. I put SIF on her head and I see that she relaxes.

Richard: better. I said it playfully.

Sir, I detect that she…. I just signaled to SIF to save that information and Hope looked at me in surprise.

Hope: thank you. She said it calmly.

[+5 hope summers] (for helping her with something she doesn't even know what you do)

Richard: Because she raises her affection stats for me so quickly. I thought somewhat surprised.

[she's a lonely person who doesn't get friends until you come on the scene and you're so friendly without knowing her]

Richard: Thanks helpi for the explanation. I said calmly stop taking importance.

Richard: Let me introduce you to my brother Peter. I said it while pointing out the single greeting.

Richard: well the other two I don't know who they are. I said it pretending not to know.

Gwen: Nice to meet you, I'm Gwen Stacy and he's Edward Leeds. She said it in a friendly way.

Ned: better call me old ned. He said it in a friendly way.

We struck up a quiet chat until me and Peter went into nerd mode as we started talking about creating new chemicals.

Up to this point..


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