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CHAPTER - IV ( not edited )

Yamamoto: Come here every Saturday and Sunday at 10:00 in the morning, I'll teach you the basics of jiu-jitsu. mHe said it with a calmer voice.

Richard: yes noa-sensei. I said it while he bowed to me respectfully.

I left the place since noa-sensei said hell's kitchen is very dangerous at night, I just started jogging towards the apartment since it was getting late I looked at my phone it was 1:00 in the afternoon I increased my jog.

Arriving at the entrance of the departmental building, I relax my breathing.


[a "sprint" skill has been created]

Gives you the ability to increase running speed by 80%.

Spend sp 10 per minute.

Richard: It's great a good skill. I thought excited.

[skills can be gained based on certain actions you do repetitively or by an action with great effort]

Richard: that's good to know thanks helpi. I thought about it gratefully as I went up the stairs since we live on the top floor and the elevator has been failing I arrived I opened the door I greeted everyone and went to the room to get a piece of paper since the school informed me that I have to take an exam to score my coefficient I go to the apartment door to leave.

Aunt May: where are you going Richard as she was wondering..

Richard: I going to Midtown High as I was notified that I have to take an exam to mark my IQ and move to a higher grade . I replied calmly.

Peter: I'm in a higher grade, maybe we'll end up in the same grade. He said it cheerfully.

Aunt May was about to retort about something, but uncle puts his hand on her shoulder, smiles reassuringly at her, and tells me: be careful and show that you can.

Richard: Thanks man, I'll do my best on the exam. I said it with a smile.

I leave the apartment I see Barbara I greet her she returns it to me.

Barbara: Hi Richard, where are you going? She wondered as I walk down the stairs next to her.

Richard: I'm going to Midtown High for a few things. I said it unimportantly.

Barbara: I also go to Midtown High I missed some papers. She said it cheerfully.

Richard: Well then , why don't we go together since we're going to the same place. I said it calmly.

Barbara: Sure. She said it calmly.

We walked quietly talking about normal things like the weather, what Gotham was like, how it felt to be in New York, if she was adapting well to the city and why she came to New Jersey.

Barbara: My father said that it was very dangerous to be in Gotham. I grew up there and I know how to take care of myself because he doesn't trust me. She said it angry.

Richard: Your father is only worried about you since with the appearance of super humans, criminals became more dangerous. I said it remembering some news that happened on television.

Barbara: I know, but it bothers me that he thinks I can't take care of myself. She said it with sadness in her voice.

Barbara: What are your parents like and why don't you live with them? She asked and she saw my discomfort.

Barbara: Sorry, it was a sensitive issue, I didn't know. She said so quickly apologizing.

Richard: Don't worry, the subject is a bit complicated. My parents....I hardly remember much about them. I only remember the time I've spent with Peter and my uncle and aunty. I said it sadly.

Barbara: how is your brother Peter . She asked

Richard: he is a brother a little clueless, but he always wants to help others no matter what it takes. I said it with a smile she saw me and laughed a little.

Barbara: You seem to love your brother very much and why don't you tell me a little about yourself. She said so herself with an interested look.

Richard: I am someone who is a bit curious, I like to do some experiments and spend time with the family as we have many things in common. I said it laughing a little out of embarrassment.

Barbara: Your aunt told me that you went to boot camp, but when I mention it she looked not very happy but rather lost. I mention it remembering the conversation she had when she went to introduce herself.

Richard: I was forced to go to boot camp for six years for beating up a kid who was hurting Peter and how my guardians couldn't do anything. I said it a little nervous.

Barbara: They couldn't delegate for you. She told me she surprised.

Richard: I accepted because the boy who hit peter his father was a recognized businessman and his father threatened that if I didn't go to the camp he would take everything from us, my uncle and aunty were undecided so I made the decision for them and accepted their demands. I said it remembering it's day a little blurry.

[+5 (for trusting her to tell something private about your life)]

We arrived at the gates of Midtown High School we walked in and went to the principal's office she went in first to turn in missing papers while I was sitting waiting I saw a janitor who smiled at me and came up to me.

Janitor: You're here to deliver something boy. He wondered as he said this

Richard: I'm not here to take an exam. Sorry, let me introduce myself. My name is Richard Parker. I said it extending my hand to give a greeting.

Lee: it's a pleasure my name is Stan lee you are related to Peter because of the last name and the appearance. He wonder.

Richard: Yes, I am his brother. I said it with a smile.

Lee: you look the same as Peter, only without glasses, I hope you're also similar in his way of being a boy, I'm sure this place doesn't clean itself, Excelsior. She said it herself as she left with her cleaning crew.

Richard: How nice it was to see an idol like Stan Lee. I thought excitedly.

Barbara: I see you were messing around with the janitor. She said it mockingly.

Richard: He's a nice guy. I said it simply.

Barbara: If you want I can wait until you finish the exam. She told me in a friendly way.

Richard: I don't know I don't want to be a bother. I said it shyly.

Barbara: don't worry now we are friends no. She said it in a friendly tone.

Richard: sure. He said so as he addressed me to the exam to skip a year.

Barbara Gordon P.O.V.

I am sitting outside the classroom where Richard will have his exam when I speak to the principal he told me that he was expecting a future Reed Richards since his twin brother showed a well above average intelligence, while I was lost in my ramblings I hear a message on my phone.

Barbara: Let's see who needs me. I thought about it somewhat annoyed at getting me out of my thoughts.



[ Barbara where are you I want to give you a surprise. ]


[ I'm in new jersi silly.]


[ that's not what i mean, but i'm in new york that's why i want to know]


[ I'm at Midtown High doing something.]


[ I 'm coming.]


[You're not mad about bruce.]


[We'll talk about that in person.]


[Understood John.]

End of messages.

Richard: You waited a long time for me. He said it in a mocking way I just jumped when I felt him touch my shoulder.

Barbara: Don't scare me like that. I said it a little angry and looked at the time on the phone.

Barbara: You... shouldn't u be taking the test. I said it questioningly.

Richard: I'm done. It was easy in a way. He said it simply.

I could not believe what he said, it was incredible, it was only 10 minutes later that I entered and he tells me that it was simple when the exam should cover all the topics that they will teach us.

Barbara: It's a joke right. I said it while following him.

End P.O.V of Barbara Gordon.

While I left and Barbara followed me behind.

Richard: no kidding I really understood him because in the military camp it was also a school they taught me the basics to survive the war and how to be a competent student. I said it laughing a little, when I got to the exit I saw Richard John "Dick" Grayson standing next to him is Conner Kent (superboy), Wally West (kid flash), Megan Morse (M'gann M'orzz) miss martian, Kaldur (Aqualad), Cassie Sandsmark (Wonder Girl), and Artemis Lian Crock (Artemis).

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Grayson: Barbara I was waiting for you. He said it ignoring me and going straight to Barbara.

Richard: Looks like they were waiting for you, Barbara. I said it calmly.

She approached me with a frown at Grayson's behavior. I looked at the others and they looked at me strangely.

Barbara: John are you that important to come straight to me. She says it a little angry at his behavior while they were talking about something that I didn't give importance to.

I took a quick look at everyone and my gaze stopped at Megan Morse who did nothing to hide the green color of her skin I approached.

Richard: Sorry to bother you, but is your skin color really real. I asked in false astonishment.

Megan: if it's real it ... does it scares you. She ask a little scared.

Richard; it's amazing you're one of those metahumans or a mutant. I told her excited.

Megan: Yes I am one of them. She answered me surprised for not scaring me and the others in her group saw me more surprised.

Richard: Sorry if it bothers you, but I have a scanner I'd like to test for genetic abnormalities since you're a metahuman would you allow me to scan you. I said it with false emotion since I know their DNA is totally different.

Megan: Well...she couldn't finish her sentence as a reddish-brown man quickly approached.

Barry: better because you don't scan me I'm also a metahuman. He said it as he covered Megan's mouth and pulled her away from her with her super speed.

Richard: good. I said it calmly as I pulled out a scanner that scanned her metabolism and asked for a DNA sample.

Richard: It's amazing your metabolism is 20 to 30 times faster than a normal person and your amazing DNA its branching is unique. I said watching the readings with emotion.

Cassie walked over with a wary look and wondered: how did you get that scanner or how does such a thing exist.

Richard: I think so when I was bored an idea came to me because why not create a scanner that detects even the slightest genetic or metabolic modification. I said it analytically and went into my nerdy mode explaining how it detects and reads DNA.

When Barbara and Dick Grayson finished talking they approached, Grayson was surprised when he saw his friends talking with me in a surprised way.

Grayson: What are you talking about? He ask surprised.

Barry: Barbara's friend is a very smart nerd, old man, he created a scanner that can detect DNA modifications out of sheer boredom. He said it in a surprised voice. Dick stared at Barbara.

Barbara: I know he was a very smart person but I didn't know until he finished the exam to skip a year in 10 minutes and from what he told me his twin brother is just as smart as him. She said it with a slightly lost look.

My phone rings is SIF, I let him investigate how to create a new alloy with the most common metals on earth to create a metal that could at least reach the hardness of the vibranium, it is connected to my electronic devices and it would be more functional .

I take out my phone that has some modifications that I put on them.

Richard: SIF something's wrong. Ask something surprised.

Yes, sir, your calculations were correct, the possibility of creating the alloy is 87% without suffering any failure. Everything got windy when I ignored them and started pulling holographic diagrams out of my phone.

Grayson: what model of phone is it so you can do that. He said it approaching and looking out of the corner of his eye at the variations of metal that I am creating, in that he came to himself and returned all the information inside the phone.

Richard: That is me modifying my phone to suit my tastes. I said it quickly and nervously as I put the phone back in my pocket.

Grayson: what was that with you .. just a moment ago o:-) as he wondered.

Richard: It wasn't a person, it's an AI that I created because I wanted a helper. I said it nervously scratching the back of my neck.

Richard: I'm sorry I have to go. I said it in a hurry.

Barbara: Because you bother him with those questions and I think a scanner out of boredom can make up a lot of things. She said it a little exasperated.

Grayson: You didn't see what I saw on his phone. She said it in a serious tone.

Barbara: What did you saw? She said it calming down.

Grayson: An unknown alloy that by strength readings is above most metals, but below vibranium and alamantion. She said it analytically.

They were all surprised by what Dick Grayson said since those were one of the hardest metals on the planet and that a boy his age or a few years younger could create such an alloy.

Grayson: I have to report this to Bruce, he can be dangerous. He said it seriously.

Megan: but because it would be dangerous. I ask surprised.

Grayson: He just created a metal that can beat most metals and takes it as a game. He said it angry.

Barbara: It won't be because of what happened with me and Bruce. He says it seriously.

Grayson: I don't care what happened to you and Bruce. He said it trying to control his anger.

Grayson: We have to follow him. He said it to change the conversation quickly.

While with our protagonist.

Richard began to sing a tune with his earmuffs on.

The fragile world is

they attack him relentlessly

we had to lose

And there is no turning back

there is no one next to me but

Well I'm not alone anymore

United Avengers

we are one when we fight

this battle

they will flee from us

they will never beat us

the union will achieve it

we are one when we fight

the union will achieve it

we are one when fighting.

When he finished singing, people stared at him, surprised by what he sang.

Richard: They've never heard anyone sing. I said it to myself.

As I passed through an alley I felt someone following me look everywhere then I heard a noise coming from the same alley and I see a possum come out looking for food I take out some food.

Richard: Come on, little one, I won't hurt you. I said it in whispers while slowly approaching.

The opossum ate eagerly, I put a collar on it, when I finished and I carried it calmly, I didn't fight, it just allowed itself to be carried.

Richard: well I already got a pet I'll call you Adolfo. I said it you thought and the opossum looked like he didn't like me.

Richard: okay you don't like me how about Winston. He stopped fighting and climbed on my shoulder, he settled like a parrot, people quickly moved away when they saw me with a 40 centimeter marsupial.

I was still humming a few songs as I headed to a store.

Richard: Well Winston this will be your new home. I said as he walked into the store, he got off my shoulder and stretched.

Richard: SIF you are active. I asked for.

Yes sir, how can I help you? I ask.

Richard: Turn on the security system and I'll be busy and don't shoot Winston. I said it pointing to Winston.

Understood, sir, I did not exterminate the opossum. He said it calmly.

I melted metals such as copper, iron, a bit of silver, tungsten, among others, and melted them to turn it into a thin thread so that it could be useful for the 3D printer. Once the process was finished, I approached the 3D printer so that I could create materials with the new alloy.

While with Barbara and company.

Cassie: He picked up a possum and named it. He said it incredulously.

Megan: The good side is he loves animals. She said it to calm the atmosphere since when they began to follow him they heard him sing a song that represented the other heroes who have a slightly different ideology.

Wally: You have to accept that the song sounds great. He said it remembering the song.

Grayson: leaving that aside, he entered the warehouse, connor, you can fly and place this microphone in an open window and tell us what you see. He said it seriously.

Connor Kent just nodded and flew to the nearest window and placed the microphone just watching the things he was doing after a while he turned back.

Connor: He's modifying a machine because we don't just destroy everything and that's it. He says it seriously and Grayson was about to respond, but Barbara cuts him off.

Barbara: We didn't harass him because we didn't ask him in person. She said it she angry because now he would lose the first friend of his that he made in New York.

Artemis: Yes, hello, we have been following you because you are creating something that can threaten the thin balance of the current world. She said it sarcastically.

Grayson: stop arguing. He says it as he turns on the microphone to hear what he says.

Back with Richard.

Richard: where I left the screwdriver. I said it thoughtfully and watched as Winston brought me the screwdriver.

Richard: you, my dear marsupial, are a very intelligent little animal. He said so as I take him to a corner where I serve him food I hear a knock on the door I grab a freeze grenade I made and walk over to the door.

Richard: Who's there? I ask as I activate the grenade.

Peter: It's me bro... Aunt May is mad because it's so late. She says it in a rush.

I look at the time and it's 10:00 p.m. I feel a chill at how angry and worried she must be I open the door quickly and activate the security system in impenetrable mode and run with Peter to the house.

Barbara: So that's his twin brother. She said it surprised that we had certain subtle characteristics that set it apart.

Megan: wait he has a twin. She said it, surprised by the boy who arrived and what Barbara said.

Barbara: I don't want him to ruin what's left of his family, if you want I'll keep you posted on things he does. He says it would be grayson was going to argue, but kaldur stopped him he didn't get into the conversation for a while because of the problems grayson has with Barbara it was better what barbara said since it will be a little easier to get information from him.

Kaldur: you are right, Barbara, we will expect you to keep us informed of everything you do. She says it calmly and Grayson reluctantly agrees.

Barbara: I'm going back to my apartment. She says it while then she sees that grayson checks his radio.

Barbara: What do you have? I ask him.

Grayson: Your friend's new pet rat just destroyed the microphone that was placed in the window. He says it incredulously.

Barbara: It seems that he has the ability to attract strange things. She said it a little amused.

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