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We sat around the kitchen table, as uncle Ben and aunt may saw me very happy since we hadn't seen each other for 6 years.

Uncle ben " how did it go Richard I was informed, but I wante…."- Aunt May nudges her as she smiles sweetly.

Uncle Ben " Excuse me, let me correct you, we would like you to tell us how it went in the military camp since we were only informed that you were fine, nothing more, and that you had us very worried."- He said it in a very worried way while aunt nodded remembering the days they spent thinking about my safety.

Aunt May: "At least you were able to send us letters."- She said it as she was little angry.

Richard:" Sorry aunt, but outside contact was not allowed in the camp because the general said that it would ruin our progress."- I said it at the end with the voice of the general, I saw how Peter looked around in my backpack until he took out the hunter's knife that the general gave me and I unsheathed it.

I saw how my uncle ben was surprised because he had it in my suitcase along with other things that said hammer, Osborn and one or another piece that had the star logo.

Uncle ben "where did you get those things, they look very dangerous. "- He said it with a voice that sounded very angry and my aunt looks worried thinking that I could have stolen those things.

I reassured them and explained that I earned them together with a monetary profit for participating that I had about 50,000 dollars and I proposed that with this we could pay the debts we had, but they refused saying that this money was mine because I earned it reliably and that I spend on what I like.

After that problem was solved, I began to tell them anecdotes about what I experienced in that camp and the crazy things that happened, we spent the whole afternoon until nightfall.

Aunt May " Well, that's great fun, but it's bedtime and school starts tomorrow, boy, and you have to be ready for what's ahead at Midtown High School."- She said it in a cheerful way that we were together again.

We went to Peter's room as expected there was only one bed because since they did not expect him to arrive a week earlier because the bunk they requested had not arrived and he had a free week because they asked for a free week because they thought it would take time to arrive .

took out my trusty mat and told Peter that I would sleep on my mat, but he insisted that I sleep on the bed which I denied when I saw that Peter lay down.

Richar: " THE GAMER SYSTEM "I thought waiting for something.

[Host's name is Mr. Richard Parker]

"that's my name... "- I said cautiously.

[I am a Helping and Leveling system that will help you in this world that's full of extremely powerful beings]

Richard: "So you're what gave me one above all."- Asked.

[ Yes and No at the same time the gift of one above all is a gen x who will wake up when you turns 17]

Richard: "Like yes and no. "- Asked.

[I am the gift of another god you know as the presence}

Richard:" like you are the gift of the presence ( the dc god ) "- I thought as I was surprised.

[You will see in the world that you're is currently living in, it is a combination that both gods decided since they wanted to see something different]

"It means I'm in a world that combines DC and Marvel."- I thought about it with fear remembering the enemies that were already many in Marvel and now I have the enemies of DC.

[ You're correct, it is recommended that you should strengthen yourself to break limit that your body allows, even though in terms of age and physique You're just above average]

"I'm just above average for people my age."- I thought incredulously.

[ It is correct as long as you have the system you will not have any problem with training if you want to know more see your status and just mention the word see status and it will be activated automatically.]

Richard: "Let me see my status"- as I thought seriously.

Name: Richard Parker

Karma: neutral good

Race: homo sapiens (homo superior: blocked until age 17)

Specialty: The Gamer

Titles: like father, like son, military trainee, mad scientist, fool with a heart of gold.

Health: 200/200 (level 1) (regeneration 20 every 10 minutes)

Points: 100 (points are used to buy skills or improve oneself)

Mana: locked (not available does not meet the requirements to activate it)

Sp:500/500 (Level 1) (Regeneration 20 every 1 minute) (Stamina will be depleted when you activate a skill or do an extremely demanding activity)

Vitality: 35

Strength: 15

Agility: 25

Intelligence: 85

Wisdom: 35

Charisma: 40

Luck: 85


Player Mind:

It gives you the ability to keep your composure, think things in a cold, calculating way and avoid any mental damage.

Player body:

You have the body of a video game character you recover from injuries instantly, but if your life bar reaches zero you die, it does not regenerate severed limbs.


Gives you the ability to hit 50% on target.

Knife handling (trainee):

You have a regular understanding of the weapon you wield and it makes it easier for you to use it.

Combat Art (Beginner):

You learned to fight your fights and win with everything that can benefit you around you.

Richard: "I have too high numbers on intelligence and luck."- I thought in surprised way

[Sir, Let me remind you that You're a Parker so You're quite lucky, I recommend that you get stronger very quickly]

Richard: "damn how can I forgot about Peter's luck and now I'm his twin so , I have the same luck."- I thought sweating a little.

Richard: "How luck benefits me besides being able to end up in the middle of fights with extremely powerful beings "- as I thought about it nervously.

[increases quest drop luck and key item luck]

[you can see the status of others arround you ]

"Now that's interesting."- I thought excited.

Aunt May [50/100] (appreciates you for being her family)

(it gives you the affection that all family members trust you more easily)

Uncle ben [60/100] (trust you to do things right for the family)

(gives you the effect that every person with a gentle character trusts you more easily)

Peter Parker [80/100] (because you always tried to be there to help him with his problems)

(gives you the effect that all the lone heroes trust you more easily) (locked until peter becomes spider-man)

harry osborn [20/100] (you look trustworthy)

Mary jane Watson [30/100] (she likes your personality and your physique)

Richard:" that's amazing and seriously Mary she likes me just because of my psychique"- as I thought I was surprised since I'm a copy of Peter, but without the glasses and with a little muscle.

"what's your name?"- I asked the system.

[I do not have a fixed name as I am a new creation in this reality]

Richard: "Intriguing means there are more like you in other universes."- I asked intrigued.

[not in this multiverse but in other multiverses that cover other topics that would be of interest to you]

Richard: "very well there are other multiverses where there are more systems like you, do you mind if I give you a name, "- I asked hoping not to offend the system


[+5 with the helpi (for giving him an identity)]

Richard:" I'll take that as a yes."- I thought about it with a bit of grace.

"Good night helpi."- I thought as I settled down to sleep.

[Good night sir Richard]

The next morning (6:30 AM).

An alarm went off I think it's for Peter to go to school I got up first I saw Peter snoring and babbling nonsense.

"hahahahaha it's fun and all, but you have to wake up."- I whispered and woke him up when we were younger as I always kicked him out of the bed.

Peter: "hey... you always kicked me when we were little "- as he was saying in a angry way..

Richard: "Because you never got up and saw me in using extreme means."- I said it remembering that he has always been a heavy sleeper.

Richard:" Leaving that aside, you should get changed and I'll cook breakfast because I know Aunt May will cook something weird like always or I'll change."- I asked if she stopped cooking weird things.

Peter:" Yes you can cook, I don't want our aunt to prepare anything."- He said it himself remembering that he ate meatloaf without meat.

I quickly went to the kitchen and prepared a salad with eggs and bacon, some toast, a coffee and a pitcher of orange juice.

Uncle ben:" oil well, who is in the kitchen."- He said as he was excited.

Richard: "It's me uncle ben... I'm preparing breakfast for all of us."- I said it happy.

Uncle ben: "nice Richard and where's Peter. "- He said as he sat down.

Richard: "He is coming shortly"- I said it while he put a couple of eggs and some bacon and two toasts and served him coffee and Peter arrived with Aunt May and sat down in their respective places.

Peter and Aunt May "what were you talking about. "- They both asked at the same time.

I just told them that I made breakfast. I mentioned it and they nodded and I got Aunt May the salad and some toast and I got Peter the same as Uncle Ben and I got the same and I sat down and we turned on the TV we put on the news channel.

** NEWS **

Reporter: "Metropolis is currently under attack by a villain, Let's Go With You Lois Lane."- He said it professionally.

Lois lane: "right now Superman is facing metallo it's chaos what's happening Superman can't beat him, wait another person has just entered the battle it's Batman. "- She said it as she was impressed.

Metallo is a robot with a humanoid body with a kryptonite heart that was at first a human that gradually changed his parts until he was completely a machine.

Superman is a man with a tall physical composition with a calm look always with a smile and with a blue suit with red, a cape and an S on his chest, he has hair in an onyx tone like his eyes while it is a white T.

Batman was a man with a stocky physical composition with a mask that covered his face and with a serious look, with a completely black suit that leaves nothing exposed.

Lois lane: "record this well. "- She said it herself while she accommodated the cameraman to see the battle.

It was taken in favor of Superman when Batman launched an electric batgaran paralyzing metallo temporarily Superman fired his heat rays that knocked metallo down, Batman removed the kryptonite from his chest and thus falling metallo weakened by losing his power source.

Lois Lane: "This is another victory for the Justice League."- She said it smiling.

With Richard.....

Richard: "Since I left, things have changed."- I said it with feigning impression.

Richard: "who are those guys"- as I said it in an interrogative way.

Aunt May: "They're just clowns in tight leggings. "- She says it as she was annoyed.

Uncle Ben: "They Just Do What They Can May. "- He says as he was reassuring her

Peter: "don't get mad, aunt, they just want to protect us."- He said it calmly.

Richard:" What happened while I was at camp?"- As I was just throwing the question in the air.

Uncle ben: "what happened was something incredible there was an explosion that made people with powers that were called metahumans appear and it came to light that there are people who are born with an extra gene that marks them as a mutation or evolution of humanity , plus some aliens have been showing up."- He said it remembering the news.

Aunt May: "Oh son, the world turned upside down after we sent you to boot camp."- She said it very sadly.

Richard: "I don't think it's that bad."- I said it unimportantly.

Aunt May: "crime has increased by 100% honey."- She said it as she was sadder than before.

Peter:" I'd like to talk a bit more about it, but I'm going to Midtown High, I'm running late, bye-bye, Aunt May, Uncle Ben, brother."- He said it hurriedly looking at the time.

All three " take care Peter."- We said it with a smile.

While Peter went to school I told the guys I would see the city to see how much change they asked me to be careful they looked very worried.

I walked through parts of the city that were very colorful, I had my player listening to music and while I was eating a mint ice cream and I passed near an alley I saw how he was assaulting a girl I did not pay attention to the girl and I saw two guys who they were cornered with knives in hand I didn't know whether to intervene or leave the place in the end I won the stupidity that killed me in my previous life.

Richard:" hello gentlemen can we talk about what you do is not morally acceptable. "- I said as I walked over and grabbed the hilt of my hunting knife.

Assailant 1:" brat, do not get involved in this, it will be worse for you."- He said it pointing the knife at me.

Assailant 2:" why don't you stick to the wall and give us everything you have and you may not come out with as many cuts."- He said it mockingly I just sighed.

Richard: "I already gave them the opportunity to talk about this because if they want to go down the path of violence I have nothing but violence."- I said it pretending sadness, the girl stared at me with a strange look.

Assailant 2 got angry and pounced. I took out my hunting knife and quickly cut him on the arm. He dropped the knife because of the wound. I grabbed his head and hit it hard against the wall, knocking him out. I saw how the girl did it. a key to assailant 1 and knocks him unconscious.

Unknown girl: "I had everything under control and it is not an act for a boy like you to carry a knife."- She said it as she was little angry.

Richard: "Of course you had it under control."- I said it sarcastically, she got angrier, I saw her clearly, she was Barbara Gordon, daughter of the Gotham City commissioner, a fan of Batman.

She is a pretty redhead with a serious look, a body like an hourglass, blue eyes, a D cup freckle, with a height of 1 meter 70 centimeters while wearing jeans that highlight her waist and the features of her face show a natural beauty.

Barbara: "Have more respect. "- She said it furiously.

I just sighed and looked at her with sigh...

Richard: "Well if you had it under control I guess it's my time to go."- I said it while I walked away calmly, but I felt how she touched my shoulder, I just sighed.

Richard: "Can I offer you something miss….. "- I said it leaving the question.

Barbara:" I am Barbara Gordon, you will come with me because you have a knife and you have no right to refuse. "- She said it firmly and I just sighed in frustration.

Richard: "As you wish."- I said it with disdain and followed her to the nearest police station.

The officers saw me and saw Barbara pulling me and accusing me of carrying a knife in a public area. The officers asked me for a permit to carry said weapon. I got my permit after passing the camp that gives me the right to carry certain weapons.

Officer: "from what I see you have the right to carry the weapon, tell me why you would draw the knife "- as he was asking me quietly.

I only told him what happened and pointed out to her that it was nothing more than personal self-defense.

Barbara: "They will let him go armed."- She said it she was angry and she was bothering me.

Richard:" It's a weapon for protection Miss Barbarian. "- I said it trying to hold my anger.

She just glared at me I just walked out of the police station I saw it took a long time as it was getting dark.

Richard: "Those guys will be furious."- I said it with a little fear because Aunt May gets very strict.

I saw that she was leaving the police station angry and I approached her.

Barbara: "what do you want scum."- She said as she was getting angry.

Richard:" I'm just here to make things clear, you don't know me,and you just marked me as scum, I don't know you and I don't care what you think of me, just be careful who you cross paths with because that attitude will get you in trouble. "- I said tired of her attitude.

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