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As I walk to my room I see many incoming students looking at me as I carry a bag full of something many of them recoiled intimidated by my appearance.

I only look to the side when I see one of them muttering about what a disgusting faun is doing in this school.

Richard: "Keep talking like that and when I have the duty to save you I will let you die."- I said it out loud so that everyone would stop their muttering.

Richard: "listen clearly because I will not repeat myself."- I said it seriously.

Richard: "I will be so much a "student" but in reality I am here to keep you from dying doing stupid things, but I have the power to decide if saving you is viable so think before you comment on anything."- I said it to start walking.

Richard: "and remember one thing we are sister races and be thankful for that because if we were enemies I would not hesitate to eliminate you."- I said this as I reached my room which was open.

I just walk in to close it and call my axe to my shoulder and look around to see a blonde being pulled by ruby.

Ruby: "Yang we shouldn't be in here this is Richard's room."- She said it nervously.

Richard: "You said it yourself midget what are you doing in my room."- I said it calmly.

I look at the blonde who is standing in a straight pose with a playful look as she approaches me to squeeze my muscles and she has long hair down to her waist she is wearing provocative clothes she has a D cup chest some wide hips some playful blue eyes a smile she has a height of one meter 73 centimeters.

Richard: "and why did you come into my work shop."- I said it quietly.

Ruby: "sorry my sister came into your room without permission and won't come out."- She said it nervously.

Richard: "if that's what I'm seeing you're not sisters at all."- I said as she walks up to my unarmed armor and accidentally breaks a reactor.

Richard: "blondie come over here and stop destroying my armor it is still in the process of being upgraded and I don't want to spend more time on it."- I said it carving my forehead.

She just smiled and walked away from the armor.

Yang: "You put that together."- She ask smiling while holding my hands up.

Richard: "yes everything in the room was made by me."- I said to walk over and pick up the crushed reactor.

I put it on a table I have and just look at it.

Richard: "You both should go to sleep because tomorrow you have your initiation."- I said calmly lifting them up to take them out of my room.

She looks at me annoyed.

Yang: "We were just watching, we didn't do anything wrong."

Richard: "you just destroyed one of my reactors be thankful it wasn't an antimatter reactor or you would have destroyed everything ok."- I said it in a flat tone.

She got nervous.

Richard: "look girls I don't let you into my room for something very simple I don't want you to touch anything because it could be a simple key chain or even a grenade disguised as a marble."- I said it calmly.

They nodded.

Richard: "if you want to enter first ask for permission and second I must be here."- I said it seriously to throw them out of my room to start checking the reactor that only the energy escaped since the structure is fine.

Richard: "This is going to be a long night."- I said it annoyed.

I start to remove some components to start rebuilding and modifying the reactor.

The next morning.

I get up off the floor I was up all night assembling the reactor and integrating it to place the prototype force field I was able to manufacture in this world.

Richard: 'What time is it.'- I thought it annoyed to see the time.

Richard: "Damn it's getting late Peter you should..."- I didn't finish the sentence when I see that I'm in this world.

Richard: 'Right, I'm not at home, I have to finish this crap to go back home, I've been here too long.'- I thought annoyed.

[Calm down sir, you know that this trip was necessary to prevent you from dying because what you are facing are beings that surpass you in a great way].

Richard:' I know helpi, but that does not take away that to stop my brothers I had to leave my dimension for a whole year for them it will be minutes or hours, but for me that always managed to return to my world every two or three weeks or the maximum that was two months that in reality for them was seven months.'- I thought annoyed.

I just start to stand up to settle my clothes and my outfit which is just my combat pants.

I walk to the door to see Glynda standing there about to open it she just adjusts her glasses.

Glynda: "Richard it's time to go to the drop ledge and check that the students don't kill themselves."- She said it calmly.

I just nod to lift her up and kiss her on the lips she wraps her hand around the back of my neck to pull us apart.

Richard: "it's always nice to wake up with a little greeting no glynda."- I said it in her ear to kiss her neck and leave a mark to put it down and start walking to where the initiation would begin.

She follows me as she removes her blush to return her blank stare and steady walk as we move forward I see ozpin finish his speech only for people to see me.

I see a redhead who stares at me the whole time.

She has crimson hair with light green eyes with a shapely body with slightly marked legs a height of one meter 83 centimeters with wide hips with a skin as clear as snow a cup breasts DD a pecto that is painted gold with armor that protects her knees and legs has a spear and a shield.

Ozpin: "And don't worry, Richard is in charge of making sure you don't die, someone has a question."- He said it smiling.

Jaune: "Yes, how will we get down."- He asked nervously.

Ozpin: "Without further ado, let's get started, I hope you achieve your objectives." He said ignoring Jaune.

I see everyone get to the end of the ledge to jump off the cliff and I see Jaune being pushed by Ozpin.

I just smiled at the redhead to jump to save jaune's life.

Richard: "You really pushed one of your students, what kind of director are you."- I said mockingly.

Ozpin: "I don't think you have the right to say that to me since your chosen one doesn't look very promising."

Richard: "Of course you don't even believe it, the fearful idiot has a lot of potential, he just doesn't know how to show it and with his looks he should make it."- I said it sitting on the cliff to grab a rock to throw it with force that made a sonic boom to pierce the head of a nevermore to see two figures falling.

Richard: "I don't think I should have thrown that rock."- I said it so I heard a thump.

Richard: "well you have the necessary information you know this war you have had will be over soon it won't get out of this year."- I said it seriously.

Ozpin: "yes crow brought the necessary and two beings with human appearance have been destroying villages are on their way to beacon along with an acquaintance of yours or that dragon."- He said it seriously.

Richard: "Today I must find my companions and we will finish this once and for all so that the deal is over and I can go back to where I belong."- I said it calmly I see explosions and screams from one of them let out a vengeance.

I just drop to the ground to shoot out to where the screams are to see an ursa attack a guy who has his arm hanging down I crush his head with my two hands I look at him and see his partner who has a deep cut in his stomach.

Richard: "They know they are out right."- I said that to grab them and carry them.

Young man: "Yes I know but I couldn't let her die."- He said it sadly.

Richard: "Don't worry, you can try again next year."- I said it calmly he just nodded to see me jump to rest my hand on a rock on the cliff and propel me up.

To get to the top and leave them on the ground.

I settle back on the cliff I just watch a while longer as they throw another vengala I sigh to let myself fall and run in that direction.

Richard: "Really, it's just a beowolf, I'll take an ursa or Boarbatusk."- I said it disappointed to break in half the beowolf and pick up the wounded guy I see the other one shaking while missing an arm I just deny.

Richard: "You are not made for the life of a hunter, look for another job, it is too dangerous for you."- I said seriously to carry him and he just looks at the ground full of rage.

I just look at him and sigh.

Richard: "If you want to show me that it is not true, you will have to prove it to me, because strength is not everything in life, if you can't do it, try another way."- I said it seriously and he only stopped squeezing his hand to nod.

I reach the cliff to jump and propel me again with a rock to climb reaching them.

I leave them on the ground to come pick them up and take care of them.

I just settled on the cliff to see that no one had already thrown a vengala and watched as the sun set and sent the signal that the teams were already formed.

We just walk back to the internal conference room, I just settle on one side of the stage so that Glynda with a serious look sits next to Ozpin, a portal opens so that Raven appears and makes the blonde try to get closer.

Richard: "I thought you wouldn't come because you would find another method to control the curse I gave you."- I said it quietly.

Raven: "you are a disgusting being that without you I can't be normal and I can't go back to being the leader of my group."- She said it with rage.

Richard: "you don't say that when you are in my room."- I said it smiling.

Only for me to try to pierce your weapon and it breaks at the touch of my skin.

Richard: "you need that sword to be as sharp as an elder ursa's to at least cut my skin."- I said it calmly.

Richard: "just settle on my legs better."- I said it so that she snorted annoyed and settled in the middle of me.

And look at the crowd reluctantly.

Yang: "mother."- She could only say those words looking at raven.

Richard: "so you have a daughter why didn't you ever tell me about her."

Raven: "she was making me weak I couldn't afford that luxury."- She said it without hesitation.

Richard: "every time something comes out of your mouth it makes me feel that I will never take that curse off you, you will remain my slave for eternity."- I said it quietly in a low voice and she looked at me annoyed to return her gaze to Ozpin.

Ozpin: "as I was saying the next groups for him are made up of ruby rose, wiess schnee, yang Xiao long, Blake belladonna and they will form the rwby team."- He said it so that they would take a step forward while Yang kept her eyes on Raven.

Ozpin: "Their leader is Ruby Rose."- He said it smiling.

The albino looked displeased by the comment.

Ozpin: "the next team is jaune de arc, nora valkyrie, phyrra nikos, lie ren they are team JNPR and their leader is jaune de arc."- He said it smiling.

After that I didn't pay attention to the next thing I only saw a guy looking at me with superiority.

Richard: "He is a bully."- I said looking at him.

Raven: "will you be helping him."

Richard : "I wouldn't help him."

Raven: "he'll just use you and dump you like he has done when all his plans fail."

Richard: "you are very wrong because he can't throw me away because if I disappear who will face my brothers and there is no one who can stand up to him, I don't even think he have enough capacity to face them."- I said it calmly.

Richard: "So he has a big problem if he doesn't cooperate with me your world perishes and I can happily go and let this place be completely erased."

Raven: "A great threat to something that has shown no existence."

Richard: "really and the razed villages that have been constantly popping up right now."- I said it quietly.

Raven: "yes I think I have seen it some towns are completely empty where we have been able to pick up supplies more frequently."- she said it quietly as she can give me a jar full of wine.

Richard: "what's wrong why are you giving me wine I didn't think you loved me so much."- I said it in a mocking tone.

Raven: "don't provoke me Richard."- She said it annoyed.

I just smiled at her to take the jar.

After the introductions I just stood up so she could sit on my shoulder and I just walked to my room and felt someone following me.

Richard: "Don't you want to talk to your daughter that you never met."- I asked quietly.

She denied.

Raven: "if she doesn't hate me it's weak she must have understood that she would only be a hindrance in my way."- She said it seriously.

I feel someone grab my hand to see the dwarf looking at me.

Ruby: "Would you let us talk to Yang's mother."- She ask in a hurry.

Richard: "Sure, if she wants to."- I said it so she would get off.

I just move away a little bit to not listen to the conversation to see the blonde who talks to her for a moment just so raven doesn't change her look when I see that she just says something so the blonde looks down raven points at me to see the blonde who raises her look full of rage towards me so I see how her eyes turn red and her hair looks set on fire running towards me.

I just wait for the blow that I calmly stop with my hand.

Richard: "tell me what did raven tell you to attack me."- I ask just watching as she forms a smile on her face.

She doesn't speak she just grunts as her gloves throw a butt that would shatter any normal person's hand.

Richard: "You don't want to talk do you."- I said it to sit on the floor so she can hit me in the face with her other hand.

She instantly notices that nothing happened I just smiled at her to pull her towards me to smack her forehead with mine.

Richard: "Do you really want her to go back to being your mother, didn't you have someone you called mother?"- I asked as I felt her hand tremble.

Richard: "Did you ask her why she has that tattoo on her neck."- I asked quietly she denied.

Richard: "that woman has killed many innocent people I denied her freedom to hurt more people and I have only known her for a year."- I said it softly.

She only opened her eyes to see my red eyes reflected in her eyes that changed from red to a light green, I just caressed her head.

Richard: "You are calmer now, don't listen to Raven, she is no good as a mother."- I said it to stand up and start walking to my room.

Richard: "If you had a mother, enjoy those memories, because a mother is the one who breeds, not the one who gives birth."- I said it seriously to start walking away.

As I walk into my room I feel a hand on my shoulder I just see Raven who is staring at me while her cheeks are red.

I just look at her quietly she comes closer as she locks the door to settle on my chest to bring her lips close as mine only she joined our lips as I feel her tongue enter my mouth I just put my hand under her skirt to caress her plump ass so her hands start caressing my chest.

Raven: "when I don't need you I will kill you I swear."- She said it while biting my lip.

Richard: "you're just a pervert who won't accept that I treat you the way you like."- I said it kissing her neck as I lift her up to place her legs on my shoulders so she shudders as my breath ripples her pussy making her place her hands on my head.

Richard: "what's the matter why so rushed raven."- I said mockingly.

She just placed her pussy in my mouth.

Raven: "I'll put that fucking mouth to real use other than saying stupid shit."- She said it as she enjoys my tongue thrusting inside her just sigh in satisfaction.

She stops pulling my hair only to start stroking it as she kisses my forehead and plays with my hair.

After a while I feel her pussy contract to feel her cum in my mouth.

She comes back with the tight grip only to soften it later and I breathe heavily just lower her down to lay on the only bed I have.

She just looks at me tiredly.

Richard:" you are a horrible mother and even worse woman, but you know better."- I said it smiling.

Raven: "and you're a clueless fucker who can't find other monsters like you."- She said it breathing heavily.

Richard: "they are hiding well or someone is helping them and ozpin is keeping something hidden from me that you know and you haven't wanted to tell me so I give you the chance to be released tell me what ozpin is hiding."- I said it, settling into a seat.

She starts to stand up to look at me seriously.

Raven: "You're serious."

Richard: "I never break a word."- I said it seriously.

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