The Fake Heiress’ Seven Brothers Pampers Her

He Jing transmigrated into a book and into the body of a fake heiress in a wealthy family. Overnight, she went from heaven to hell. In the original storyline, the fake heiress resented the real heiress for stealing her position. She constantly opposed her, unaware that the real heiress had the halo of the female lead, and ultimately self-destructed successfully. After He Jing transmigrated, she quickly set three goals for herself: stay away from the female lead, stay away from the male lead, and live her own life in the slums. However, her seven supposed poor brothers became influential figures in their respective fields, and she effortlessly turned her life around! Even the male lead, who had originally called off their engagement, now... He Jing: "I'm sorry, we can't be together." Male lead: "Why?" He Jing: "I only like your character settings in the story."

Excellent Sesame · Urban
Not enough ratings
240 Chs

Exactly the Same

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

When He Jing entered, she discovered Cheng Yi in her room, flipping through her books and notes. He Jing's expression turned cold, and she immediately snatched her things from Cheng Yi's hands.

"Please don't touch my things," He Jing hissed.

Cheng Yi was not embarrassed despite having been caught snooping through He Jing's things. "This used to be my room," she drawled. "I didn't expect it to be in this state; I certainly didn't leave it in the state it is now when I left. It seems no one has bothered to help you tidy things up."

He Jing could tell Cheng Yi was trying to show off her status in the family. She could not be bothered to play Cheng Yi's games and said, "Please get out."

Cheng Yi smiled smugly and turned to leave. She had achieved her goal anyway.

She was sure He Jing's status was not very high in the family. It seemed she had let her imagination run wild and panicked for nothing.