The Fake Heiress’ Seven Brothers Pampers Her

Author: Excellent Sesame
Contemporary Romance
Ongoing · 1.2M Views
  • 240 Chs
  • 4.6
    34 ratings
  • NO.200+

What is The Fake Heiress’ Seven Brothers Pampers Her

Read ‘The Fake Heiress’ Seven Brothers Pampers Her’ Online for Free, written by the author Excellent Sesame, This book is a Contemporary Romance Novel, covering ROMANCE Fiction, COMEDY Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: He Jing transmigrated into a book and into the body of a fake heiress in a wealthy family. Overnight, she went from heav...


He Jing transmigrated into a book and into the body of a fake heiress in a wealthy family. Overnight, she went from heaven to hell. In the original storyline, the fake heiress resented the real heiress for stealing her position. She constantly opposed her, unaware that the real heiress had the halo of the female lead, and ultimately self-destructed successfully. After He Jing transmigrated, she quickly set three goals for herself: stay away from the female lead, stay away from the male lead, and live her own life in the slums. However, her seven supposed poor brothers became influential figures in their respective fields, and she effortlessly turned her life around! Even the male lead, who had originally called off their engagement, now... He Jing: "I'm sorry, we can't be together." Male lead: "Why?" He Jing: "I only like your character settings in the story."

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3vkoq5bi · Urban
Not enough ratings
29 Chs

A New Start : Quick Transmigration

Have you ever been in love? What is more painful: watching your loved one in love with someone else, which will kill your soul every second OR watching that person dying in front of you…. ….To be honest both hurt very badly. Reva stayed in prison for many years and still she didn't get her answers. She lost everything …. Now she just has the worst reputation in society, broken heart and soul, and on top of that memories that she wants to forget; even with that, she decided to live her life, but fate doesn't agree with that, it takes her life too. Reva doesn't have anything to complain about, she was falling in the deep but as the saying goes "when you reach the bottom there are no more falls, only going above" and she got the chance of living once again, but for that, she needs to do the task. And she is more than ready for that. This time she will try to stop all those bad things and also live a happy life. For her love is not a pure feeling, it is possessiveness, lust and so much more and now she doesn't want any of these... But who can control love ????? After all, you get what you ask for. ..... "Sleep now, don't make trouble," Aarav said while kissing her forehead. "Give me a kiss here too," Reva said while pointing towards her check. "Okay," Aarav agreed helplessly. "And this too" Reva requested while pointing towards another cheek. "Okay enough now sleep" Aarav replied. And quickly go outside. How can he have such an adorable person in his life who loves him so much. Anyway, it doesn't matter he will love her always and always just the way she does in their every lifetime. WRITER'S THOUGHTS: I am really happy that you give this story a chance, have a great day No rape or major misunderstanding, most often the fl of the story is in flashback mode, the arcs are not decided before, but the story is more is a slice of life, than fast wear. Also, I try to write this story like a bunch of different transmigration stoires so that if you wanted to read any arc you can start from any arc. it just you will not know her back story as it is described in the first arc. Also as a lover of fashion, skin care, and diet, you might found some passages informative instead of entertaining which you can skip if you like. I just hope you will like story. [WARNING: SOME CHAPTERS HAS SOME NEGATIVITY, SUCH AS SUICIDAL TENDENCY, AND ALSO SOME MILD R18 CONTENT] The cover photo don't belong to me, it is taken from pintrest, and credit goes to the original cretor. Arc 1 chap 1 to chap 47, is an introductory arc with the memories of previous life and the current one. Arc 2: chap 48 to Chap 98 Arc 3 : Chap 99 to Chap 136 Arc 4 : Chap 137 to Chap 167 Arc 5 : Original world ENTRY FOR WEB NOVEL SPIRITY AWARDS SPRING 2021

AmrutaShinde95 · Urban
214 Chs

Patriarch of the Uchiha

After a mysterious accident, a guy finds himself waking up as a young Uchiha Fugaku, the future patriarch of the Uchiha clan in the Naruto world. At first, he is confused and disoriented, but he soon realizes the opportunity that has been presented to him. With his knowledge of the Naruto world, he knows what is coming and how he can change things for the better. Fugaku, a man who lived his life in pursuit of the Uchiha clan's strength and glory, is seen by many as a stern and harsh patriarch. However, the transmigrator is not a good man at heart and seeks to correct Fugaku's mistakes through manipulation and intricate use of politics. As he gains more power and influence, he begins to see the flaws in the ninja world and the flaws in his own thinking. He realizes that peace cannot be achieved, neither through war, nor through working together and understanding one another. However, his path is not an easy one, and he faces many challenges and obstacles along the way. He must navigate the treacherous political landscape of the ninja world while also dealing with the internal struggles of Konohagakure. As he strives to create a better world for all, he must also come to terms with his own identity and reconcile the person he was with the person he wants to become. Through his journey, he learns the true meaning of sacrifice, love, and redemption. !!!WARNING!!!!!!WARNING!!!!!!WARNING!!! SLOWPACED STORY - Basically a Snail fusing with a Sloth, and their combination is still faster than this story!!! !!!WARNING!!!!!!WARNING!!!!!!WARNING!!! Ark 01: Rise of Fugaku - Current Ark Ark 02: Fugaku in FMA - Next Ark

Ikaru5 · Anime & Comics
55 Chs
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this is so good .....not like the similar one posted in the app....I m loving how chilled out the female lead is not engaging with the swapped girl.i m loving how the swapped other is irritated because our female lead is not giving her any reason to show how superior she is or how she is being bullied .it was so smart of jing to reject yis offer to tutor ...so true that even though she will teach all her effort will go neglected n only yis money will be highlighted


Each to their own but I prefer this novel despite having some similarity to another translated novel on here. 🤷🏻‍♀️ sooo if anyone has the raw, link plz .. 🙇🏻‍♀️


When you’re good in your studies, best to focus on this than chasing guys coz when you’re out in the work place, you’ll meet lots of other guys!


Isnt't this Chu Ning's story?I don't remember the title but it's already being translated in the Webnovel.


this book seems familiar to other book I read here but it's not the same ....it takes a different route n I really want to see where this goes n it's refreshing to see the fl wants to mind her own business instead of engaging in anything that is stupid ...so webnovel pick this one up plzzzzzzz


Why stopped translating the book? It’s so good. Please continue.


I really like this novel hope to see update soon


How I love He Jing! Forget He Jing, He sui is simply too ADORABLE If you are looking for a book with spice, romance jealousy and family, I would recommend this one.I would love to hug the author for this beautiful book. Keep it up.


If you like some good face slapping then definitely read this. The story is a bit slow but overall pretty good. My main complaint is that the world building is completely limited to her school and a bit at home. It feels small like your trying to make a city out of a doll house. If you get mentally into books like I do you might get a cramped feeling when reading this. Pretty good book, the main character has an enjoyable personality, and the brothers are growing on me.


Despite the synopsis similar to other works, the development is different and very pleasant. A good translation. Without this new trend of changing names. I liked!


nice start please continue the story.. .. .


the author is telling a story in a lively way. looking forward for next chapters




[img=Loving it][img=Loving it][img=Loving it][img=Loving it][img=Loving it][img=Loving it][img=Loving it][img=Loving it][img=Loving it][img=Loving it][img=Loving it][img=Loving it][img=Loving it][img=Loving it][img=Loving it]


it is similar to many books but unique on its own.. i loved this book.. just wished they had kept translating n updating


Really nice story line. waiting for the new updates


It's a copy of another book.i just don't know which one to read😂






Nice beg , slowly the story unfoldsinning


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