The Fake Heiress’ Seven Brothers Pampers Her

He Jing transmigrated into a book and into the body of a fake heiress in a wealthy family. Overnight, she went from heaven to hell. In the original storyline, the fake heiress resented the real heiress for stealing her position. She constantly opposed her, unaware that the real heiress had the halo of the female lead, and ultimately self-destructed successfully. After He Jing transmigrated, she quickly set three goals for herself: stay away from the female lead, stay away from the male lead, and live her own life in the slums. However, her seven supposed poor brothers became influential figures in their respective fields, and she effortlessly turned her life around! Even the male lead, who had originally called off their engagement, now... He Jing: "I'm sorry, we can't be together." Male lead: "Why?" He Jing: "I only like your character settings in the story."

Excellent Sesame · Urban
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240 Chs


Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

This little interlude flashed by, and the birthday celebration officially began. He Ning blew out the candles, made a wish, and began to accept everyone's blessings and gifts.

He Yuan also gave He Ning a pair of sneakers. Of course, this pair of sneakers was not as expensive as the ones Cheng Yi had given He Yi and He Chen. Therefore, He Yuan was a little embarrassed when he gave them away. "Just make do with it."

"Thank you, Big Brother," He Ning said expressionlessly.

He Zhou gave He Ning a pair of headphones. It was a brandless pair with no distinguishing features. It was obvious they were bought from a street stall. Perhaps they only cost 20 yuan. Nonetheless, He Ning hung the headphones around his neck.

Soon, it was He Sui's turn. He Sui rubbed his hands together and chuckled, "He Jing and I got this gift for you."

He Jing was speechless.

He Sui was free-loading off her!