The Extra Wants To Live

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What is The Extra Wants To Live

Read The Extra Wants To Live novel written by the author Ink_Weaver122 on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, romance, adventure, reincarnation, comedy. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


[WPC APRIL WINNER 2024] Lucas Voss was a normal adult in his late twenties. He doesn't know how or why but he got transmigrated as an extra inside of the novel he read till 5th volume. The problem for Lucas was that his life was in danger as soon as he entered the novel. Why? Because Lucas was transmigrated as the 4th Prince who is an extra and was about to die with an Illness that couldn't be cured. Not only that novel he transmigrated into was 'Cold-Blooded Emperor Rules.' The protagonist of that novel killed every member of the royal palace to become emperor of the empire. How will Lucas survive? Will he die like the extra that he is? or will he fight against fate to survive in this cold-blooded novel and become more than an extra? The only way to know is it read this novel!

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Synopsis: I want to feel the warmth of a family. I want to feel affection and love. I want to be noticed. Like a child. Becoming an adult means being a slave to life. I'm an orphan who never know what is a 'family?' Until finally I married and had children. Now I am a mother and also a career woman. I got married, had children, and finally I had a 'family' of my own. But it turns out that everything is not as beautiful as I imagined. I still don't feel the warmth of my own family. If I could manipulate time and change destiny, I just want to return to being an innocent child who doesn't know anything so that adults will pay attention to me. God apparently heard my hidden desires and now I have to live as Cellia, the only daughter of Grand Duke Leonhart and am trapped as a small child who is cared for all her life by her very possessive daddy! "No one can touch my daughter! Not even a speck of dust!" "Whoever makes my daughter shed tears, I will kill her even if it's myself!" And my dad's anxiety got crazier when I got a letter of mandate in the form of an application from the crown prince. "When I become emperor, I will marry your daughter, Duke Leonhart. This is an order. Cellia will be my empress and queen in the future!" (Crown Prince) "I won't let it happen! Before that happens, I will become emperor first and no one can have my daughter!" (Duke Leonhart) "But Dad's, I'm sorry. I can't marry you, but I promise to remain your little princess. Forever ..." (Cellia) ____________________________________________ BOOK INFO : Title : Trapped in the Body of a Possessive Duke Daughter Genre : Reincarnation, Age-Gap, Romance, Royal Family, Fantasy, Heartwarming, Angst, Dark, Dragon, Villain, Psychology, magic Author : Yuusa Type : original novel ____________________________________________ A/N : This is a novel with a slow burn romance story ... If you like magic, fantasy stories with slow romance and relationships with an age-gap, you can add this novel to your library!! Btw. Book cover design by me. Every week I will make illustrations of novel characters and some illustrations of scenes in novels. Please follow my ig [@yuu.sa_] to see the updates!. Oh. You also can check the comments in the paragraph to see a little visual I drew and please enjoy the story!!. Thanks for reading!. Don't forget your support and suggestions (powerstone, golden ticket, gift, comment!) so that I can be better at writing ~ ____________________________________________

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First of all, Yeah I am THE A4KL (many of u guys have heard or atleast seen my masterpieces) So, about this book, I have no words, Litrelly😌. .. . First of all, seeing things from your perspective, You can see that the book's title is attractive and even more alluring is it's Cover, which definitely created by me 😉 I have read all the chapters and found that there are any things that I could learn from this book, like many things which I need to avoid while writing my books. 😉 So, Ladies and Gentlemen try the book and comment in this Review section to let me know, Did you also found this book a Masterpiece? ☺️ Yeah, cause this will make me identify those who find 'this' book a Masterpiece 🤩🤩 Please Read this one, It's my Best Friend's book, I teach him everything, So, if you don't trust this Review just check my books and you will understand the potential my Disciples book holds🥳🥳🥳 --Shamelessness in my Blood, Yeah it's A4KL, ur cool bud--


I have read the book up to chapter number 34. The book is great and I had fun reading it, although there are a few problems with it. The biggest one is the terrible grammar and the resulting confusion in the text, it makes it hard to read and you don't know what the author meant when writing a scene. The side characters are not one-dimensional and have their own stories, antipathies, preferences, etc. which makes the book more interesting. The progression of the plot is just right neither, too slow nor too fast. The world-building is slow, which I consider a positive because it is much better than the typical big info dump. The character development and skills of the main character are brilliantly portrayed, you can see that the MC is focused on survival and doesn't have time for any romance or the like. The bluntness of the updates is steady for which the author can be commended, as he does this despite the low power stone count. I wish a pleasant and peaceful day to those reading this comment. Good luck author don't drop this book Try to polish your skills on this book, especially grammar. (Ps. Maybe ask some English-speaking colleague for help


This novel is really intriguing. There is not much to say yet because it's only starting to unfold but the author has done a remarkable job at piquing the interest of the reader


Post any questions you have in here but don't ask for spoilers please


congratulations on winning Wpc. great work


I like this novel very much that's why I'm giving it a 5 Star. the novel has just started so there isn't much to say but I will review it again after novel has more chapters . keep it going author-san


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