The Extra Wants To Live

[WPC APRIL WINNER 2024] Lucas Voss was a normal adult in his late twenties. He doesn't know how or why but he got transmigrated as an extra inside of the novel he read till 5th volume. The problem for Lucas was that his life was in danger as soon as he entered the novel. Why? Because Lucas was transmigrated as the 4th Prince who is an extra and was about to die with an Illness that couldn't be cured. Not only that novel he transmigrated into was 'Cold-Blooded Emperor Rules.' The protagonist of that novel killed every member of the royal palace to become emperor of the empire. How will Lucas survive? Will he die like the extra that he is? or will he fight against fate to survive in this cold-blooded novel and become more than an extra? The only way to know is it read this novel! --- Support me one Pateron patreon.com/InkWaver_122

Ink_Weaver122 · Fantasy
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156 Chs

Frost Wind Corpse Flower [2]

The reason Carl can't release this power right away is because she desperately needs it.

It is thanks to this power that the character in the story was able to live while exploding a huge amount of mana after curing his illness.

The author may have been wondering about the harmony of yin and yang, but it is none of his business, and he can obtain great power anyway.

Carl should have died originally. But he will exceed everyone's expectations and he will survive.

He won't be able to avoid the gaze of Emperor Azgoth and protagonist Adrian.

Carl was immediately focused on treating the disease in order to survive, but even if he survived like this, if he had no strength, he would eventually get hit one way or the other, and die without being able to do anything.

Even so, after Azgoth becomes emperor, Adrian decides to kill all of his brothers with his own hands in order to get rid of Azgoth.

No matter what happens, no matter how much he tries run away, Adrian scythe will eventually harvest Carl's head.

This is a guy who kills even babies who can't even walk. There is no way he can spare Carl.

So, if he give up your power here, trying to survive will only lead him back to a terminally ill life.

Carl made a decision.

'Lets take this power.'

Risking his life to survive was contradictory.

However, if stopping here only leads to being eliminated and dying, he will run without stopping.

Carl did his best to control the two clashing forces.

Like two snakes entangled, biting and coiling around each other, heat and cold attack each other, breaking Carl's body into pieces.

The blood vessels bulge, and eventually the thin blood vessels that cannot endure burst out.

Carol couldn't breathe. It was because his chest and lungs were in shambles due to the biggest torrent.

But before Carl suffocates to death, something enters his chest and heals his wounds.


Karl, who barely survived thanks to Milton's magic, realized that he was feeling his mana.

He left behind trying to control his power and first observed how Milton's mana moved, how it worked, and how it healed him.

Carl began to use the way Milton's mana moved to gradually direct the force that destroyed his body.

Unlike when he tried to pull it blindly, Carl read the movement of force and slightly clumsily guided it by gently pulling it where it wanted to go.

There are results. But the force is still breaking his body. It's just a little less violent than before.

Milton's mana is slowly fading away.

Milton had already consumed too much mana before Nero came. He can no longer treat Carl.

'Is this the end? Am I going to disappear here like this, unable to do anything?'

Carol was deeply despairing.

I tried so hard to survive, but in the end, I couldn't even overcome the disease and died like this?

Will it eventually fade away as a short sentence in Adrian's thoughts and be forgotten forever?

I want to live.

I want to live so desperately that I can't help it.

Meanwhile, Carl suddenly felt something caressing his forehead.

Very kind, gentle, and more earnest hands than Carl himself.

The trembling hand caresses his forehead, carefully wipes his eyes, and runs down to his cheeks.

Carl heard a whispering sound.


Lilly voice is heard as a praying.

At that moment, Carl realized that all his efforts to control his power were meaningless.

Everything was given to him from the beginning.

Carl did not focus on his strength, nor did he forcefully hold on to it, but left everything to the beat of his heart that sang life alone.

Even as his whole body was shattered, the heart, which was beating well alone, united the two powers that were canceling and amplifying each other and made them flow harmoniously, and the power that passed through the heart was quietly swirling around Carl's body like a flowing river.

And that power didn't just revolve around Carl's body.

Perhaps because Carl sensed Milton's mana and imitated it, the power caressed Carl's messed up body like Milton's healing magic.

A huge power melts into each and every one of Carl's cells.

In the end, he didn't have even a handful of strength left.

However, Carl's entire body was completely healed, and even his body, which seemed to have skin covering his bones, was overflowing with vitality.

'I lived.'

The moment he thought that, Carl truly fell into sleep.

Lilly's cries are heard in deep relief.


The first thing that greeted Carl when he opened his eyes was, of course, Lilly's surprised eyes.

"Shh, Lilly. I'm fine."

Seeing Lilly breathing heavily into her chest to call the imperial doctor Milton, Carl grabbed her arm.

After that, both Carl and Lilly were shocked.

This was because Carl thin hands, who could not even lift anything more than a pen and paper, grabbed Lilly and sat her down with strength beyond imagination.

"… Ahh!"

Carl hastily withdrew his hand. Lilly forearms, who were rolling up her sleeves to wipe Carl's body, could be seen turning red in an instant.

Carl hurriedly got up and tried to check Lilly arm, but before she could, Lilly stroked her red, sore arm and burst into tears.

"Carl, you're in good health… ."

He almost broke her arm just now, and she sheds tears as she says that.

Carl looked at Lilly crying with her face buried in her hands, then slowly opened her arms and carefully hugged her.

I can feel Lilly stiffening in surprise.

Tthank you. Lilly. Thanks to you, I was able to come this far."

At those words, Lilly bit her lip tightly and held back sobs, but in the end she couldn't bear it anymore and hugged Carl.

Lilly cried profusely, burying her face in the small and dwarf shoulder of Carl, who was one hand shorter than her.

Carl awkwardly patted her on the back, then blinked with all his might to ask Milton, who opened the door and came in at the sound of crying, to help him.

Milton, the tactful imperial physician, is a man who knows exactly what to do in any situation.

Milton obliviously closed the door and left.

Carl did her best to soothe Lilly from crying like a child, and buried his anger toward Milton deep in his heart.

Carl and Lucas have no memory of ever comforting a crying woman. Maybe Lucas had experience comforting his mother. But Carl couldn't remember anything about Lucas family.

Cold sweat runs down my face.

I have no idea what to do.

Fortunately, Lilly calmed down quickly.

However, it was inevitable that an awkward air would flow between the two, who were a bit far away to be called mother and son, but too close to be called strangers.

To eliminate the awkwardness, the two talked a lot.

Carl was so engrossed in the conversation with Lilly that he couldn't even reflect on his state.

Although it only lasted a day, a very short time late at night, Carl was able to spend his time peacefully without the fear of death.