The Extra Wants To Live

[WPC APRIL WINNER 2024] Lucas Voss was a normal adult in his late twenties. He doesn't know how or why but he got transmigrated as an extra inside of the novel he read till 5th volume. The problem for Lucas was that his life was in danger as soon as he entered the novel. Why? Because Lucas was transmigrated as the 4th Prince who is an extra and was about to die with an Illness that couldn't be cured. Not only that novel he transmigrated into was 'Cold-Blooded Emperor Rules.' The protagonist of that novel killed every member of the royal palace to become emperor of the empire. How will Lucas survive? Will he die like the extra that he is? or will he fight against fate to survive in this cold-blooded novel and become more than an extra? The only way to know is it read this novel! --- Support me one Pateron patreon.com/InkWaver_122

Ink_Weaver122 · Fantasy
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156 Chs

A Deal With Nero [2]

Lilly returned less than ten minutes later with a mesmerized look on his face.

Although her hair was dishevelled, dishevelled and unblemished.

"Lilly, are you okay?"

"Ah yes… ."

"I heard you were detained, but you weren't hurt?"

"yes? Oh no. I was just sitting there... ."

I was fooled.

Carl closed his eyes and sighed in deep relief, and at the same time collapsed into a whirlwind of emotions that were difficult to describe in words and laid down on the bed.

Carl was completely fooled by Nero. He was so scared that he didn't really notice anything.

Carl felt keenly how helpless and foolish

he was.

He acted as if knowing the future of this world meant anything.

However, Carl was so frightened by Azgoth that he could not move, was completely fooled by Adrian's acting, was unable to even contact the Felt family whom he had tried to use, and was unable to contact Nero, who thought he had much less strength than Azgoth or Adrian.

'You stupid idiot.'

Carl trembled and mocked himself.

It was because I was lucky that I received help from Nero and because Lilly risked her life.

There is nothing he can achieve with his power.

A terrible feeling of helplessness and frustration overtakes him.

"Master Carl, are you okay? Are you very surprised? sorry. I just… … ."

However, when Lilly hurriedly ran over to him and wiped his sweaty forehead, Carl put aside those sagging feelings and suddenly had something he wanted to ask Lilly.

"Lilly, what kind of person was 'Carl'? And, my…. My mother, and Lilly… … ."

"… … ."

Lilly widened her eyes.

Tears are forming in her eyes.

"… All I could think about was treating the disease...."

Carl made a lame excuse. And seeing that his Lilly was relatively calm, he realized that he had not heard from her yet.

"Brother Nero promised to help me."

"… … ."

Carl felt an unknown emotion as he saw Lilly face change.

I never thought that human emotions could be revealed so vividly.

Lilly startled face exploded with joy, but then she burst into tears with a distorted face, as if she had let go of everything, like a child.

Carl held her hand. Perhaps it was because of guilt.

Carl, whom Lilly loved and regarded as a son, is no more.

However, Carl, who had the memories of a man in his prime, obtained the key to change the fate of the man who should have died.

Carl didn't know whether he should be distressed that he had pushed Lilly's son figure away and taken his place, or whether he should feel fortunate that he was able to see 'Carl' for a longer period, even if he was a different person to her.

In the end, Carl crumpled it all up and threw it away like trash. It's all pointless.

He doesn't want to die. He will grit his teeth and somehow survive.

Now there is no way for the old 'Karl' to return. In that case, I will just do my best with what I am given.

That's enough.

As for Carl, he is alive now.

Lilly told Carl many things.

The story of 'Carl' wasn't really anything worth telling. It was no different from a living, breathing corpse just waiting for the day to die.

He was irritable, suffered from depression, and repeatedly cried and fell asleep, leaving everything behind.

But Carl could feel that Lilly really loved me and considered him like a son. Anyone who listens will be able to feel the overflowing love.

"Carl, you look very much like your mother, Diana. The bright green eyes, the bright blonde hair, even the shape of the nose, cheeks, and ears."

"… As for Lilly, … What was your relationship like with my mother"

Lilly smiled softly at Carl's question. She is so dazzling that it makes me long for it.

"I grew up with Lady Diana."

"Were you friends?"

"friend…. No, I was Diana's maid."

"You were a friend."

Carl noticed that Lilly was not just a maid.

They probably grew up together from a young age, becoming playmates, companions, and friends who studied and learned together.

"What kind of person was my mother?"

Lilly smiled with tears in her eyes, as if she was very happy that Carl had asked about Diana.

And she quietly told me how sweet and kind Diana was, how pretty she was when she smiled, and how much fun it was when they played practical jokes together.

While listening to the story, Carl fell asleep at some point. His fever rose again and he couldn't stand it.

However, when Lilly loving hand caressed his forehead, He was able to fall asleep peacefully.

The memories of his parents in 'the previous of Life' were empty, as if they had been painted black, and the memories he had accumulated as Carl lasted only about a week. So he couldn't know what parental love was.

Carl felt the void deep in his heart is filled with hazy clouds following Lilly's touch.


Even after receiving the promise from Nero, Carl did not stop and visited the library every day.

He will come up with more solutions in case Nero cannot get the medicine or if it does not work.

In that name, Carl carefully indulged in precious knowledge that only the royal family could access.

If you knew you were stupid and didn't do anything, that would be stupid.

Milton and the librarians noticed a slight change in the direction of the book Carl was selecting, but they said nothing and found the book he wanted.

Nero did not come to the imperial library for a while. He didn't even know where he went.

Then, a few days later, Heheard surprising news.

"The 3rd Prince is not currently in the imperial palace."

"yes? why?"

"I don't know that far either."

Nero left the imperial palace for a while.

And he didn't come back for several days.

Carl's body was gradually deteriorating, and now not only Azgoth but even Adrian had completely turned off his attention.

Every day, Carl went back and forth between his bedroom and the library, panting with a burning body on the verge of death. The only people who cared about him were Lilly, Milton, and the librarians.

It's like he was a ghost.

Everyone is convinced of his death.

In the end, about 20 days after making the promise with Nero, Carl was no longer able to move even after receiving treatment.

He was verge of death...