The Exiled Lady's Rumoured Tyrant. Book

novel - Fantasy

The Exiled Lady's Rumoured Tyrant.


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Due to a small plate of snacks, Shangguan Rei, the prettiest lady official in Qin Empire's Imperial Palace who was going to marry the youngest brother of the Emperor, exiled by her beloved Empire that she devoted her full royalty to. On that snowy night, as her bare delicate feet stepped on that bone-piercingly cold snow, her last bit of naivety and innocence were stripped away along with her will to live. With the heavy shackles on her feet, she was the only one who knows that she was falsely accused but does it even matter now? However, just as Shangguan Rei was about to give up on her desire to live, she met him, that man, that godlike man from another dimension, who she wasn't supposed to have a chance to meet in her life. And the red thread of fate has another plan for her... *The story background of this story is purely an alternative reality/history and has absolutely nothing to do with real history. And the Qin Empire is not the Qin Empire we all know. I merely use the ancient monarchy system of some ancient empire as a reference. **No NSFW, no smut. Don't read if you are looking for NSFW content.


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