The Epic Tale of Chaos vs Order

Author: Redsunworld
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  • 1039 Chs
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What is The Epic Tale of Chaos vs Order

Read ‘The Epic Tale of Chaos vs Order’ Online for Free, written by the author Redsunworld, This book is a Fantasy Novel, covering ROMANCE Fiction, SYSTEM Light Novel, WEAKTOSTRONG Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Thousands of years ago, humankind left the Old World. We enter a new age where science and magic are no longer opposing ...


Thousands of years ago, humankind left the Old World. We enter a new age where science and magic are no longer opposing concepts. With these new opportunities came danger in the form of the Dark Races and the ones that named themselves Gods. However, if there was one thing humans were good at was their ability to destroy. Humankind fought and carved a bloody path into the new world. Cain's luck had never been good, but his destiny changed forever once he decided to harden his heart and face the world without fear or hesitation. --Godslayer Humankind's motto.-- We can comprehend the supernatural. We can dominate the supernatural. We can kill the supernatural - Adam, Emperor of Godslayer Humankind, The First Titan. Current schedule: 21 chapters a week. Bonus chapters: Over 400 power stones: 3 extra chapters. Over 800 power stones: 6 extra chapters. Over 1200 power stones: 9 extra chapters. Discord channel: https://discord.gg/R666sNEdrU

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Table of Contents
Latest Update
Volume 1 :Book 1 - The hidden saga of the Red King
Volume 2 :Book 2 - The rise of the Blood Lightning Genius
Volume 3 :Book 3 - Journey through the Blade Mountain
Volume 4 :Book 4 - A war that painted the sky red.
Volume 5 :Book 5. The awakening of the new king.
Volume 6 :Book 6 - In the skin of the enemy
Volume 7 :Book 7 - A hero in a foreign land
Volume 8 :Book 8. A shooting star across the blaze of war.
Volume 9 :Book 9. The Rise of the Dark Sky
Volume 10 :Book 10. The War Against Dark Sky
Volume 11 :Book 11 - A Journey Through the Dream World

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Straight into my library. The novel is very good. World building : Although not much world background is shown, two prologue chapters, the origin of the system, and a little bit of information about Gaia, are sufficient to demonstrate that the author has sufficient background to write the story. Cain (MC): Mc can be defined as someone who is good to those who are good to him, bad to those who are bad to him or cross his moral line, and indifferent to the remaining ones. I especially like how he doesn't differentiate between male and female enemies and gets straight to kill. He is a reincarnator with sealed memories, but that isn't the main focus. He is resolute and smart and not naive and wimpy. System: No major help. It doesn't reward him with any experience or anything. No subspace. No shop, etc. Until now, the system has served as a guide rather than a spoon feeder. It can change because various modules of the system are still locked. Side characters: There are no major side characters till now except Levi, so I can't comment. Writing quality: English is my second language, so even if the quality is bad, I wouldn't know  Updating speed: 4 chapters/week is not enough for me. At least 1 chapter per day should be the goal. But that is entirely up to the author. Overall, a good novel with a great potentials. Kudos to the author.


Hello everybody. Here, the author. I would like for everybody to read my new book. Critics, as long as constructive, are always appreciated.


Does this book have romance or harem? Don't trust the author after reading a bit into abyssal lord and the romance and interactions between mc and Sofia ruining an already shaky novel. If there is gonna be romance at least don't waste ppl's time finding out and add the tag in.


One of the best stories I have read so far and I recommend you to try the author's other novel oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo9ooooooooi


Reveal spoiler


It’s a very solid novel, one of my favorites at the moment, and I think the author has done a great job improving on his writing. Compared to his other novel this one seems to have a more in depth world building and the power system is pretty incredible. My only complaints with this novel so far are: - Main character is extremely cunning, but many times his approach to fights or problems is just one of pure strenght with little strategy, which makes sense against equally powerful or weaker enemies, but he brute forces things even when against enemies or odds he shouldn’t be able to overcome with just power. - I believe there could be a bit more variation in the characters fighting styles and temperaments, most of Cain rivals so far just face him head on. - There are, if I’m not mistaken 6 races in aether, but we have barely seen any character that isn’t a juman be portrayed, not really something that is bad, but I’m curious to know a bit more about the other races.


It is a good novel but the romance ruined the story for me🤷🏻‍♀️


Reveal spoiler


I started reading this book around when it had 50 chapters, it’s been a long time since then and the book has developed a lot, so it’s time I make a review. Note: I’m probably biased due to having emotional attachment to the story at this point World Building: 4/5 The world is well crafted, scenes are described expertly and really draws you into the world as if you were there yourself. Characters: 3/5 Characters all feel like individuals, at least the ones that matter anyway, there are a few arrogant young masters at the start but I suspect that they will disappear more and more as the mc gets stronger and is meeting older people as the antagonists. Story: 3/5 For the most part the story is fairly standard at the start, mc is the weak underdog nobody expects anything from but develops to become a force to be reckoned with over the course of the story, though later on in the story the mc goes on a different than usual path compared to the usual heroics you might be used to. Writing Quality: 4/5 The writing is fairly good with few mistakes in spelling or grammar, but nobody is ever perfect especially when English isn’t their first language. Updating Stability: 4/5 There were some rougher patches previously but things have settled to usually be 2 chapters each day unless stated otherwise in the discord