The Epic Tale of Chaos vs Order

Thousands of years ago, humankind left the Old World. We enter a new age where science and magic are no longer opposing concepts. With these new opportunities came danger in the form of the Dark Races and the ones that named themselves Gods. However, if there was one thing humans were good at was their ability to destroy. Humankind fought and carved a bloody path into the new world. Cain's luck had never been good, but his destiny changed forever once he decided to harden his heart and face the world without fear or hesitation. --Godslayer Humankind's motto.-- We can comprehend the supernatural. We can dominate the supernatural. We can kill the supernatural - Adam, Emperor of Godslayer Humankind, The First Titan. Current schedule: 21 chapters a week. Bonus chapters: Over 400 power stones: 3 extra chapters. Over 800 power stones: 6 extra chapters. Over 1200 power stones: 9 extra chapters. Discord channel: https://discord.gg/R666sNEdrU

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Night had already fallen by the time Cain woke up. He felt dizzy as he stood up and cleaned the dust out of his body. When he felt the blood in his clothes, his eyes widened, and he remembered all the things that had happened.

Cain was confused as he saw how there were no wounds left on his body, but the corpse next to his feet pushed away that concern.

'Yes, I killed him.' The youth began to tremble as he remembered that he was a killer now, but there was something else that happened before he passed out.

'Was that voice an illusion?'

"Not illusion at all, brat."

Cain almost jumped when he heard that voice. It was a male's voice, and although it sounded young, he could swear he felt a sense of ancientness in it.

Like the A.I. Chip's voice, while it sounded like a voice reaching his ears, only Cain could hear it since it originated inside his mind.

Cain opened his mouth and was about to speak, but he stopped at the last minute. A meaningful light appeared in his eyes, and he remained silent.

'You can read my mind.' Cain made that thought appear, and that was not a question but a declaration.

"Hmmm, brat, you are smarter than you look. Yes, I can read your thoughts. Not that it makes any difference since there is no way a child like you could trick or hide anything from me." The voice carried a tone full of certainty. He was not boasting or bragging, just stating a fact.

"Before you start with your endless barrage of questions, I explain what happened to you."

Cain did not particularly like the man's bossy tone, but there was not much he could do, and he was full of questions, so he listened attentively.

"First of all, congratulations on becoming the Vessel for the Absolute Life Form System. As its name suggests, the system's goal is to raise you to the world's highest stage.

As for me, I am the Absolute Life Form System's Spirit. You can call me Apex. My mission is to guide you and assess whether you are worthy of being the Vessel.

I would have normally fused the system directly into your soul, but I take a detour since you had an A.I. Chip.

First, I fused with the A.I. Chip, assimilating it and creating the [A.I. Chip Module] before going into your soul. Through the Absolute Life Form System, you can access all the functions of the A.I. Chip, but now they are improved and will continue growing as your soul becomes stronger.

As I waited for you to regain consciousness, I used the [A.I. Chip Module] to access the Godslayer Humankind Empire's Digital Network. I only managed to scratch the surface, but the amount of data I have collected has taught me a lot.

Regarding your wounds, I used the little energy I brought with me to heal them.

That was my introduction, brat. Now, you can ask me three questions, and no matter what secrets they hide, I will answer them."

Any other person would be thrilled at obtaining a supernatural system that could raise him from a carp into a dragon, but Cain took a deep breath and did not let his emotions get out of control.

Cain walked away from Kiron's corpse before taking a meditative position. He stood like that for almost half an hour, but Apex seemed to have no hurry at all.

'Why was I chosen as a Vessel for the Absolute Life Form System, and what would happen if you were to consider me unworthy?' The cruelty of this world had shown Cain there was not such a thing as a free meal, and everyone had their agenda.

Apex did not let the youth waiting and replied immediately.

"Those are technically two questions, but I will take them as one since they involve the same subject.

First, the reason the system chose you as the Vessel is quite simple. You fulfilled the criteria.

You have a strong and resolute will capable of facing adversity and a ruthless heart capable of making the hard choice when needed."

Cain immediately frowned when he heard that. He did not sell himself short and knew that his willpower was impressive for a fourteen-year-old man, but if that was all it needed, there were surely thousands of others that could become the Vessel.

Apex knew the doubts in Cain's mind, and what he said next made things clearer.

"And most importantly of all, you are a Reincarnator. That makes your connection with the Eternal River of the Afterlife flawed, allowing the Absolute Life Form System to work."

Utter disbelief appeared on Cain's face as he heard those words.

'A Reincarnator?'

"Oh, I see. You have yet to awaken your memories. Yes, you are a Reincarnator, a unique soul that resisted the purge of the Eternal River of the Afterlife. That is why your willpower is so strong and your mind so keen despite your young age." Apex gave Cain a moment to process his words before continuing.

"I presume you have experienced vivid dreams of different worlds or ages from a very young age."

Cain instinctively nodded as he heard that. He had experienced recurring dreams but felt so distant and always found it hard to remember anything specific about them.

The most explicit memory of those dreams was a destroyed city and sunlight reaching his face. Everything else was foggy.

"The memories of your past life will eventually come back, but whether or not that is a good thing is hard to say. You might not like what you see."

Cain's eyes narrowed. Being a Reincarnator sounded very good, but what if your mind could not endure the darkness of your past?

Apex once again gave Cain some time to adjust to the information before continuing to answer the original question.

"Regarding what will happen if I found you unworthy. That is also simple. I will command the Absolute Life Form System to devour your existence and look for a new Vessel."


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