The Eidolon and I

Martial Arts
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What is The Eidolon and I

Read The Eidolon and I novel written by the author Jolan_Hildebrandt on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Martial Arts stories, covering action, adventure, weaktostrong, levelup, rarebloodline. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Lance Ryder had it all. A bright future, good home, friends, and a solid school. That was until the day magic returned and his ancient heritage came looking for him. Now he must learn to coexist with an ancient being he now shares a body with, and protect the people he loves against growing threats humanity wasn't prepared for

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Good story setting and I enjoy the pace of the story. Also, not so hard to read. I am looking forward for more chapter to come. Nice work, keep it up.


It's easy to read, I'm intrigued by your opening chapter, and I think you did a really fantastic job. Will be going into my collections and I can't wait to follow your story!


The character was ok for me, didn't really fancy their names. I enjoyed the pacing and the flow of words. It was comfortable to read. I think this book have potential, gotta keep an eye out for more updates in the future.


I didn't like the name of the characters when I first saw them, but once the action happened it worked so well with the rest of the story. I enjoyed the first and most of the second chapter because you've got the "sweet spot" between description, action and dialogue. However, in the third chapter, the dialogue takes most of it, then description, then action.


Filled with a lot of mysteries, I want to unravel. Really interesting and love it. Kudos to the author ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


It gives off that calm before the storm vibe in contrast to the characters. It has a nice pace at the start, but I've seen a lot of cliché instances like these before. I'd hope to be immersed in something unique from the story as I continue to read it.


Thank you for reviewing mine. So, here is mine to yours. Story wise, it has an "okay-for-me" pacing but the first chapters presented bored me a bit. Grammar wise it can be improved and an interesting prologue could help improving this. Thank you.


The way you describe every scene is just *chef's kiss* noice, I didn't get lost while reading them. The characters are interesting, and the plot is well-crafted. You really should keep on writing.


I've really enjoyed the story so far and the pacing is well done. There are a few grammatical mistakes, but they are barely noticeable. Overall, I would recommend it to a friend and am excited for more updates. Please keep writing!


love the way this story is going and the plot and character development is great I'm definitely adding this book to my library, keep up the good work author❤️


Although the story description is excellent, I don't like the names of the characters. This doesn't at all affect that the story will not be interesting. It only mean that the author should make good choices of character names. Also about the book cover, it is too poorly designed. The author should really consider a good one.


Fantastic descriptions, good action, all what I like in a good story. This story is a keeper for sure, and I hope you really succeed because this is a book you don't want to miss.


This story is really good! The author has a good potential just reading the way the author wrote each chapters. The storyline is very interesting and it has a good pacing. To be honest, this story should be in the recommended section. Kudos to the author for this masterpiece! 👏👏


Apart from having interesting storyline, the story is well-written. It captures my interest since the first line. Added to the library and can't wait to read more. Well done!


You are good with words and the story flow so far is good so I really can’t form a strong opinion on the story as I’ve just upto them third chapter so I’ll give it a 4.4 for the storyline and wording


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