The Divinity's Curse

Author: Sinbau
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  • 25 Chs
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What is The Divinity's Curse

Read ‘The Divinity's Curse’ Online for Free, written by the author Sinbau, This book is a Fantasy Novel, covering REINCARNATION Fiction, MAGIC Light Novel, TRAGEDY Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: On the night of his wedding, Ely Calvillo is determined to leave his new wife, a widow. He intended to do it before he w...


On the night of his wedding, Ely Calvillo is determined to leave his new wife, a widow. He intended to do it before he was to share his first night with her. That is, until a [Divinity] appears before him with a deal that would change the fate of his destiny forever. ___

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It's very rare for a book to keep my attention the whole way through. It's hard the describe, but the prose is more on the "documentary"/"informational" side. I really like the prose. To be 100% honest, I've struggling with what type of prose to use when telling my story, and I feel like I should just try to emulate yours. The story is very interesting too, and I really like the lore. It almost felt like I was watching a video of a person discussing theories about your book, haha.


The premise is very interesting, and I look forward to seeing where the story goes. The author obviously cares very much about the story they are telling. Keep up the work!


One of the things i like about this book is the author’s writing style, its very descriptive and vivid. The story flows seamlessly from chapter to chapter. I would recommend The Divinity’s Curse to anyone who loves fantasy novel, its so thrilling


tears rolling down my eyes writing this i've never felt words resonate with me more i am impressed by the prose of this young lad please read this she's holding a gun to my head actually she won't let my family go


Your writing style is impressive! The vivid descriptions of the setting and dialogue immerse me in the story. Although there are a few grammatical errors, I was still able to follow the story easily. Keep up the excellent work, author!


Excellent I like how the story progresses and the writing quality is good The description of the action is well writtenBut sometimes the pace feels little Slow and sometimes it feels fast Other than that excellent book worth reading it.


This book is really good. The story keeps you hooked, and there are so many surprising moments. The way the author writes makes everything easy to picture, and you really get to know the characters. Plus, it makes you think about some deep stuff. It's definitely worth a 5-star rating.


"The Divinity's Curse" has an intriguing setting with gradual world-building, avoiding overwhelming the reader. Despite occasional grammar issues, the story provides a satisfying experience with an interesting main character. It surprises readers with its unique approach, making it a recommended read.


The first chapter can make or break a novel. The way implications are used to lead the reader on is quite effective, and the further one reads into the story makes the first chapter that much better. For once, there's very little for me to critique, beyond a recommendation of more extensive proof reading and editing before posting a chapter, as despite how great the first chapter is, the way it's written can be a little hard to follow. Aside from that, this novel is excellent and I think it's certainly worth a recommendation. 4.8/5


I like the story and it has an interesting idea to it. The scenes are described excellently. But there are some sentences which get confusing to read, not many which is ok i guess. Keep up the good work author


Interesting premise, I was pulled in by the first chapter. Though I suppose if you continued to clarify the world building it would do wonders for your story. Nonetheless, the potential is here!


The prose in this story was absolutely gorgeous - I could have read the author's descriptions of the scenery for hours. However, the pacing felt a bit off, with some parts feeling rushed and others dragging on for too long.


Reveal spoiler


I love the way you write, especially how the plot progressed! I love the way you described the setting, characters, plot, dialogue- everything is perfect. This is well written, and although there’s only a few chapters out at the moment, I think the writing is amazing. Keep up the fabulous work, author!


Although this book is new, I would like to say I see potential in this book, it may take days or months but just remember I said it!! Now my review : A bit of grammar errors and punctuation, most likely because it's a new book. Not to say too much, am adding to my library ❤️


though the chapters are not in bulk. it does manages to interest you. especially at the second chapter.


your writing style is both eloquent and immersive, drawing readers into a world filled with magic, tragedy, and betrayal. you masterfully weaves a complex web of emotions and motivations, making the characters feel incredibly real and relatable. Each page is filled with suspense, keeping readers on the edge of their seats as they navigate the unpredictable twists and turns of the plot. i will give it a solid 10/10


Well...good story and very good writing...i looks like you are a pro writer, or if you are a newbie and started writing recently like me then...you are osm. keep working


Reveal spoiler


The story is highly interesting. It’s very hard for me to sit and read something but this story got me hooked up and wanting more towards what will happen to all these characters because that how good this novel is! You don’t know what happen next with each chapter and could feel the main character struggles and feelings that at one point is very relatable so can’ wait to read more!


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