The dark dragon

No one can stop the path of the dragon

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6 Chs

Chapter 1: meeting with Papa

Feeling the air blowing on my face I smile as I see the blue sky occasionally looking at the ground and seeing a local village. I don't know why but riding a dragon feels fucking amazing I feel like I'm on top of the world right now.

Calming down I decide to land back, arriving close to my castle, getting off Rodrigo. He flies off knowing our little trip is done.

"The bond of a dragon rider with his dragon is a bond that can never be broken" Those are the words of my father the day, I was proven to have the trait of my family the last relative that ever could tame a dragon was my grandfather.

But after the death of my grandfather, my father wasn't able to get a dragon of his own. Every time he tried he was always attacked and had to defend himself or get one of his knights to save him.

Not even my brother with all the talents he has could tame a dragon. The first time he tried he almost got his hand bitten off. This is one of the reasons why Pendragon kings from the past had multiple children because it wasn't assured they were going to inherit the dragon rider trait. I am the second son, the one who should not inherit anything. I'm the only one who has this trait in our bloodline, but even still I will have nothing, no titles no land. Even this part of the territory of the kingdom will go to my brother once he asserts.

The only thing a second son like me could ever have is something I build with my own hands but then I remember something of my memories of this world. Seven continents in the world might as well explore them. I thought to myself thinking of my options. I could always try to be one of the councilmen, but honestly, I'm not made for politics.

He could always be married off to be someone's consort, but honestly, that wasn't even appealing for him either.

When he was still young He could always ask his father to let him explore; the king would never reject a request from one of his sons, even if it was reasonable.

He'll think about what to do once he goes on his trip but the city will be fine. It's not like I'm gonna be gone for a long time anyway. But if I do take a long time, they could just replace me that being said the castle is still mine and is the land that belongs to me right now until my brother's ascent, but that should be until my father dies.

As I headed back to my castle the front entrance was opened by some of the servants I entered and quickly went to my room as I got changed and got comfortable. I decided to look through the different options of my system.

Interesting way to upgrade my skills, looking through the skills I had, I decided to upgrade this one. I could always upgrade the other one with training but I have learned something from games is that resistance is worth more than any powerful skills.

[Fire resistance upgrade quest]

Objective: Resist E Rank fire attack (0/10)

Reward: Empowered skill Rank F is turned into a Rank E

Well, I think it's now time to prepare for my trip.

- Later -

Landing in front of my father's castle, I smile confidently, get off my trusting companion, and walk confidently into my father's castle.

The guards recognized me but didn't do anything as I walked through the castle. I stopped walking when I reached a huge door. I simply opened it with a kick when I saw the shocked expressions from multiple different nobles in the room, some of the guards preparing for battle until they recognized me and put their swords away.

"My son," my father said in surprise. He could see the interest in his father's eyes, my father was a very tall man and he should be around 6'4 or 6'5 from my estimates like my brother, he has blonde hair and blue eyes.

I simply walked through ignoring the nobles, talking among themselves gossiping, whatever dumb speculation they were thinking wouldn't affect him anyway.

Once he was in front of his father, he kneeled slightly. I have come to ask for a request from Father, I simply said looking at my father with my eyes, he simply nodded interestedly.

I would like to request permission to leave the kingdom I wish to explore the other continents.

I simply said looking at my father whose expression quickly changed into one of slight worry but quickly changed to his regular expression of disinterest.

You're an ambitious one aren't you boy? My father asked with a smile knowing him, he was probably irritated by something but what, like seriously what did I do?

"Fine if that's what you want, I will grant it just take care of yourself you're the last dragon rider after all" my father said, giving me a nod I couldn't help but smile at him.

Thank you, Father, for accepting my request.

I simply said my father permitted me to leave the room which I did I needed to prepare for my trip after all.

- Uther Pendragon -

Fuck what was he thinking?

Artorius his second son and the only dragon rider in his family decided to take a little road trip around the continents and he allowed it.

If anything happened to the boy the trait would be lost in his family, probably for some generations, which was unacceptable.

Maybe other Kings' families were willing to lose their traits, but he wasn't willing to lose the trait that made his family into royalty.

They were not Kings because of dreams they were kings because of dragons that was just a reality of his family history.

But why would he allow this what was up with his mind….

That damn witch goddamnit Merlin he thought thinking about the damn witch that he aligned himself with and permitted her to train his son Arthur.

He should've known she would've gotten an interest in him since he was the only one who could tame dragons.

Well, all he could hope was for the best and that his son would return stronger in a part of him, wanted his son to return with riches or whatever he found in his journey.

The other continents had a lot to offer what proved that to him was a certain in front of his enriching his family enough so they could claim independence and become their kingdom.

He needs to go visit his cousin he missed talking to that damn old sea snake.

Frankly, if Artorius wasn't born his second son and was his eldest he would be confident in the future of his kingdom but now.

He loved both of his sons, but Arthur did not inherit the trade of his family The only one that did was his other son Artorius and he was a second son, a spare for just in case something thing happened to Arthur, and even then both of them were grown to that age where they get married when Arthur starts having kids Artorius will go lower in the line of succession.

His original plan was to marry off Artorius to one of Arthur's daughters but honestly knowing Arthur, he would probably take a long time to start pumping out kids to whoever his future wife would be so he changed his plans.

He will make sure that Artorius lines Mary into Arthur's line only securing the line of succession, but making sure that there's no second branch of his house.

He knew for a fact both of his boys would never hurt each other or their children but he's not sure about his grandchildren or great-great grandchildren or their descendants.

Not only that, but that would make sure That the dragon trait would only stay in his family or the very least a branch family, shaking his head he decided to start looking for potential wives for his two boys, a Pendragon deserved the best, I think some years ago Bartra was trying to propose a marriage between one of his daughters and one of my sons well it's worth a try I thought to myself ready to contact one of my oldest allies.

- Artorius Pendragon -

As I was putting my stuff in my inventory for my upcoming trip I got a notification from the system that I had leveled up my class.

Skill add

[Dragon empowerment - Rank F]

You can temporarily empower your dragon, increasing your dragon, strength, speed, and elemental power.

Perk added

[Dragon bond]

Your bond with your dragon is so intense that you can communicate with your dragon instantly knowing where he's at it's also reverse your dragon knowing exactly where you are at

I smile feeling my bond with Rodrigo getting stronger I smile to myself. This was going to be an interesting trip.