5 Destructive Reaction and Disturbing Thoughts

A crack formed on the display as the phone fell from her hands. A young girl no older than 13 years old sat next to it, her face frozen in an ugly scowl. On the inside she was fuming as the words repeated over and over in her head.

She was so furious that her little control of 'the power of destruction' (PoD) slipped and slowly started to ravage her room. She didn't notice this though; her eyes were a lit in fury and her devil instincts wanted blood.

Rias Gremory wasn't sure if she had ever been as angry as she was at that moment. Though when she found out she was to be wed to Riser Pheonix, would definitely be close. Not only had [The Counselor], said she was a bitch! Whoever they were was also saying she didn't want to fight the arranged marriage! That she was useless! She was trying her best Damnit!!!

Like they could know the nights she had stayed up, thinking of ways to get out of her stupid marriage, of the trouble she went through in making her peerage, just getting it postponed till she finished college was hard enough!

Admittedly a lot of that had come from happenstance, but Rias wasn't thinking clearly enough to think that right now.

Her reply of, (I will find you and you will regret your words), had been her true thoughts, she didn't know who this person was, she didn't care. She would use whatever method she had to, to find them and make them pay for their words.

And she knew the exact person to go to.

Mind made up and a furious determination burning within, Rias snapped back to reality and reigned in control of her powers, while picking up her new phone. Her parents had only just recently bought it for her and it was her first phone.

Heading to the door, she frowned as she looked at the cracked screen after she lost control. 'Do I need to train more? Should I start training my PoD? Were they righ...' Shaking her head at those treasonous thoughts she quickly made her way from the room and towards her brothers' study.

She knew he was in.

*Knock Knock*

Reaching the door and asking for entry, it wasn't but a few seconds later that a silver haired beauty in a maid outfit answered. Her name was Grayfia Lucifuge, nicknamed the 'Strongest Queen' and a secretary of sorts for her brother, the reigning Satan Lucifer.

Looking to see who wanted to enter, Grayfia just restrained a sigh as she saw the little sister of her king. She knew the second Rias walked into the room, Sirzechs would drop all work and it would be a long while before she could forc....convince him to start up again.

Ushering her in, it was as she expected, as soon as the red headed man caught sight of his little sister he shouted in delight and bolted forwards.



The words were stuttered out as Rias tried to squirm in the tight grip that Sirzechs held, but it was no use, she couldn't escape. This only left an even deeper pout on Rias's face as Sirzechs got all the cuddling in that he could want.

It was around 5 minutes later that Sirzechs finally let go and Rias could let out a breath of relief. With a permanent smile on his lips and a spring in his step he returned to his desk, but deftly put all paper work in front of him to the side so he could focus on his siter.

"So, what did my darling sister wish to talk about. Are you enjoying your new phone? I made sure to help mom and dad pick it out, I even got your favorite color... though it was a bit harder to brainwash enough people for them to make the model in that specific color as a one off..."

Not wanting her brother to ramble for the next few hours over the little things, Rias quickly jumped in.

"Yes, it is about my phone. I don't know how but someone has downloaded an app onto it without me knowing, when I tried to see what it was about, they started bullying me!"

Letting her indignation show once more and letting slip a little of her 'PoD', Rias once again thought of what 'that' person had written. But her reaction paled in comparison to Sirzechs.


Snatching the phone out of her hands and quickly putting in a secret backup pin, that only he knew, to unlock it. He quickly searched the phone, his eyes ablaze. After a short 3 seconds he turned to Rias, who was slightly stunned.

"Which app is it exactly?!"

Scared at the amount of 'PoD' that her brother was releasing, it took her a second to respond, her brows furrowed again.

"What do you mean, it was the app already open when you snatched my phone."

Her words were sharp when she mentioned him snatching her phone, but Sirzechs was puzzled.

"But there was no app open, when I unlocked it?"

Rias rolled her eyes at her brothers' 'stupidity', while she reached over and took the phone back. Quickly opening [Consol] once more she flipped it around for her brother to see.

"This one here."

"...Rias, are you feeling alright? There isn't anything other than the home screen showing..."


Sitting on her bed in the institute Jean Grey was lost in thought. She continued to stare at the words in front of her, waiting for a reply, but knew one wasn't going to come for a while. [The counselor], whoever they were had gone offline.

Most of the others had also gone offline, [Darth Vader], having just disappeared.

What bothered her the most about the new information given to her was the pity. Though she couldn't tell for sure, she could almost feel it in the writing, it boggled the mind and also disordered it. The Professor had been teaching her for years to reign in her powers, to craft her mind in discipline.

So why was it she didn't defend him?

Instead, she had asked about her supposedly future husband and his psychic affair. Though she had asked what it entailed, it wasn't hard to figure out what an affair was. It brought a frown to her lips.

The man she married in the future wouldn't do such a thing!

'If it's a psychic affair is also has to involve another telepath' ....no it wasn't possible...she wouldn't allow that to happen!

Shaking her head in denial, she scowled as she started to pace her room. Thankfully her bunk mate was out so she had it all to herself.

But still her thoughts drifted back. Why hadn't she defended the Professor?

She wasn't totally sure; it was like there was a small voice in her head agreeing with what [The Counselor] had written, that (...the bold bastard screwed around with your head).

But that wasn't right.

It couldn't be right!

'The professor cares for all his students, he's looked after me since I was young!'

It was at that moment that a new voice joined her mind.

"(Is everything alright Jean?)"

Jean was surprised for a second, but quickly calmed down at the telepathic voice of the professor. She was about to explain what was happening when she stopped herself, a stunned realization on her face.

'Why was it so easy for him to get into her mind.'

She didn't let the thought project, but was still deeply disturbed by this sudden revelation. Quickly thinking of a reply and sending it back, she forced herself to calm down so that the professor wouldn't worry.

"(Nothing professor, just stressing a little with the upcoming mid-terms)".

Hoping that her lie wouldn't be exposed, Jean kept her calm and ordered her mind. The professor's reply was quick at hand and thankfully it had worked.

"(You have nothing to worry about Jean, I know how much you and the others have studied and continue to study for your exams, I know you'll do great on them.)"

Forcing a psychic smile back Jean quickly ended the conversation.

"(Thanks professor, I think I'm a bit calmer now.)"

"(Good, know you can always come to me for advice or help when you need it.)"

With the conversation finally over, Jean made sure to keep her mind calm, even though her thoughts were racing a mile a minute. Though she was a bit ashamed that she even thought it possible, that her mentor figure wasn't completely honest with her.

The words from before and her sudden revelation had her reassessing quite a few things in her mind.

'The professor has always helped me keep a disciplined mind, but why has he never helped me build defenses, sometimes when I get angry, I still accidentally slip and start reading the thoughts of all those around me. On a few of the mission I've also run into telepaths who have been able to attack me that way.'

'...Why has he never helped me set up a defense, does he not want me to be able to block others out...him out?'

'(Got it in one red)'

Jeans eyes widened at the new voice in her mind.

'Who's there?'

'What do you want?!'

She continued to repeat the words over and over again, looking for the one that had entered her mind but suddenly stopped, her mind jumping to conclusions and steadily getting more disturbed.

'The professor easily enters my mind and I've never once questioned it...if I don't have defenses....'

(...the bold bastard screwed around with your head...)

'If the professor really did do something in my mind, then.... that sudden voice...'

(...I Can't fault your character, you've basically got a split personality....)


The laughter rang out in her mind as Jean felt a shiver go down her spine her stomach clenching.

Growing more worried by the second and not too sure who to trust, she quickly walked back to her bed and picked up her phone.

Curling her legs up and hugging them, she starred at the screen as she started to look through the [Consol] app, hoping to find some answers to her new unsettling questions. Waiting for [The Counselor] to come back online.

She didn't get much sleep that night.

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