1 A Normal Day in New York

"If someone told you this was a typical tale, then they would be sort of dead wrong. My name is Peter Parker. I am a student from Midtown High, living in Queens, blah, blah, blah. But, one day, I was bitten by a radioactive spider. This bite gave me special powers that no other person possesses. Tragically however, I used them for a selfish reason, which got my uncle killed. I learned a lesson and decided to use that lesson to become: Spider-Man. It's not easy though. I have to assume a lot of responsibility and being Spider-Man affects my personal life a lot. It's not easy, but I know it's the right thing to do. And I have to, for Uncle Ben. Because with great power, comes great responsibility."

It was a very normal morning in New York City. People were walking in the streets. It was the usual morning you would expect to see in New York. In that crowd is a very old man, with shabby looking clothes and a hat that had several holes and looked dirty. It was clear that he wasn't exactly well off in terms of money. He walks off into a dark alleyway. He's about to reach the other side before-

"Hey! Where do you think you're going?"

The old man stops and turns to see a man with long hair walk to him.

"What do you want?" asks the weary old man.

The man then pulls out a switch knife and grabs the old man. He holds the knife over the old man's throat.

"Wallet. NOW!"

The old man looks completely stunned and responds "Do I look like I own anything valuable?! I don't even have money!"

The man itches his knife closer to the old man's throat.

"You got to have something shiny." says the robber.

He takes the old man's wallet and then pushes him down. He opens and pulls out a ruby ring.

"Now that's shiny alright!" says the robber in excitement.

Before the man can pocket the ring, a voice calls out "Hey pal! Why don't you leave that precious man alone"

The robber then jumps and turns around to see where the voice came from.

"Don't you know what manners are buddy?" the voice calls out again. A figure then appears by climbing on a street wall. The robber is shocked.

"Holy shit, you're that Spider guy from the news!" shouts the robber in amazement.

"Very observant of you pal," Spider-Man sarcastically responds. "Now how about you leave that guy alone huh? We can do this the easy way, or-"

The robber laughs. The laugh sounded awful. Jeez, when was the last time this guy laughed properly? Peter thought.

"Ya think I'm scared of you Spider?!" asks the robber. "You look goddamn awful and ridiculous!"

Spider-Man sighs and shrugs.

"Well I did warn you." he says under his breath.

He shoots out webs and it covers the robber's hand with the knife. The robber looks shocked and frightened.

"What the hell?!" he shouts. He attempts to run, but Spider-Man webs his legs and then webs him to the wall.

"Right," Spider-Man says, who's not even exhausted while the robber breaths very heavily. "How about you behave now until the police arrive ok?"

The robber tries to say something, but Spider-Man webs his mouth.

"Don't worry, you'll breath through that." he says before walking to the old man still lying on the floor. Spider-Man then helps him up.

"You alright?" Spider-Man asks the old man as he is back on his feet.

"Yeah, thanks Spider guy." responds the old man.

"Please sir, it's Spider-Man sir," Spider-Man corrects him. "Remember the hyphem."

"O-of course Spider-Man," stutters the old man. He then says "I remember the days when these streets were safe and young men were not so rare to meet. You should be proud of yourself!"

"Thanks!" says Spider-Man in a proud voice. "Well, better be off now. Stay away from dark alleyways now!"

He then jumps to the wall and jumps off before swinging out of sight. The old man looks up in amazement.

"I will!" the old man shouts. He then walks out of the alley.

An hour later...

Class is about to start in 10 minutes. Luckily still got time. One of the few times I actually make it in time... Peter thought to himself. He removes his costume and puts on his normal clothes, consisting of jeans, a Midtown high t-shirt, and a flannel shirt. He makes his way across to Midtown High School. Peter is happy he's not late, but he's not the biggest fan of Midtown. Ever since attending it, Peter has been the black sheep of the school. Before he got his powers, Peter was bullied and abused by many in the school, more so by fellow classmate Flash Thompson, the king of the school as everyone calls him by. But luckily for Peter, he has two friends that help him through it. Well, one is an actual friend and the other is sort of a friend.

He enters the school and smiles when he sees his best friend Harry Osborn standing by his locker. Peter walks up to him.

"Hi ya, Harry!" Peter sees enthusiastically, patting Harry on the back.

"Hi Pete," says Harry, returning a nod. "How's it going?"

"Perfectly fine," Peter responded.

"Perfectly ready for the Math test?" Harry then asks with a questioning look.

Peter then moves his hand on his forehead and groans. Crap, I forgot about the goddamn Math test.

"No..." groans Peter. He then facepalms. "Crap."

Harry chuckles. "Well, I'm sure you'll do fine. You are a genius after all. And math has nothing on the super genius that is Peter Parker."

"Yeah, right," Peter responds. "Thanks for the vote of confidence bud." Peter smiled.

Harry chuckles again. "It'll be fine."

Some time later...

"So, how did it go?" Harry asked as he and Peter walk out of the classroom along with the other students.

"Fine I think?" Peter muttered.

Harry patted him on the back with a reassuring look. They go to sit at a table in the canteen, eating their lunch. Harry, being the rich kid that he is, was able to afford food from the cantina booth. Peter, however, had to bring his own lunch. This was seen as embarrassing by the other students at school, especially those who come from wealthy families. Harry didn't mind it though.

"I wish we weren't broke..." Peter muttered under his breath.

Harry gave him a knowing look and said "My dad would honestly love to give you some money if he could. He loves you guys."

Peter made a slight sarcastic chuckle. "May wouldn't accept it. You know that."

Harry didn't respond. They continued to eat their lunch. Suddenly, Peter's Spider-sense goes off.

"Harry DUCK!" he shouts.

Harry tries to respond questioningly, but as Peter moves his head, a basketball comes flying and Harry just manages to duck in time, as it barely grazes his head. The canteen goes silent, with the only sounds being laughter. Peter turns to see Flash Thompson and his jock goons, Kenny "Kong" MacFarlane, Hobie Brown and Rand Robertson, laughing hysterically over what they see as a "hilarious joke". Rand, however, wasn't laughing.

"Whatcha doing Parker?!" Flash shouts while his goons continue to laugh. Flash and his friends were no joke. They were tall and muscular, way more taller than Peter and Harry. Probably not stronger than Peter though, that's for sure.

"Trying to enjoy our lunch Flash. You've probably never had the chance to eat lunch for a long time huh?" Peter fires back at Flash.

Flash didn't laugh. Oh crap Peter thought to himself. It is never a good idea to fire back at a guy like Flash Thompson. Flash walked over to Peter and grabbed him by his t-shirt.

"Think you're funny Parker?" Flash says menacingly.

"Just trying to lighten the mood Flash," Peter replies in a struggling voice.

Harry stands up in defiance. "Leave him alone Thompson!"

He tries to go at Flash, but Flash pushes him to the ground.

"BACK OFF FLASH!" a girl shouts loudly. Flash's face then goes from menacing to afraid. This was unusual of Flash, but not when the person who shouted at him is there to call him out. "Let him go!"

Peter looked and saw Mary-Jane Watson walking over. She was a beautiful red-headed girl and Peter's neighbor coincidentally. It wasn't the looks however that made Mary-Jane likeable. It was her fierce personality.

"Hey, Watson," Flash said in a bad impression of a calm voice. "Hope you've had a good day so far."

It was very strange often to see Flash act in this way, but Mary-Jane is a person no one should mess with.

"Leave them alone Flash. They haven't done anything to you." MJ says.

"Well, Parker's existence is the one thing I take most offence to." Flash coldly responds.

Ouch Flash. Didn't need to hear that when I have known for years that my sole existence is the reason you go after me.

MJ became even more angry. She walked towards Flash and slapped him in the face.

"Ow! The hell?!"

"Leave them alone now, or do you want another one to your stupid face?!"

Rand decided to step up and says to Flash "C'mon man, better not give her more fire than she already has."

Flash, clearly reluctant but still scared of MJ, lets Peter go, and walks away with his friends. After a minute of staring and silence, everyone returns to their lunch.

Peter leaves a huge sigh of relief. "Thanks MJ. You are a lifesaver. But I did kinda have it under control."

MJ laughs. "You insulting him is having it under control? Yeah right."

Harry gets up and says "Thanks MJ."

"No problem Harry," replied MJ. "Take care of yourselves now."

She walked off. Peter and Harry looked at each other.

"How lucky we are to have her." says Harry.

Peter nodded. "Yeah, guess we are."

Hours later

Peter exits the school bus. He has arrived in the part where he has lived all his life: Queens. He has lived in Queens his whole life, but not with his parents. They died years ago in a plane crash. He lived with his Uncle Ben and Aunt May Parker. Now however, it's only him and May since tragically, Ben lost his life while trying to stop a robber. Unknown to May however, Peter is indirectly responsible for this because of letting the robber earlier go after he had robbed a wrestling promoter who scammed Peter out of 3,000 dollars by only getting 100 dollars. Peter feels guilty still after around 9 months, but he decided to become Spider-Man in honor of Uncle Ben.

He reaches the house he and May live in. He opens the door and enters. He notices a smell coming from the kitchen.

"Peter? Is that you?" an elderly woman asks.

"Yeah Aunt May. It's Me," Peter replies and then asks "What are you making for dinner?"

"Lasagna." Aunt May replies.


Peter goes to sit in the living room. He then looks out the window and sees MJ in her house. She is making food alongside her aunt Anna Watson. Peter smiles and fondly looks at MJ. He has had a crush on her ever since she moved in the same neighborhood. But that was when MJ lived with her father and mother. Her father was arrested and her mother was forced into rehab. So ever since, Anna moved in the house and has looked after MJ. Anna and May became good friends as well ever since Anna moved into the neighborhood.

An hour later

Peter and May was eating lasagna at the dinner table.

"So good," Peter said while having lasagna in his mouth.

May chuckled and said "They were always one of your favorites."

"Well, your wheat cakes are the best."

May smiled. "How was your day then?" she asked.

"Fine," Peter replied. "Nothing special."

"That is good."

"You know," Peter said, sitting straighter now. "If Mr. Osborn were to give us money, would you take it?"

May thought for about a half a minute before asking "Has he asked you?"

"No," Peter replies. "Harry said that he probably would if we or Harry asked. But would you?"

"I don't know Peter. Not easy to answer."

"Try," Peter pleads.

"Ben probably wouldn't," she replies. "He was full of pride. He would hate being the one who gets helped."

Peter doesn't respond. The thought of Uncle Ben was painful.

"Have you moved on?" he asked.

May looked at Peter with a questioning look. "Of course not. Why would you think that?"

"You talk about Ben as if it's been forever since he... you know. It has been 6 months."

"Yes. It does hurt sometimes to talk about him, but it doesn't mean we shouldn't at all."

Peter didn't say anything. He stared at his empty plate. He gets up.

"Thanks for the dinner."

He then walks upstairs to his room.