The Amazing Spider-Man: First Swing Book

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The Amazing Spider-Man: First Swing


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It is 9 months after the appearance of Spider-Man, and he’s been stopping crimes in progress, but he hasn’t stopped a large threat yet. Meanwhile, in his double life as Peter Parker, he continues to struggle in balancing between being Spider-Man and his personal life and school. He is still in grief for Uncle Ben after being the indirect cause of his death and is still affected by his encounter with Ben’s murderer. He also must deal with keeping his double life as Spider-Man a secret from everyone he loves, including Aunt May and his best friend Harry Osborn, which does affect his relationship with them and many others. Spider-Man will now, however, be tested by one of the first big threats he will face in his career as Spider-Man, as it will not only test his abilities, but also his decision making, as well his personal life and dating life.


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