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The Achievement Junkie


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**SEQUEL is live and updating!!** "Outclassing the Achievement Junkie" ***COMPLETED!!!*** ---Book 1 of 10 in the Quillverse--- Jack, the “Achievement Junkie”, is the greatest menace known to all servers! His merits have no end, and neither does his shamelessness. If it will earn him an achievement, then he’s more than willing to commit the deed. But after earning every achievement inside his favorite MMORPG, Jack earns the ultimate bonus quest and is summoned into the game’s world. Only, it’s no longer a game. And it’s 1,000 years later than the in-game timeline Jack is familiar with. Armed with what the locals consider ancient knowledge, Jack starts his journey from lv. 1 in a class he never knew existed. He must hurry to uncover the secrets behind the apocalyptic Godly War from 500 years ago, and do everything he can to prevent it from happening again. But after learning those secrets, Jack soon decides that a war is exactly what the gods need, so long as he’s the one in charge! --------------------------- Discord: https://discord.gg/akzn9SM5k9 **Note: You do NOT need to read my "Quillverse" series in order, but some books will have tie-ins or shared characters further back or further forward on the cosmic timeline.


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