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Test of True Love


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This Story revolves around and emphasises the importance of love confidence. THE SEED OF LOVE IS TRUST. True love must overcome numerous challenges in order to maintain the confidence and trust, but lovers sometimes refer to these challenges as the name of life. Vansh and Riddhima's love began with a seed of confidence, but they were unable to develop their love tree due to misunderstandings and tragedies. When they know that teamwork is the only option, they will approach the couple with the same faces they have. This story will provide you with many thrills and turns, and it will be interesting to see if this love story will take its twist of returning to love ? Or whether the love between them will never return to them ? ════════════════════════════════════ The Cover is edited by imagineTishaD and the picture is taken from Pinterest. Check her books on Webnovel. CONTACT ME: Discord- Libranian#4450 This is my WSA 2021 Entry.


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