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Tensura: That time I got reincarnated early


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ISEKAI IS NOT AN OVERSATURATED GENRE... (Warning: If you don't like female leads, don't read this.) … is what one Tensura fanatic believes. Gin, out main character, is a kid who loves world building and lore in fantasy worlds. What could go wrong with a new addition to the story making changes in the background before the story even begins? Gin reincarnates into the Tensura world a little more than 2000 years early so to make changes to the lore behind the world before Rimuru arrives. Follow the story as Gin makes changes in the background that seem small to the world, but can end up changing the entire story I am writing just for fun Feedback would still be wonderful Updates will probably be irregular There will be spoilers for those who only watched the anime I do not own That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime or the cover picture. Everything belongs to their respective creators. (Warning 2: There will be temporary Genderbend so if you don't like girls, don't read this.)


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