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Tales of the Dragon Mortal


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It's a well developed and interesting read. I am not a frequent male protagonist novel reader but this author's work in one of the works I personally like. The characters are interesting and funny. The author is consistent, hard-working and dedicated. Their grammar has also improved !! (Author is a good listener!). Do read it, it's worth the shot! ;)

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There are a lot of worlds of magic out there, but the Dragon Mortal's Tale pits the main character against a dark reflection of himself, bound to his very existence, in a way that leaves the reader worrying about the latent threat. The author does a fantastic job describing the world and making you care about the main character!


A great novel! The atmosphere in this story is so smile-inducing and heartwarming! Definitely a good story for raising up your mood and day I really recommend this!


Heya, author-san here! First of all, Allow me to bow to you guys, my fellow readers to make this book become recommended and next week, weekly feature! GRATITUDE TO YOU GUYS! [img=recommend] I swear when I saw this. I was crying, I never thought, despite of my major weakness and lack of my experience in professional writing. You guys still support me and even gave me that massive amount of vouch to me! *sobs happily* I'm on an unhealthy condition now which, But I promise you, I will be back on 1st Sept with many exciting chapters ahead! Hartpeler bows to you guys as the gratitude! I'm going to make sure that I won't disappoint you guys!


This is a book you need to be patient to the first four chapters. For author, it's a real masterpiece. But the dumping detail is kinda ruined it, however. It's still very enjoyable for technical person.


Hai kak.. Aku yg dr fb. Good story, but the grammar mistakes make it hard to follow at points. World building is good, but also jumps a bit. Keep up the writing and keep working.


It's a decent read. Fern recommends the author fix the grammatical mistakes present and to create a much more meaningful hook. Other than that, the camaraderie between characters is very much human, and I vibes with it.


Firstly Where can I learn to be this creative! Oh my goodness. You all should definitely read this. It is talent at its peak. Guys, girls, everyone, check this book out and you will never regret it. Sit back, relax and read a book written by a legend in the making


Your story and character design from the start was great. Your main weakness of grammar, has gotten much better. Soon you will completely defeat your grammar and truly make this book one of the best! I would recommend this 10/10.


Nice story. It is well written and well thought . I am glad to have read it. Somehow, it ease my boredom. I hope you will write more stories like this.


It's a pretty well written story, the characters are well rounded, and the background is described in incredible detail. My only complaint, however, is the random paragraph separation. It makes the flow feel a little choppy. As well as that, there are some punctuation issues. Other than that, well done!


I really like your imagination and how you presented the fantasy world. The plot is awesome. You presented the characters interestingly. I would really like to see how things progress!


The story is insanely detailed, it's like that he has OCD with this or something. I heard the author is not on good health, that's fine. Give him a time to rest and he would deliver us an awesome quality again!! I did see his major grammar flaw. But up after chapter 18, it's improved significantly. Kudos to the author


This book is really nicely detailed, and I love all the descriptions and especially the world-building. I loved reading this, the plot is awesome! This was a brilliant read.


just in case to remind, I've started to re-releasing the older chapter as I'm going to release the new one every day. But I will tone down the chapter release, from two chapters per day, into one/day until I can tally the changes with the latest!! If you want to get the more update, you can access Tales of the Dragon Mortal's discord at: https://discord.gg/WPMPy8q


Love the character development.The Author is creative and has potential.Wish the grammar could upgrade a bit though.Overall love it!!Keep going!!!


This novel is great!! I mean... no words. The way words are uses for charcaters and places are awesome. I am having fun with the storyline. Keep writing~ you are truely good. ❤❤❤


The character and story development is excellent. The only weakness this story has are the grammar mistakes. But, everyone learns from their mistakes. I know this story will become great one day. So keep up the wonderful work.


Reveal spoiler


Firstly, Well done! I like the plot, and characters are well made. World background feels like I've read some of it somewhere, but I feel that way for almost all novels XD Some grammatical errors, but the rest is tip-top! Keep up the good work author