System HP (Lily Evans/Male OC)

Hadrian found himself waking up in an unfamiliar orphanage, only to discover he is in the world of Harry Potter. Watch as he uses his gifts given by Death, to live his life, with a beautiful redhead by his side.

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Wand, and Castle Le Fay

After exiting gringotts, I made my way down diagonally, to get some robes from madam malkins. I entered the shop at almost midnight, I really hope someone is here. 

Hadrian: "Hello?"

I hear some shuffling, then a voice calls out

Unknown Woman: "oh a late customer, I am Madam Malkin, what can I get for you?"

Madam Malkin, looked to be around middle aged, wearing a gown with some fabrics laying loose on her shoulders

Hadrian: "I would like to buy a new wardrobe, I want casual and formal robes, in your finest material, winter garb, in your finest cotton and wool, along with resizing and temperature enchantments, add some well care charms as well"

I could see the galleons in her eyes

2 hours later, I came out of the shop holding an extension charmed bag with all my new robes and undergarments, I also picked up some dragonhide boots. I placed the bag in my inventory, and headed back to the the leaky cauldron.

Tom assisted me in calling the knight bus, with I grudging used to get back to the orphanage. While I was at Gringotts, I had the goblins send out some fake adoption papers, by a couple who could not conceive. I headed back to my room and collected my thoughts about today.

Before I head to bed, for the last and technically first time in the orphanage, I look through the system for a wand.

Hadrian:"System is there a wand that I can have as part of a starter pack or something?"

I feth really dumb asking this kind of question 

[No, but you may buy a one time only fully customized wand from the shop, materials of your choice]

Ok, this awesome, I know one I complete the deathly hallows ritual I will be able to to wandless magic, but have a wand would make my magic more precise for the very delicate, and fragile magic

Hadrian:"system I would like to have a wand with the combination of Yew, Snakewood, and Elder wood. With the Cores of Thestral hair and tears, freely given. Basilisk heartstring and venom, and finally Phoenix feather and tears, freely given"

I know that the wand won't make me more powerful, but I know that this wand will be very loyal to me based on the system, so why not go all out

[That combination will be equivalent to 100,000 SP]

I know that it's an insane amount for a wand, but this is MY wand, and I have so many Galleons, I don't think I will ever be able to spend 

Hadrian:"Buy it"

The next second a 12" wand, that was pitch black, with gold engravings along the entire want, that are in the form of a Basilisk at the handle, phoenix around the shaft, and a thestral at the tip. It was a work of beauty. I reached out to grasp it, and instantly felt a connection to it. I could feel it thrum happily in my hand. After a few minutes of marveling at my wand, I placed it in my inventory, and went to sleep.

I awoke around 7am, and got myself situated to leave. I now from the Le Fay ring that I can just portkey to the castle, so I decide to leave without seeing anyone, I don't feel guilty because I left instructions at gringotts to make regular donations of $10,000 a month. So with that I touch my ring to portkey away.

Hadrian:"Le Fay Castle" 

CRACK, and I was pulled by my navel, and landed on my butt, in a huge living room

 I decided to call for house elves

Hadrian:"Le Fay house elves, your master needs assistance"

Not even a second later and 2 elves appeared, dressed in formal butler wear. 

Elf 1:"I is Cricky, welcome home master"

Elf 2:"I is Bobby, welcome"

Hadrian:"Take me to my quarters, prepare lunch, and plan dinner"

Without a beat, I was lead to the master bedroom, that had a king size bed, door leading to a pool sized bath, and connected to a very fancy study, I decided to get right to work and started reading my books

#Time skip 6 months#

It is currently the middle of January 1971. I start Hogwarts in September, so I have plenty of time to build a friendship with Lily.

During these last 6 months I have been training and studying relentlessly. As soon as I got settled in I performed the Hallows ritual, to give me an enhanced core.


I willed the Peverell ring to appear and focused on the ritual that it gave me. I Drew the rune circle on the ground, after making sure it was perfect I Summon the hallows

Hadrian:"I Lord Peverell call the gifts to return to their true owner, as I have the blood of the chosen three"

After I spoke the Cloak of Invisibility draped around my shoulders, the elder wand appeared in my left hands grasp. Then I heard an ear piercing scream as the resurrection stone appeared in my right hand. As all three hallows were in my possession, they glowed an I felt their magic pour through my veins, as a searing heat made its way to my heart.

As the hallows stopped glowing and turned into dust I clenched my teeth in pain as I felt my body burn in power. Eventually it was to much and I passed out. As I was out, my core started to full up with magic and shatter. Then the magic in my body concentrated near my heart, and formed a new core, that looked like it was made out of blue crystals. As my core solidified the surplus magic spread through my body breaking my bones, shredding my muscles and putting them back together stronger than before. 

As I woke up my whole body felt stiff, I moved around and my bones cracked as if I have by asleep for years. I felt taller and stronger than before, so I made my way out of the ritual room and to my bathroom mirror. I was now 5"1' with clear skin, high cheekbones, chiseled jaw, and glowing green eyes. My muscles were more compact and my body leaner, I had some showing of abs, but I will have to work on them. I looked in the mirror again, grinning ear to ear. 

Flashback over

I have read all of the books from the vaults except the grimoires. I wanted to have an adept understanding and proficiency in magic before learning my family magic. I can cast most large range spells wandlessly, along with basic and elemental spells. Wandless magic is more for the brute strength, with using a wand is for a precise goal, such as wards, with wandless magic is more for summoning and controlling the elements, along with large scale disarmers, and stunners. Now it is time to use my system to learn more about wandlore. I have been putting it off because I needed to be able to sense magic, from what I gathered from some of the basics from the vaults. 

Hadrian:"system what books can I purchase on making wands"

[you can purchase all books starting from basic crafting, to using more complex methods like runes and rituals, or you can have all the information processed into your mind]



I could have had all my books information literally downloaded into my brain this whole time.

[Because you need to be able to sort your memories, in your mindscape first, you can do this through occumulency]

That makes sense, I don't want to end us braindead from all the information. I have already discovered my mindscape from the instructions in some of my Fathers books. He devised a step by step approach to the mind arts

1. clear your mind

2. look within yourself for your magical core

3. connect with your core

4. focus on your core and connect it to your mind 

5. discover your mindscape

6. organize the entirety of your mind

7. connect with the animal spirits in yourself to become a true animagus 

I am currently on step 6, but having to go through this my body's and my pastself's memories is taking a lot of time. Though I am really excited to become an animagus through the mind arts, and not have to rely on the modern version of forcing it out, through potions, and transfiguration. This process is by connecting with the animal spirit within yourself and absorbing it, to become a true animagus. The book says that those who use this method will have the animagus traits in there human form, such as a snake means enhanced flexibility, a wolf means enhanced senses, and so on. 

I have come to the decision to master occumulency, become an animagus, become a master wandmaker. it won't take that long to complete these goals. A month at the latest. Then I will go and befriend Lily.