Surviving in A Novel That is Destined To BE Doomed

What if you found a way to unknowingly escape the Matrix. But what awaits you after the Matrix is something Far beyond your Capabilities. What if Matrix is something that is meant to protect us from the hidden mysteries from the whole universe. This is the story about a guy who brought upon apocalypse to the world. And suddenly found him self transmigrated 800 years in to the future. To a novel World he read that is destined to be doomed.

APA_Tarun · Fantasy
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37 Chs

Catastrophe of Ballroom 1

 In a hospital bed near a window a figure of a black haired boy could be seen laying on it. In the background the sweet chirping sounds of the birds could be heard screaming to the world that it is a new day. As the morning rays of sun lights sneaked in to the room and danced upon the face of the laying figure his eyelids started to twitch as they slowly opened up. 

 His eyes were red like a ruby yet the usual shine of his eyes couldn't be seen almost as if they were suck up into an abyss. A tear drop fell from the corner of his left eye as he slowly closed both of his eyes again to recall the events of day before. 

 He remembered the moment when he was on the verge of unleashing his second most powerful attack yet his attack got dismissed by an force of outside. Suddenly a lone figure of a woman with bluish hair and blue eyes came in to his mind.

 Just as he remembered the figure, Avion clenched his fists so hard in anger to the point that his own nails dug into his palm as he unknowingly exuded a greyish aura of decay from his body. After being exposed to his Aura the bird couple who were singing on a tree branch near his window died instantly as their bodies slowly melted and decayed to an unrecognizable degree. The tree that was exposed to his Aura died on the spot as its green leaves slowly turned vibrance and fell to the ground And the tree too turned grey like an ancient dead tree which was there for decades. 

 Suddenly the door to his hospital room flung open and only then did Avion opened his eyes to look at who it was. But he was disappointed to see an female elf clad in a nursery outfit coming towards him while carrying a note pad which had his medicals.

" Oh! You are up? " The elven woman asked in a surprised tone as she looked at the the teenager who was laying on a bed while covered in bandages from head to toe.

" How are you feeling now? " She asked while scanning the notepad she was carrying. 

" Fine. " I replied as I turned my head to watch outside of the window only to see an old crumbling tree. 

" Umm… Just asking but has that tree always been like that? " I asked the nurse while pointing towards the tree out of curiosity.

" W-what is going on? I-s the m-mother nature mad with to make us see a gruesome scene like that. " Seeing the tree nurse suddenly started to mumble about curses and mother nature being mad as she dashed out of the room. 

' Ah.. Fuck did I do that unknowingly. Great! Just great! ' I though to myself as I shamefully covered my face with a bed sheet. Soon after the Elven nurse left, a male elven healer came in to my room and apologized for making me, a patient see such a gruesome scene.

Well I can't blame them. They worships the mother nature from the cores of their beings. They consider dead trees as the curses of mother nature.

" So Mr.Avion, You were in a critical condition when you got here. But thanks to our exceptional healers we were able to save you in time. You had 16 broken bones and huge internal wounds from the impact. But you'll be able to leave today " After apologizing for the crumbling tree the elven healer said to me as he explained me about my injuries.

" But there is slight problem, Your class professor Mrs.Aurora refused to pay us your medical fee for some reason, saying that you should take responsibility for your own behavior. " He said while putting down the notepad he was carrying and looking in my direction.

' That fuc***g daughter of a Bi**h. ' For some reason an uncontrollable anger started crept within me which threatened to come out at any moment. But being the intelligent person I am I didn't show it to the out side. I will keep it within me until the right time comes.

" How mu- " 


 Just as I was about to ask the prize the door of my hospital room slammed open and from it came an female elf with long silver hair which almost touched the floor and red fiery eyes. From a glance anyone would be able to tell that she was prettier than the average elves who were roaming the streets. Beside her was the elven cadet with black hair whom I met before fighting with Russell, Zeref Ouranos.

" Don't worry about the medical fees, The Tamriel Silver academy will cover that. " She said in a sweet melodic tone while walking towards the bed I was laying on.

" Mr.Beethoven, Will you leave the room for us for a moment. We have something private to talk about. " She said while looking at the Elven healer whose face was beet red after seeing the elven woman.

" Ce-Certainly Mrs.Elbereth. I will leave at once. " The elven healer said and dashed out of the room.

" So Avion, you are quite the genius I see. To think you can dual cast at such a young age. Oh and my name is Elbereth Venove, I am currently a professor at Tamriel Silver academy who's in charge of the first years. And this one here is one of my students Zeref Ouranos and the brother of young Elf you protected the day before yesterday " She introduce her self after praising me for a moment due to battle yesterday.

" As you already know my name's Avion Dragonheart. So, Why are you guys here? " I asked while trying to be as respectful as I can.

" Pretty straight forward huh? Well this makes things eve easier for us? " She said while pealing an orange which she summoned.

" Yesterday Russell told me something intriguing. Tell me Avion, What happened while you were performing your last attack? It's impossible for someone to cancel their own weapon art when they are a millisecond away from unleashing it. So, tell me What really happened. " She asked me while offering me the perfectly pealed orange.

" I don't know. My built up mana dissipated in an instant. I was just about to perform my weapon art but I felt that someone intervened to disrupt my mana flow. That was when my built up mana dissipated. " I told her while eating the orange I got piece by piece. For some reason the feeling of orange juices exploding in my mouth rejuvenated me more than I expected it to be.

" Is there anyone you suspect? According to our academy rules it's a crime punishable by a month in confine to intervene in an ongoing battle. " Elbereth asked while summoning a green apple and cutting it skillfully with the help of a mana blade which she manifested in her finger.

' You won't believe me even if I told you who it is. ' I thought while faintly smiling.

" I don't know, But who ever it was they'll regret their decision in the near future. " I told her while finishing up the last orange piece.

" Well, We'll look into it too an we will inform you first the moment we found the culprit. " She said while offering me the the perfectly cut apple pieces on a small plate which she summoned. 

" Oh, by the way your class won the mock war yesterday. It was a splendid showdown. You could have been there and experienced it first hand if you weren't injured. " Elbereth said while looking outside the window.

" Well, I wasn't planning on joining that anyways. " I said while stuffing the apples I got In my mouth.

" Oh and your brother Lucas found a hide out yesterday while roaming the city area after the mock war. Although there weren't any people thy found lots of stolen artifacts. So today in the the ballroom the crown prince of elves will be there to award a meddle to him. " Silver haired elven beauty said while offering me a handkerchief to wipe my mouth because of the fruit juices dripping from the corner of my lip.

" I don't have someone like that. " I said as I declined having a brother named Lucas. And thankfully she took the hint as she smiled and told me something before leaving the room and leaving me with Zeref, the black haired elf who was silent till now.

" Ok. then see you at the ball room, Avion Dragonheart. " Elbereth said as she stood up and left the room.

" So, why are you here? " I asked Zeref soon after Elbereth left the seen.

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