Surviving in A Novel That is Destined To BE Doomed

What if you found a way to unknowingly escape the Matrix. But what awaits you after the Matrix is something Far beyond your Capabilities. What if Matrix is something that is meant to protect us from the hidden mysteries from the whole universe. This is the story about a guy who brought upon apocalypse to the world. And suddenly found him self transmigrated 800 years in to the future. To a novel World he read that is destined to be doomed.

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Catastrophe of Ballroom 2

 Zeref didn't stayed much longer and left soon after Mrs.Elbereth left. He was just here to checkup on me. I too was dismissed around 11 am in the morning from the hospital. And currently I was heading towards the hotel I am staying at. There wasn't much distance between the hospital and the hotel but I took my sweet time to enjoy the little things around me to cool down my head a bit.

 Just like any other day the streets of Tamriel were bustling with crowd as they went on their day to day businesses. On my way through the crowd a certain tailor shop caught my eyes.

" Well, now that I don't have to worry about money for a few months, I should buy a suit to wear tonight at the ballroom. " Thinking that I went in to the tailor shop and gave my measurements to the tailor for a new suit. Thanks to the new technology they told me that I would receive my custom made suit at about five in the evening. 

 It was still about 12 in the noon so I had sometime to kill, I didn't wanted to go to the hotel and see some faces of fucking brats. The night was too long to do shits like that.

 Today a notorious group named Adeus will invade the ball room to get the blood of the elven prince who'll be visiting today to congratulate Lucas' group for finding the stolen artifacts. This incident is the foundation for every bloody battle that will soon be happening in the near future. 

 In the first week when I got transmigrated to this world I thought of intervening and stopping this incident from happening but that was just a pipe dream. How can I convince some fuckers who already hate me for unknown reasons to save the future.

 So I am going to do the next best thing I can which is watching the world burn down to dust from the sidelines and saving the people whom I can save. I have already dismissed the idea of taking responsibility for my mistake which was turning the world upside down by touching a freaking monolith.

' According to the book the Elven prince will die today. Well that's none of my business. ' I though while walking along the bustling roads as I enjoyed the scenery around me. The Elven architecture and the huge bonsai trees which elves grew with care in their gardens were so mind soothing to the point that they helped me forget all the problems in the world temporarily. The only downside was the chattering of people who were passing by which disturbed my peaceful walk.

 It was currently 7.30 in the evening. After coming to the hotel I didn't had the appetite to eat from this specific hotel due to some reasons so I went out and ate some fruits to satisfy my hunger. And now I am getting ready to attend the ballroom which will be held in here, The hotel I was currently staying at.


" Ah fu**! Why is it so damn difficult to wear a damn tie " I muttered in anger as I threw the tie away which came with my custom made suit I was currently wearing.

 Currently I am wearing a full black high quality suit which has intriguing patterns of a dragon etched on to both its shoulders. Beneath the suit I wore a maroon colored shirt which matched somewhat perfectly with my eye color and as for the shoes I chose a pair of black Oxfords shoes which matched perfectly with the suit I was wearing. The only thing missing was my tie that I didn't knew how to wear. So I stored it in my ring and started fixing my hair into a wolf cut.

 After admiring my looks for a full long minute I exited my hotel room.

" Alright, Let the all hell break loose. " I muttered while exiting my room. 

 As I was heading down to the first floor where the ball room would be held, From the corner of my eyes I saw the Lucas' group talking with the bit** Aurora. Lucas was wearing a full white suit that complemented his looks. And all the other matched his color as all of them looked like angels sent from heaven.

 As I went deeper in to the floor I couldn't help but wonder why do all the cadets I passed by were wearing white themed outfits.

" Wait a damn minute why do all of them wearing white and only I'm wearing black? Nah the theme for the ballroom couldn't be white right? " I muttered to myself as I looked around desperately to find someone in the ballroom who wasn't wearing a white themed outfit. But I miserably failed to do just that.

 As I was walking towards the garden in the first floor lost in my thoughts I accidentally bumped on to someone.

" The fuck! Watch where you go- " The silver haired Elf whom I just bumped into was just about to curse at me but when he saw me his mood took a complete one eighty as he asked,

" Oh! It's you Avion. how are you feeling now. " Russell asked me while offering me a glass of champagne which he just took from a passing by waiter who was also wearing a white themed outfit.

" Better. " I said while taking the glass he offered. He was also wearing a White suit which perfectly matched his silver hair and highlighted his green eyes.

" Well that's good to hear. By the way, why are you wearing black? Didn't your professor told you that the theme is white? " He said while snickering, to which I simply shook my head.

" Ha Ha you look like a Demon amongst angels while wearing that outfit. " Russell said while laughing to which I simply shrugged. 

" By the way, Thank you for lowering your attack power yesterday in your last attack. If not I would have died in the spot. " I said to him with a genuine smile.

 " You and I both know that what you just said isn't true. Someone dismissed your attack yesterday Avion. I felt it because I was there. If you did completed that attack I would be the one to be laying on the hospital bed. " Russell said in a disheartened tone.

" Well, we'll never know the answer to that. Let's jut forget about it and rise a glass. " I said while gesturing him to do a toast.

" Ha ha yes. " 

" To a marvelous night! " 2x 

 We both did a toast and I excused my self soon after and went towards the garden of the hotel to get some fresh air.

 It was a full moon day today, So to maximize the beauty of the garden it didn't needed any artificial light bulbs. Just the moonlight was enough as it showered upon the garden brightening up the whole place. While still carrying the champagne glass in my hand, I went on and sat down on a bench under a somewhat big bonsai tree and slowly drank the glass of alcohol in my hand until the bell of the hotel rang right at eight announcing the start of the ballroom.

 In a dimly lit room a group of people wearing white outfits and covering their faces with animal masks could be seen talking amongst themselves.

" Are the preparations ready? " One of the people whose wearing a lion mask asked the ones around him as the others nodded their heads in unison.

" Alright, we strike right at 2030. Remember our first priority is The prince " The one whose wearing a lion mask said in a deep tone while looking at the group of people in front of him.

" Understood. " 

 " All hail Azazel " After nodding at each other Everyone said in unison and disappeared from the spot they were staying at a moment ago. 

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