Surviving in A Novel That is Destined To BE Doomed

What if you found a way to unknowingly escape the Matrix. But what awaits you after the Matrix is something Far beyond your Capabilities. What if Matrix is something that is meant to protect us from the hidden mysteries from the whole universe. This is the story about a guy who brought upon apocalypse to the world. And suddenly found him self transmigrated 800 years in to the future. To a novel World he read that is destined to be doomed.

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Avion vs Russell 3

" Are you sure a pathetic little shit like you can win against me. I am blessed by the world tree you know. " Russell said while snickering in Avions direction as he jumped high and brought down his scythe aiming to severe Avions left arm from his body.

 Seeing the incoming attack, Avion quickly did a upward slash using his Naginata and soon the blades of two weapons perfectly collided with each other creating a high pitched resonating sound which reverberated across the arena. 


 After blocking the attack Avion rotated the tip of his Naginata to deflect the Scythe and quickly stepped back to create distance between him and his opponent. From their first clash Avion got to know that both of their attack power is the same. So now everything depends on technique and their battle IQ, Which was something Avion was confident in.

' I guess he is talking about his SSS Rank potential. ' While stepping back, Avion thought to himself Due to Russells earlier remark about being blessed by the world tree.

 After creating some distance Avion looked in the direction of Russell only to see the silver haired Elf heading towards his direction while preparing to unleash one of his skills.

" Black Mist. " He muttered and soon black mist started to ooze out from his body and the whole arena was covered in black mist in an instant.

 Seeing that his vision being obscured, Avion decided to try something out. He Focused on his Wind Element and soon the clothes he was wearing started to flutter violently as his shoulder length hair started to flutter upwards as if he was falling. Just like the first time when he tried to draw out his wind element, the wind around him started to swirl around him violently pushing the mist around him outwards. 

" Ok, Let me see if this works. " Avion muttered as he got ready to perform the second form of Echo Of Gale Thrust Art in his rampaging wind element mode.

 From within the mist Russell skillfully moved around Avion the moment his skill enveloped the Arena ground while waiting for the perfect opportunity to caught Avion off guard. But suddenly he felt strong winds pushing the mist he created out of the Arena ground.

' Idiot ' Russell muttered as he ran through mist like a bolt of silver lightening preparing to strike the moment he got near Avion.

 It's not possible to dual cast until you reach a specific level of mana control mastery. So The Silver haired Elf thought that Avion is using a skill to clear up the mist And he took this as a opportunity to strike Avion. In doing so Avion won't have time to neither defend himself using a skill nor evade his attack using his Naginata. 

 With this thought process he approached Avion and tried to do a spin attack but what awaited for him was a horrifying scene.

" Do tell me Aurora, Who is that kid? He seems stronger than what his rank suggests. " One of the female Elven professors with Silver hair and Red eyes asked Aurora who was next to her. They were both observing the ongoing fight from a VIP chamber.

" To think he would let his element go on a rampage just to increase his attack power. That kid is a genius. " Elven professor said while looking at Aurora from the corner of her eyes.

" Him? He's the failed specimen of Dragonhearts. There's nothing so interesting about him. " Aurora said in a calm manner while focusing on the ongoing battle.

" Failed specimen you say? Then would you be kind enough to explain me what's going on in there? " The Elven professor said while rising an eyebrow. 

" I'm not not a kind person, So I'll have to decline. Aurora said in a cold and an irritated tone. 

" Well that's true. " The elven professor said as she stared in to the ongoing fight.

 " Echo Of Gale Thrust Art, Second Form, Whirlwind " While finishing his stance Avion muttered as soon as Russells figure became visible in his field of vision. 

 Soon Five towering Whirlwinds started to appear around Avion as they went on a rampage while absorbing the black mist around prompting the Whirlwinds to take a shade of dark hue as they went towards the sole target in the Arena in hopes of twisting them into oblivion. 

 Seeing the Approaching whirlwinds from five different direction, Russell had a terrified look in his face because he didn't expected this to happen. But he didn't had much time to think as he did what's best for the current situation while gritting his teeth.

" Tsk. You'll regret forcing me to do this Avion Dragonheart. " Russell said in mid spin attack as he quickly changed his form and shot out his right palm forward.

" Come forth Keraunos. " Russell screamed and just then a silver pattern of a thunderbolt took place in the wrist of his right hand. Just as that happened the five towering whirlwinds covered Russell in whole and for a millisecond which felt like an eternity the whole arena turned silent like the calm before the storm. 

 And soon after the whole arena ground shook as a deafening thunderclap took place in the spot where Russell stood a moment ago brightening up the whole arena ground to the point of blinding everyone who dared to look at it. Soon The towering whirlwinds dissipated into nothingness as thunder bolts ran threw the whirlwinds and struck the sand ground turning them into black glass as silver colored thunder bolts spread across the every corners of the arena field creating crackling sounds.

 This all happened in a mere second as everyone watched at the scene in front silently because they were too stunned to speak. But soon murmurs started to appear in the Audience of first year cadets.

" Whoa, What just happened? Did you saw that whirlwinds. Is it even possible for a first year to do that? "

" Forget about the whirlwinds. What was that just now? I can still hear a ringing sound in my ear from the thunderclap. "

" It's definitely the ability of our Russell, that was so cool. " One of the elven cadets said from the sideline as she snickered in the direction of the two Phoenix academy cadets who were muttering just now. 

" Well I can't decline that. That was pretty cool. I wish I could do that. "

" Yah me too. Is this fight over yet tho. I didn't here the referee announcing the win. " 

" Yah, there is no possible way that Avion guy can survive what just happened. " 

" Well I guess it's over. Let's go and prepare for the mock war? " Aurora said while standing up from her seat.

" Are you sure Aurora. Surely you are not underestimating your own student? " Elven professor said while snickering.

" What are you referring to. You think someone whose born to stuck in a common rank can ever hopes to survive that attack of your first ranked student? " Aurora asked while glaring at the Elven Professor to which the latter smiled and pointed towards the sky of arena.

 In the sky A black haired boy could be seen smiling like a maniac while hovering in the sky like a god watching down on people as a greenish hue enveloped his whole body.

" Is it over. " Russell muttered as he looked around the arena where some black glasses could be seen which was the cause of his earlier attack. It was the bloodline ability he was born with, Keraunos. It's a weapon that manifest in a form of tattoo on his hand which grants him the freedom of using the thunder Elements without any risks involved. The attack power can be vary depending on the percentage of mana he supplies it with. 

 And in the previous attack he used almost 50% of his mana to end the battle as soon as he could to minimize the damages he gets from his fight with Avion.

 He waited until referee announces his win which never came. Instead he heard some cadets gasping while muttering something. 

" Wait, who's that? "

" Hmm. Where? "

" Look up in the air. Someones flying. "

" Hey isn't it the dude who was fighting just now. " 

 Some cadets started to murmur among themselves while prompting the other to look up in the sky.

 Hearing their murmurs, Russell followed their gaze and looked up in the sky only to see another horrifying yet miraculous scene. Avion was preparing to dual cast which was considered impossible for people lower than A rank. Dual cast needs extreme concentration and high intelligence stats to guide the complex patterns individually. But Avion was born with high intelligence.

" Impossible. " Russell muttered as he prepared for the incoming attack. Yet strangely he wasn't horrified, he was thrilled.

' I thank the previous Avion for being born with high intelligence. Thanks to that now I can perform this. ' Hovering in the sky Avion thought while smiling. The moment Avions attack neared Russell he escaped to the sky because he anticipated Russell to use his ability thanks to Avions prior knowledge from the book.

 Spreading his arms wide Avion looked up in the sky while still hovering. Currently he has almost 40% of mana left within him. And now he'll use 20% of that for the deadliest skill he currently owns which he got thanks to absorbing the mana gem.

" Meteor " Avion muttered as he looked down in the direction of Russell as the latter prepared for the incoming attack. Soon a meteor that is the size of a modern house manifested 120ft up in the sky and slowly started to descend on to the arena ground. Every feet that the meteor falls it's speed grew twice. And When it neared the ground the speed the meteor was falling was equaled to the speed of a bullet train.

" Impossible! How is he able to dual cast? " Aurora screamed in anger while looking up in the direction of Avion.

" Why are you angry Aurora? Shouldn't you be happy that he is the first cadet ever in history to dual cast. This is a first time thing you know? " The elven professor said in a stunned tone as she was bear witnessing to a moment that will be recorded in history.

" Don't let the news about this go to the public, First we have to investigate. I'm going out to get some fresh air see you again when the mock war starts. " Saying that Aurora existed the VIP chambers while slamming the door behind.

" Geez, what's her problem? Shouldn't she be happy about her students. If the media knew about this, this new will hit big. " Elven professor thought while pouting as she looked in the direction of the falling meteor. She could tell from a glance that the attack power the meteor carry as of now is equals to the attack power of a D+ rank soldier.

" Tsk. What's going on? How is he this powerful? Shouldn't he be weak? My disciple is better than him. " On her way out Aurora muttered to her self while biting on her finger nails.

' Wait, If this news goes out, Dragonhearts will dethrone my precious disciple as the heir and will name Avion as the heir again. No I can't let that happen. To begin with, how is he this powerful? Isn't he supposed be a C rank awakener. Did he make a pact with a demon to become strong. That is the only plausible way to become this strong this fast. ' Aurora thought to her self as she walked towards the entrance of the arena ground to watch the ongoing fight more clearly.

 Seeing the incoming meteor the smile on Russells face widened as he gripped his scythe tightly and got prepared to unleash his family weapon art. 

" Reaper of The Ancient Immortals - First form - Separate " Russell muttered slowly as he started spinning his scythe in a speed that is incomprehensible to the naked eye. Soon lightening crackles started to appear on his spinning scythe in the shape of a circle. And just as the meteor was 10 meters away from descending to the ground, Russell jumped high in the sky and spun towards the descending meteor with the momentum of his scythe.


 From the position of viewers it looked as if a bolt of silver circling lightning heading towards a massive fiery Meteor that threatened to incinerate everything it comes into contact with. Swallowing a mouthful of saliva everyone waited in silent to see what happens next. 

 And soon the silver lightning circle came in to contact with the massive meteor as it separated the meteor in two halves in the mid air forcing the meteor to explode with a loud thundering sound which reverberate across the arena forcing the viewers to cover their ears. 

 But the lightning circle didn't stopped their, It shot towards the lone figure of Avion with a speed akin to a missile launch.

 Seeing the incoming attack Avion snickered as he summoned both of his weapons in each arms. In one arm was his Naginata and in the other arm was his newly bought Katana. Gripping both weapon he looked down on the incoming opponent and muttered.

" Let's end this meaningless fight now. " 

" Finally, You are getting serious. Come, show me what you got Avion Dragonheart. " Russell said as he smiled like a maniac while increasing his momentum.

 Thunder started to crackle as the sky started to turn darker with thunder clouds hovering above Avion. Avion while still hovering in the sky started to move his arms in a blurry speed as he started performing the second most devastating attack in his arsenal. 

 Mana started to vibrate violently in the area where Avion was hovering, And the lightning crackles that sneaked it's way into Avions field dissipated in an instant from just the violently vibrating mana pressure. Seeing this, beads of sweats started to appear on Russells forehead as he started to second guess if his decision was really right to battle against Avion.

 At that moment Every viewers whose watching the show down felt a chill run down on their spine as they saw the scene of Avion getting ready to unleash a devastating attack. The Violent mana dancing around Avion gave off a celestial vibe as everyone stared at the scene like mindless puppets. ' What would happen now, Who'll win ' That was the the only thought which was running inside the head of everyone at the moment.

' No, What is this feeling? This feeling I'm feeling now, It's similar to back then when Lucas performed his eight star sword art. How does Avion have something like that? Did he stole it from Lucas, My precious Disciple. ' Aurora thought while biting on her nails. Beads of sweat could be seen running down on her forehead as she looked at the figure of Avion performing a devastating weapon art at a blurry speed from the entrance to the arena ground.

" No I have to do something, If the news of a lower ranked cadet from Phoenix academy defeating the first ranked student of Tamriel Silver academy got out, This will create a massive drop in the power balance between elves and humans. " Aurora muttered to her self as she sneakily started using her Bloodline ability to disrupt the mana around Avion to dismiss his weapon art.

" Art Of The Blind sage, Second Form, Turbule- " Avion faintly muttered as he was completing his form of clashing the blades of two weapon together. But suddenly his mana flow was disrupted as the build up turbulence of mana dissipated in to nothingness from an outer force. 

" Huh? What's going on? W-Why did my Mana dissipated? "

 Pure feeling of doom invaded his senses as he stared at the incoming Lightening circle which was only a millisecond away from clashing against him. He quickly reinforced his whole body bracing for the impact but he knew From this attack either he'll loose his life or will be injured fatally. But before that happened he wanted to make sure one thing.

 Only one person who's present in the arena ground could have done what happened to him just now. So he instinctively looked at the entrance of the arena ground only to see Professor Aurora Leaving the Entrance with a wicked smile etched on her face.

' That fucking Bitch. I swear to make you regret this decision in future Aurora!! ' Avion though as his eyes turned red from the boiling rage inside of him.

' Shit! Someone intervened? But why? ' Russell thought as he sensed the mana of a stranger intervening in the fight. He was born with a high aptitude for Mana so because he was near Avion he sensed that someone disrupted Avions attack just now.

 But it was already too late, Right now Russell could only minimize his attack to lessen the injuries Avion would get from this. So he did just that.

 From the view of the cadets who were watching the ongoing battle what they only saw was a Silver circle Crashing against a black haired boy who was wielding a Naginata and a Katana. That crash created a sonic boom as the air rippled and The figure of Avion came crashing towards the ground creating a huge crater.

 As I was flung in to the ground I felt as if my innards were crashing against each other. Blood spurted out from my mouth and nostrils and soon the noise of the referee announcing Russell as the winner faded into the background. As soon as the name of Russell was announced I saw every cadets including the cadets of my own academy flocking around Russell cheering for him.

 The only ones who were around me was A black haired Elven cadet and an elven Professor with silver hair and red eyes. I tried to hold onto my consciousness and keep my eyes open. But the familiar feeling of comfort and sleepiness invaded my senses as I soon lost the ability to operate my own body. My eyelids felt heavier than usual but I tried my best to keep them open. But it proved to be an impossible task for me at the moment.

" Medics Hurry. " 

 That was the only thing I heard before my consciousness slipped and the world around me grew darker. 


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