[WSA 2024] Kent is an ordinary wizard in the Sky family wizard school, and his wife Thea also works as an elder in the same school. As Thea is moving out to the elder barracks, she kicks Kent out of the house and puts the house for sale. “You are just a piece of waste who couldn’t earn a silver.” Thea’s last words still lingering in Kent’s soul. (It’s not like Kent is a lazy guy who escapes studies. Most of Kent’s meridians were locked down by a curse.) Suddenly on the same day, Kent received a Raven from his maternal aunt. “Are you really my aunt?” Kent questioned with a doubtful gaze. “Yes, Kent… I have sent 5000 gold and Heavenly elixir to remove your meridian curse. Don’t mind asking me for more money. Your mom left a huge fortune for you.” From that moment Kent’s life changed as he brought a new flying pet equal to core disciples, new weapons, Villas, Fancy meals, and whatnot. Soon, his powers sore and he became a Supreme Arch Magus. Discord: https://discord.gg/nMYbb23h

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11 : Madam Clark

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On an extensive island, an army of Grand Master mages guarded a black mansion. The mansion is built at the edge of a cliff.

Several evolved magical beasts were guarding this mansion from the skies. The mansion is fortified from all sides with magic cannons, mortars, mana blasters, eruption engines, and comet cauldrons.

In the extensive sea, the small mansion gleamed like a dark moon in the sky. The grandmasters were changing their positions from one place to another, maintaining a circular barrier around the mansion.

At the center of the mansion, a royal hall is constructed with advanced mana stones. A majestic throne was placed on the high end of the hall. Before the throne, rows of rock chairs were sculptured on each side.

At present, the entire hall is in deep silence as a lady in a golden cape adorns the throne in exalted posture. Several people of different ages and genders sat on both sides of the hall, facing towards the throne.

Seven females in dark cloaks with black fingers sat close to the lady on the throne. These are the seven witch sisters who swore to protect the throne lady.

Just beside the throne, a strong man with bulging muscles, holding a large golden mace, stood in protection of the lady on the throne. With a cold face, that muscle guy stood like a pillar of support for the lady, whom he treats as her elder sister.

"Your Highness…" A middle-aged man wearing a red clock stood from his seat. "The Valkyrie organization continued to interfere in our missions. They are seriously targeting our bounties to increase their reputation." The middle-aged man said it loudly without lifting his head.

The lady, who was busy checking the revenue reports on the throne, turned her gaze towards the man who spoke. "Mr. Sand, do you think we have time to care about these small flies? Having some resistance is also good for the organization's growth. Ask our assassins to act fast next time."

The throne lady replied while staring at the losses encountered through the Golden Skull Organization, which is the free bounty organization established for assassins around the world.

After giving the final speech, the lady gestured for everyone to leave. In the large hall, she sat with her personal guardians.

"Lady Clark, how much time are we going to wait for revenge? We have enough wealth equal to a hidden family. We must strike the Aries family soon." The first witch among the seven witches spoke in an ardent tone.

"Number 1, do you really think we have a chance to win against the Aries family? In front of power, no wealth stands. We still need more powerful mages and witches.

Most importantly, we need one man who can master the celestial bow. Until then, we will gather our strength." Lady Clark, the head of the Clark family and the owner of several businesses and secret organizations throughout the blue planet, replied with a serious face.

"But lady…" The second witch tried to intervene, as they all know mastering the celestial bow is an impossible feat.

"Please leave me alone. I need some time to think." Lady Clark declared as she closed her eyes.

"Yes, your highness," the seven witches said, flying from the hall.

Just as everyone left, the muscle man who stood beside her bent down and passed a flashing pearl orb to Lady Clark.

"My lady, your sister sent a message." Anjan, the muscle man, spoke in a humble tone. 

As Lady Clark took the pearl orb, which is custom-made with several features, a young man's video played on the glass orb. He is none other than Kent Clark. The video was recorded when Kent spoke with her aunt for the first time.

"He looks exactly like his father." The lady muttered in a weak tone. Anjan saw a rare emotion on her face, which he had never seen in years.

After watching the video several times, she noticed the message attached to the video.

"How could 5,000 gold suffice for him? She didn't even send any weapons for his protection." The lady uttered it after reading the message.

"My lady, giving him more wealth would only bring danger to him." Anjan spoke with a smile as he finally saw motherly love from the woman he respected and followed for years.

"Anjan, he is the son of Aries family head... he should get his privileges. Ask my sister to send some weapons and skill books for his protection and more coins. My son suffered all these years with that damn curse. At least from now on, I should show my sincerity to him."

Lady Clark replied as he stood up to leave the throne room.


Late in the morning, the sun is already shining high in the sky. Kent opened his eyes from his deep slumber. As there was no pressure to go to school, he rested peacefully.

Without even getting up from bed, he picked up his phone to check out the school forum. Just as he swiped on the Sky orb, Kent saw a new message glowing in the Spell-Chat interface. 

The profile seemed familiar to him. While wondering about the person who sent this message, Kent tapped on the message.

Instantly, a bold image of a young teenage girl showed up on the orb. The girl in the image is bent down in front of the mirror with a kinky face. Her snow-white, bulging mountains were clearly visible in the image.

"How big…" Kent muttered while taking a closer look at Luna's image on the sky orb. "Why did Luna send me this type of picture? She used to scold me for staring at her." Kent thought while checking her images from head to toe.

After some time, he opened the attached voice note tagged with the image. Luna's sweet voice sounded loudly inside the room.

"What? Tycoon…? How did she get my sky orb contact information?" Kent muttered with a confused face. After much thought, he finally realized that Luna didn't know his original identity.

Without any delay, he kept his Spell-Chat profile name as Tycoon and sent a text message to Luna. "Who is this? Do we know each other? Who gave you my contact information?" Kent asked a series of questions to clear his doubts and moved onto the school forum.

*** Flash… Flash… Flash news… "Secondary Maze Competition: Prize money worth 50 gold coins." 

"The Sky Family's yearly maze competition is approaching. Everyone, please register your name to participate in the competition. Winners will have a chance to learn an 'A' grade skill book."

The school forum displayed a flashing banner at the top. Kent immediately clicked the image to read it in detail.


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