[WSA 2024] Kent is an ordinary wizard in the Sky family wizard school, and his wife Thea also works as an elder in the same school. As Thea is moving out to the elder barracks, she kicks Kent out of the house and puts the house for sale. “You are just a piece of waste who couldn’t earn a silver.” Thea’s last words still lingering in Kent’s soul. (It’s not like Kent is a lazy guy who escapes studies. Most of Kent’s meridians were locked down by a curse.) Suddenly on the same day, Kent received a Raven from his maternal aunt. “Are you really my aunt?” Kent questioned with a doubtful gaze. “Yes, Kent… I have sent 5000 gold and Heavenly elixir to remove your meridian curse. Don’t mind asking me for more money. Your mom left a huge fortune for you.” From that moment Kent’s life changed as he brought a new flying pet equal to core disciples, new weapons, Villas, Fancy meals, and whatnot. Soon, his powers sore and he became a Supreme Arch Magus. Discord: https://discord.gg/nMYbb23h

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10 : Tycoon

After pondering for a second, Kent blocked his image and connected to the message with only his voice.

"Where are you?" Thea questioned in a stern tone. Kent could see the irritation on her face.

"What do you want?" Kent asked without answering her question. 

"Hmmhh… You might be rolling on streets. Who cares… Come, pick up your trash. I'm cleaning the house." Thea said it with a cold scoff.

"Why are you cleaning at this time? It's already midnight. Don't you have classes tomorrow?" Kent questioned with a confused face.

"Stop blabbering… Take your trash now. Otherwise, I will throw them in dustbin." Thea disconnected the call after saying that sentence.

"What a dummy! Can't he understand that I'm giving him a chance to plead? It seems like this lesson is not enough for him. I need to act more strictly." Thea muttered while placing the glass orb on a table.


Kent washed his face, came out of the hotel, and placed a bronze coin on the pet pole.

Soon, an old man riding a house eagle landed before Kent. Kent mounted on the eagle and said, "Sky family street."

After five minutes, the eagle landed near the old villa where Kent used to live. Kent paid 10 bronze coins to the old man and walked towards the old villa.

As he knocked, the door opened readily, as Thea was waiting for him at the door, while thinking of how to handle the situation.

Kent's gaze landed on her long legs. Thea wore tight shorts, exposing her milky white thighs and a white T-shirt. Kent could clearly notice her curves and breath-taking bulging's. 

"How smelly! Don't you have another pair of clothes?" Thea spoke in a disgusted tone while acting with her nose closed.

But Kent ignored her and began gathering his things on a table.

"First, take a shower and remove your things from the washroom. I can't bear this smell." Thea interrupted him in a loud tone.

Kent ignored her and went inside the washroom, collecting his belongings in a small bag.

"What an audacity! He dared to ignore me like a nobody. Let's see how many days he acts like this. I will have my revenge when he come back to beg me." Thea muttered with an angry face while staring at Kent.

Except for his clothes and a few daily necessities, Kent didn't have much to grab. Within ten minutes, he gathered everything on a table.

After thinking for some time, he spread his bedsheet on the floor and placed everything in it. He tied the ends and carried them on his shoulders like an old-age washerman.

Just as he stepped outside, Kent turned around towards Thea.

"What is it? Do you want to plead me now?" Thea questioned with a serious face.

"Thea, I'm really sorry for all the trouble I caused you. If you need any help in the future, don't mind asking me." Kent stared at Thea's face while speaking in a humble tone.

"What could you help me with? First, think of your survival." Thea spoke coldly with a serious face.

After seeing the ignorance in her tone, Kent turned around to leave the place. He first thought of sharing information about his new wealth. But his aunt spoke about enemies tracing him; that's why Kent decided to keep his wealth secret for the time being.

(Don't worry, guys; Kent is not the type of guy who acts weak to hide his wealth. (We will flaunt our wealth as money's our melody.)

Thea felt surprised as Kent left without another word. She thought Kent would plead her automatically after coming home.

"Kent," she called out in a hurried tone. "You can stay for this one night if you want." Thea said it with a serious face without showing weakness.

Kent stared at her cold face, looking for any concern for him. "If you are ready to accept me as your hubby, I will stay in this house with you. Otherwise, don't ever bother me." Kent said it with a long stare and left, walking along the road.

Thea stood in the same spot without leaving. She did not understand how to respond to Kent after hearing his statement. Several thoughts ran through her head about their relationship.

"Did he really love me that much? I thought he was only calling me wifey to take advantage of me." Thea felt the seriousness in Kent's words. But her anger clouded her thoughts as Kent ignored her invitation. "Whatever... he will come to me automatically in a few days." Thea muttered as she went inside the home.

After leaving Sky Family Street, Kent called for pet service and landed at the hotel Moon Light entrance.

The onlookers stared at him with wide, open eyes as he carried a large weight on his shoulder. As Kent's bamboo bag is a small one, he could only carry his things manually.

Some onlookers were taking pictures of him with wide laughter. Kent ignored everyone and reached his VIP room.

"Ahhh… It's really painful to carry weights. I must buy a big storage bag tomorrow." Kent muttered as he fell back on the bed.


Inside a small wooden apartment, on second floor, two step-sisters sat opposite to each other in their small rented room.

"So, tell me, how did you lose your job?" Luna, the stepsister of Sony, questioned with a serious face. The two step-siblings sat opposite each other on the same bed.

Sony explained everything from the arrival of Kent to the events where the manager slapped her without lying. "I don't know why the manager reacted so violently. That ordinary-looking young master seems to agree with my lead.

But one thing is sure: he is a tycoon. That fellow bought a wild beast like a toy. If I ever meet him again...." Sony said this while thinking of Kent, who paid 1049 gold coins without another thought.

"Sony, show me his contact information." Luna ordered as she picked up her glass orb.

"Why…? I don't think such a tycoon will care about strangers." Sony uttered while passing her glass orb to Luna.

"Didn't you say he is a young man? I have many ways to let him talk. Tomorrow, I will ask my manager to arrange a job for you in any of his stores. Go to sleep." Luna replied as she finished transferring Kent's Sky Orb contact details into her glass orb.

After that, Luna went inside the restroom and took a few pictures of herself while exposing her low cleavage and snow-white thighs. She put different expressions with her tongue out: licking posture, cat eye posture, and bulging ball posture.

As she is satisfied with the pictures, she opened the 'spell-chat' interface, which is the default for every communication orb in the magic world, and sent one picture with a low cleavage and in tongue-licking posture.

"Hai tycoon… do you like my pictures? I'm really a big fan of you. I hope we will meet soon." Luna tagged a voice note below the picture.

She stared at Kent's profile for any information. But it only appeared blank with the default gold coin profile image. She named Kent's profile as Tycoon in her glass orb. 

"Let's give him some time. I bet he can't resist seeing my mountains." Luna giggled as she walked out of the washroom.

(Sony studies at a different school. She is proficient in dark potion making; that's why she chose a witch school, proficient in potion making. Dark potions are like poisonous, negative effect type and arousal potions.)


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