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Read ‘SUPREME ARCH-MAGUS’ Online for Free, written by the author PeterPan, This book is a Fantasy Novel, covering ACTION Fiction, ROMANCE Light Novel, ADVENTURE Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: [WSA 2024]Kent is an ordinary wizard in the Sky family wizard school, and his wife Thea also works as an elder in the sa...


[WSA 2024] Kent is an ordinary wizard in the Sky family wizard school, and his wife Thea also works as an elder in the same school. As Thea is moving out to the elder barracks, she kicks Kent out of the house and puts the house for sale. “You are just a piece of waste who couldn’t earn a silver.” Thea’s last words still lingering in Kent’s soul. (It’s not like Kent is a lazy guy who escapes studies. Most of Kent’s meridians were locked down by a curse.) Suddenly on the same day, Kent received a Raven from his maternal aunt. “Are you really my aunt?” Kent questioned with a doubtful gaze. “Yes, Kent… I have sent 5000 gold and Heavenly elixir to remove your meridian curse. Don’t mind asking me for more money. Your mom left a huge fortune for you.” From that moment Kent’s life changed as he brought a new flying pet equal to core disciples, new weapons, Villas, Fancy meals, and whatnot. Soon, his powers sore and he became a Supreme Arch Magus. Discord: https://discord.gg/nMYbb23h

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I’m changing my previous review of 3 stars to five after reading every chapter available so far. This is quite a good story, and the writing draws you in at every angle. I must admit, the beginning chapters were lackluster, but as time went on the quality improved exponentially. For those who are skeptical on whether or not to read this, be patient. The story gets better. Congratulations author, I’m a difficult person to please. Your novel is a work of art.


One of the best fast pacing story. The beginning of the story seem lagging and naive MC is not my taste. But I’m really surprised by how author turned the plot and developed MC. Definitely worthy of time.


Hello everyone, I hope you guys enjoy the book. As a reader I know the pain of chapter updates. But I promise you i will regularly update the book. *Bonus chapter will be awarded for reaching Power Stones target and Gifts. *No NTR, *Plenty of face-slapping, funking beautiful girls.


The world building is pretty typical for a cultivation novel. Far too many authors notes for my taste, explaining things that should be done through story telling. A plethora of grammar, missing punctuation, and errant word usage. All of which break emersion and distract the reader from the story. That said This is one of the most entertaining cultivation stories I have read to date. The characters seem to have depth, and interact with each other in a believable manner. The plot so far is moving at a decent pace. The writing quality has improved through the course of the story. Also the author doesn't use the character's "cultivation" as cheep page filler, and many writers of this kind of story bore the reader to sleep with it. I for one am looking forward to reading more of the story.


the storyline is so good and funny 🤣 I love the MC his development and mentality is great. thanks to writer for bringing the MC to live and making my day more enjoyable 😄😌


So, I’ve been following this one for a while now and I honestly really like it. I have a hard time keeping interest with my ADHD, yet this one I am always looking forward to the next chapter. The main character isn’t the typical (hide my strength forever) he uses his cards wisely when needed, and will put you in your place if it benefits him. Definitely try this piece of art, it deserves your time.


Haven’t read it yet so I can’t comment on quality, but the name seems pretty similar to “supreme magus”


Reveal spoiler


discord link? ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎


Like the other novels of this Author, this novel is also really good. You will find action, adventure, fantasy, love, Harem, Magic, Cultivation, character development. The other thing that make me like this novel very much is that Author has mentioned references of various mythologies and he is using various languages like Latin, Sanskrit, Tamil etc. for naming the various Magic spells. I will recommend everyone to read this novel.


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