Summoning Villains in a World of Western Magic

Belmon is reborn in a traditional fantasy roleplaying world, he gains the unique ability of "villain's gate", where he can summon a random villain from different universes. Belmon is identical to Grell Sutcliff, he will have a harem because he will have a lot of hot villain character, Belmon is not of the human race but of the demon race

Marcelinho_Ggazeli · Anime & Comics
Not enough ratings
8 Chs

possible invocation (not yet decided)

[name]: Esdeath (Akame ga kill)

[race]: human

[power]: ice mage, level S talent


[name]: Hisoka (hxh)

[race]: human

[power]: illusion wizard, level A talent


[name]: Phinks (hxh)

[race]: human

[power]: baseball bat warrior, level B talent


[name]: Sylvia (Konosuba)

[race]: chimera

[power]: warrior who uses body ropes, can merge with other beings, level A talent


[name]: Zesshi Zetsumei (overlord)

[race]: half elf and human

[power]: warrior with scythe, talent level S


[name]: All For One (boku no hero)

[race]: human

[power]: fighter with skills, level A talent


[name]: Olga Discordia (Kuroinu - hentai)

[race]: black elf

[power]: fire and darkness mage, level S talent


[name]: Charlotte Linlin - Young (one piece)

[race]: giant

[power]: mage, level S talent


[name]: Priscilla (claymore)

[race]: half human and half Yoma

[power]: claymore warrior, Yoma form, Yoki user, level A talent


[name]: Smaug (hobbit)

[race]: dragon

[power]: fire magician, level S talent


[name]: bread denier, the guy who denied bread to nagato (naruto)

[race]: human

[power]: magic with the blessing of the evil god, talent level F