Summoning Villains in a World of Western Magic

Belmon is reborn in a traditional fantasy roleplaying world, he gains the unique ability of "villain's gate", where he can summon a random villain from different universes. Belmon is identical to Grell Sutcliff, he will have a harem because he will have a lot of hot villain character, Belmon is not of the human race but of the demon race

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8 Chs

malty or bitch is now mine

"Oh shit, I was really transmigrated" Belmon

Belmon was in a strange place, a strong stench entered his nose

Belmon was in a dungeon, just on the 8th floor

Belmon received the memories of the former owner of the body, he is Belmon Silvana a noble heir

The black moon kingdom was invaded by the strong infinite sun empire, the infinite sun empire is an expansionist military empire, it is 5 times the size of the black moon kingdom

The Silvana family is the guardian of the south, unfortunately after the betrayal of small local nobles, the border fell, the entire territory of the Silvana family collapsed

Simon Silvana the patriarch ordered 10 knights to flee with Belmon, he stayed and fought to the death

Belmon angrily asked to go to a dungeon with his knights, his plan was to stay a few years in the dungeon until he became a level 50 mage, so he would avenge his family

Unfortunately it went wrong, the 10 knights were killed, Belmon almost died, at the end of his life a soul from the earth merged with his, creating a new Belmon

The 8th floor of the Dungeon was cleaned in Belmon's last breath so he could rest

Walking to a small lake, Belmon looked at his reflection, he was very happy with his new appearance.

Her face looked like that of a pretty girl, long red hair and sharp teeth just like the grell sutcliff character.

In the Silvana family it's a mark of heritage to have sharp teeth, everyone with Silvana blood has sharp teeth and men tend to look like beautiful women, luckily it's just their appearance and it doesn't change their sexual orientation, Belmon is heterosexual


[name]: Belmon Silvana

[age]: 15 years old

[race]: demon

[power]: level 10, mage, fire and poison element

[talent]: level S wizard, level B fighter

[unique skill]: villain's gate

"Everything equals memories, except this unique ability, must be a gift of transmigration" Belmon

[unique skill]: villain's gate - level 1 = a seal on your wrist has the ability to generate a gate and summon beings from other worlds that are villains, has a cooldown of 1 year, all summoned beings retain their original personality, but have 100% loyalty

"Holy shit, 1 year cooldown, luckily it looks like there's a way to level up after all, it's a tier 1 status mark" Belmon

The seal on the wrist has the appearance of an iron gate with a diamond symbol


Belmon's pulse began to glow, and soon a red portal appeared.

From inside the portal, a beautiful red-haired woman came out.

[name]: Malty melromarc

[level]: level 10

[power]: fire mage, level B talent

"master sama, I'm here to help you" Malty melromarc

Malty ran up to Belmon and grabbed his arm, she had a beautiful smile on her face.

Belmon knew this woman is a professional liar with a sinister heart, but he didn't care that much, the skill's 100% loyalty left him at ease.

Belmon and Malty are at level 10 which is very weak, the higher the level the more xp you need, the talent sets the speed of collecting XP

"Alright Malty, let's go down to the 9th floor, we should collect xp and items" Belmon

in dungeon in addition to gaining xp by killing monsters, sometimes rare items appear, however only on floors never explored items appear, this dungeon was explored up to 35 floor, only on 36 floor has items

"Alright master, I'll try really hard" Malty, she rubs her breasts in Belmon's arms

Belmon is not a desperate virgin and therefore he can control it, but he is not a saint either, he already plans to fuck this redhead in the future

Soon the two went down to the 9th floor