Summoning Villains in a World of Western Magic

Belmon is reborn in a traditional fantasy roleplaying world, he gains the unique ability of "villain's gate", where he can summon a random villain from different universes. Belmon is identical to Grell Sutcliff, he will have a harem because he will have a lot of hot villain character, Belmon is not of the human race but of the demon race

Marcelinho_Ggazeli · Anime & Comics
Not enough ratings
8 Chs

summoned villains


[name]: malty melromarc (shield hero)

[race]: human

[power]: fire mage, level b talent

[name]: Do-S (OPM)

[race]: demon

[power]: fighter with whip weapon, talent level - A

[name]: Okatsu (Brave 10) - human

[power]: illusion mage and snake control, talent level - b

[name]: Kaiyo (Brave 10) - human

[power]: insect control mage, talent level - b

[name]: Raynare (DXD)

[race]: fallen angel

[power]: light mage, talent level - A

[name]: Xiao Jie (Darker Than Black)

[race]: human

[power]: gravity mage, talent level - C

[name]: Baccarat (one piece)

[race]: human

[power]: warrior with fists and unique ability to manipulate luck, talent level - B

[name]: Derieri (nanatsuno taizai)

[race]: demon

[power]: fighter with fists and dark mantle, talent level - S

[name]: Wuya (xiaolin showdown)

[race]: human

[power]: green fire mage, earth and space and material creation, S+ talent



[name]: Nosferatu Zodd (Berserk)

[race]: demon

[power]: sword fighter, demonic form, talent level - S

[name]: Danzō Shimura (naruto)

[race]: human

[power]: wind mage, sharingan, talent level - A

[name]: Doflamingo (one piece)

[race]: human

[power]: marionette mage, Haki, talent level - A

[name]: Orochimaru (naruto)

[race]: human

[power]: multiple mage, snake form, talent level - A