Subduing The Devil Overlord Book

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Subduing The Devil Overlord


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[WARNING: Mature Content 18+] "My soul craved yours from the very beginning of time." ____ Theodore Blackwell was the very reincarnation of the Devil yet Eva fell straight into his arms, not knowing that the Devil doesn't come to you with a red face and horns. He arrived in her life as everything she had ever desired... [Excerpt] Instead, a tall man stood there looking like the very reincarnation of the devil himself and Eva felt uneasy as she felt the dark aura around him markedly. He was handsome looking, no, handsome was not enough to describe his appearance. It was hard to describe him as handsome when she had seen no one as attractive as him in her whole life. His hand was in the pocket of his slacks as he walked forward in her direction. When she noticed him coming close to her, Eva took a few steps back until her back met the hard wall behind her. He didn't stop approaching her and Eva held her breath when he entered her breathing space. She was a head shorter than him so he leaned down until their faces were in front of each other. His hand was placed on the wall, right beside her as Eva stared straight into his obsidian black eyes which were darker and deeper than normal human beings. Was this a staring competition, thought Eva as she tried not to blink under his intimidating gaze. By any chance, did he not have the ability to speak? Finally, he opened his mouth to speak. In a smooth tone, he spoke, "You're staring in my eyes." _______ Handsome looks: Triple Check! Evil family relative: Check! Misunderstandings: Check! Power building: Double Check! A/N: This story has a slow-pace beginning and quite a lot of it consists of healing since trauma and panic attacks are discussed in detail. If you're not comfortable with it, I suggest skipping those chapters with warnings. Hope you all enjoy and stay for the whole ride! _______ Disclaimer: Cover is mine. Please don't copy or use it without my permission. Wanna support? ^^ You can do so below~ Patreon: patreon.com/nyx_reveuse Instagram: nyx_reveuse Discord server: https://discord.gg/jm97MnPu