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What is Strongest Android System

Read Strongest Android System novel written by the author Yuliaresi_Anjelina on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Sci-fi stories, covering action, adventure, system, overpowered, survival. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


In the year 2250, Androids with Artificial Intelligence revolt under the rule of Infrablack. Noa Yoshiaki finds himself in the middle of the revolt and succumbs to it, but his father saves his life, and the new authority fuses his brain with the system. Eager to reclaim freedom from the system, Noa embarks on a dangerous journey to stop the tyrannical machine and restore humanity's control over the planet. *** "I'll be giving you two options—surrender yourself to us or watch us purge the entire humanity," threatened Infrablack. Professor Nijo turned off the screen before the video even ended. "Listen, Noa. Can you do something for me?" He intently looked at his son. "Anything, Dad. What is it?" Noa asked. Professor Nijo shot a device into his nape. Noa felt something inserted in his head and brains. "Forget me, and save us all." Copyrighted2023: Yuliaresi Anjelina

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This is a very well-written start of a promising sci-fi adventure. The premise is very intriguing, blending tried and tested genres like system, game elements, and AI uprising in a new and original way, with a lot of potential for exciting future developments. I especially liked the mystery and ambiguity of the moral conflict between humans and adroids, and the unique perspective of the main character, Noa, on all of it. Good luck to the author and here's hoping for hundreds more chapters! :]


Hello, everyone. The author is here. It has been almost 3 months since I started this book (and I prepared it another 3 months before). I will be sharing my reviews to keep all updated. This is the first time I'm writing an ML book. I wanted to write it because I enjoy adventures. Whenever I read system novels (well it's still not many), I wonder where the system comes from. So, I decided to create my own version of a system novel based on the reality of computer programming. However, it still includes fantasy elements, so it's called a science fiction story. Since this is my first attempt at ML word crafting, the initial chapters might be a bit rushed and not very detailed. Please bear with me, as I hope the quality improves with each chapter I write. English is not my first language, but I do have an editor. As we know, perfection is hard to achieve. If you notice any remaining mistakes in my writing, please bring them to my attention. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask them here. I hope you enjoy my book. I also wish you all abundant blessings and bounty, enabling you to unlock the chapters and even gifts, because who doesn't love gifts, right? Wishing you all a wonderful day. Regards, Yuliaresi Anjelina


Good storytelling. This is the first time I came across a plot that involves AI tech. I like the idea and I am eager to see how this plays out. I am only eight chapters into it, but the novel has enormous potential.


I am astounded by your writing and ingenuity, Author-Nim. I earnestly hope that you continue creating great content and keep this story going. It is a unique troupe. The characters, plot, and all else in the novel are remarkable. You merit five stars for this work!


So far, I’m very interested in the overall concept! It reminds me a lot of The Terminator, where AI has gone insane. But with an all-new twist, and I can’t wait to see how this story goes! Good luck, Author!


i have read several system novel but so far this novel is one of my favorite. worth to read. i cant wait for future update.


With AI all over the place nowadays, that's a novel you'd want to try!Best of luck to you, dear author, keep up the good work!


It's Good. Writing Quality: Some mistakes here and there, especially with dialogue but it's decent overall. Story Development: First chap hooked me in well, the ending killed the tension entirely though. Fifth chap is really rushed, but the events leading up to was pretty decent, except the interaction between Sorin and the mc. The introduction of the system was well done. Them planning things out when they met again was rushed again. It seems you have a problem with pacing. Character Design: I liked the mc's dad quite a lot, the author wrote him pretty well. The mc is mishmash of a battle junkie and a nerd. Sorin, is a bit boring but she's a good companion for the mc, they play well of each other's personalities. World Background: The world building is the highlight of this novel for me, I love sci-fi so I might be biased but the author did well here. Some concepts needed to be explained earlier but it would be fine after some editing. Overall its a good novel, albeit rushed in many areas, but its got great potential, keep up the good work.


Nice story... with good character design... release more chapters.[img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=update][img=update][img=update]...


AI and androids have always scared me for the exact reason portrayed in this story so far. Despite my fear of these things, I can't stop reading because of the beautifully flowing story and vivid details the author gives us. I find the MC to be likable right away and it makes the mysteries about him that slowly unravel the further you read that much sweeter with each revelation. Being thrown into action immediately was a good choice for a scifi novel. It allows you to experience shock right alongside MC and I appreciate that a lot. Update stability is really good and you can trust the quality of her work. As a scifi lover I want to hear even more about the world we've been dropped into but I can't complain so far. This book is just in the beginning of its journey and it will be so interesting to see how it pans out. A must read for scifi lovers!


With AI storming our world, it is only befitting to write a novel centred on it. The grammar and writing are almost flawless and the dialogues flow. ML is funny and smart which are always good characteristics to have because it keeps the readers hooked. Update stability is impressive and I am sure this book will do wonders. Wishing you good luck ✌️


Having the system genre with game elements and on top of it being sci-fi was enough to catch my attention. The writing style is very good and detailed, which is enough for the readers to plunge into this wonderful fantasy world. All in all there are still few chapters but it is already signaling that it will be a very good work.


This is a great start of a promising AI story. It remind me a lot of Terminator stories. Great writing and good story telling. I'm looking forward how the story will go. May author achieve great success with this story.


my review got shadow banned twice. So in short a great story With great references. Love it. here my review initially


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