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Fight, Link, Human.

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[...]---[...]POV: Roman Torchwick

I liked to consider myself a "Coward with purpose."

For some people, calling oneself a coward was an insult, but for me, it was a compliment, especially because I wasn't just a coward; I had a purpose.

There were fights and then there were fights; the ones I could simply run away from and avoid, I liked those. I was good at running. And then there were the fights I could run from, but shouldn't, for one reason or another. Those I faced as best I could, but I faced them.

Being a coward was running from everything, even fights you couldn't run from.

Being a "Coward with purpose" was running from the fights that could be avoided and fighting in the fights you needed to fight.

I was the latter, or at least I tried to be, and I had taught Neo to be that way too. So, I was irritated with her for simply showing up in front of that... guy. I guess that's a good way to put it.

I hesitated to call Devas a monster. He didn't act like one; he was very human. From what I could see of the guy, he was the kind of person who, if someone asked for help, he would try to help... That worried me.

This kind of person existed in only two scenarios: either they were very innocent, truly good and kind, someone who would be taken advantage of and still wouldn't care. A "white knight," so to speak. A hero...

Someone who only appeared in fairy tales.

And then there was the second type, someone who wasn't good for the sake of being good, wasn't naturally good, but constantly polished themselves to be, imposing rules upon themselves to maintain that goodness for one reason or another.

This second type worried me. Devas worried me.

Cinder was someone who frightened me. Her Semblance was ridiculous, but even when she threatened me, placing her hand over my heart and making that same hand glow in a bright orange, a second away from turning me to dust, I didn't feel as much horror...

"Explain yourself."

Two words were all it took for me to know I was going to die.

Everything that composed the great and handsome thief Roman Torchwick screamed that I was already dead; all I had to do was stay silent and wait, maybe death would be quick if I did.

But I couldn't stand still.

Even as my body trembled, my soul screamed in horror, my Aura retreated in fear, my Semblance, which I didn't know I had until today, shrank.

I was a coward; I would run if I were alone...

A voice that seemed to come from the shadows around whispered that I wouldn't stand a chance of running.

...But I wouldn't do that; I had a purpose.

Neo was standing next to the being who spoke those words. I couldn't leave her there.

So, I moved.

Devas didn't scare me, no... He terrified me, him and the red blood veins in his Aura...


It only took a short conversation, and minutes later, we were on the edge of the Emerald Forest with Neo and the blonde, Red's sister, fighting.

I thought I would need to collect the favor he owed me, but I didn't have to. I didn't know if that was good or not, but at least I knew things were settled.

If he said he would let Neo and the blonde handle it, I believed him, even though my life experience told me otherwise.

The blonde was going to lose.

"Yang is going to lose," Devas spoke as if he were reading my thoughts. For the siblings, I hoped not. "Neo is a bad matchup for her."

"Why?" Red asked, her silver eyes shining innocently and relaxed, the same with the other two, the one in white and the kitty.

Even brat one and brat two were relaxed, accompanying us to "See the blonde get her ass kicked by the multicolored bitch."

Maybe only I saw the shadows moving, the blood-red veins... Or maybe I was the only one with survival instincts here.

I was sure it was the latter.

"Neo fights based on illusions, quick and agile strikes, interspersed because of her Semblance. Physically, Yang is stronger, even with Aura involved, more resilient too, I would say, but Neo is faster, more agile, and experienced. Yang won't hit her if she keeps it up."

Devas explained, his eyes moving quickly following the blonde and the 'air's movements.

And he said he couldn't see Neo, funny joke.

His analysis was correct. As talented as these four brats were for their age, I would admit, they were still students and had as much experience as my pinky finger.

Neo and I had been fighting to survive since early on, Neo even earlier than me. Neo was playing with the blonde at the moment, and that was with her holding back, not attacking to kill, which was her specialty... At least I hoped so.

Don't kill us both, Neo!

I stopped paying attention to the conversation beside me and turned to the fight. I had trained with Neo long enough to know how she would act when she didn't want to kill someone.

Even if some of those spars got way too dangerous for my taste, especially the one after I forbade her from eating ice cream after the third box.

A strike to the shoulder from behind, a thrust, followed by two to the lower back and a sweep.

The blonde reacted quickly to the first strike, barely dodging to the side. Neo gave up on the other two and continued with a kick, not a sweep. From the look of pain on the blonde's face, it seems she found out Neo's heels had blades.

Aura could cushion the blow, but not all of it. Neo knew where to hit to make it hurt more.

The blonde retaliated, a punch that hit Neo's smiling face, which shattered like broken glass. Neo was nowhere to be seen.

The blonde didn't stop attacking, not the air this time, but the ground. A punch that created a small crater in the forest floor and sent pieces flying in various directions.

Some hit Neo, who appeared with a sound of shattering glass. The blonde wasted no time and flew towards her, her hair shining like flames.

She was faster. Neo noticed that too and managed to react in time to dodge her second punch, not the bullets from the gauntlet weapon, but nothing that caused much damage.

She was stronger too. The second crater she opened in the ground was larger than the first, the debris flew farther too, but this time without hitting Neo.

"Tsk..." The blonde's eyes gleamed in aggressive red, but she didn't move and raised her guard. Smart.

"It's kinda fun to watch when this bullshit fighting style isn't being used against me. Semblance Bullshit..." Brat one said amused, brat two agreed.

I didn't know if they were talking about Neo or the blonde, they had already lost to both from what I knew. The number of times I heard them complain was more than I really liked, which is to say, any times above zero.

But there was something I agreed with them on. Semblances were bullshit.

But I couldn't complain much anymore since now I had an idea of how to access mine, thanks to the scare my friend here gave me... I'll keep complaining anyway.

The blonde tried the same debris trick a few more times, changing the force of the punches and kicks to try to catch Neo. It worked again by luck, but no more after the second.

The problem was the rocks that flew in our direction. I almost threw my body backward to dodge before they simply vanished into thin air.

From the way only I, brat one, and brat two reacted, while Devas and the other three didn't, it must have been one of them who made the rocks disappear.

I knew Red's and the kitty's Semblances more or less, White's wasn't hard to figure out either, the Schnees weren't very private about how "superior" their family's Semblance was. They didn't give many details, but it was enough to know that maybe it was her.

It was either Schnee or Devas then, which of the two I didn't know, well, not that I would ask.

The "fight" lasted a few more minutes, with Neo attacking the blonde here and there with kicks, thrusts, and quick strikes, while the blonde tried to defend herself and counterattack without much success.

If I were to guess, I would say Neo's Aura was at about seventy percent, maybe more, and the blonde's was less than half at this point. As Devas said, the blonde was stronger and more resilient, but that mattered little if she couldn't land a single punch.

The blonde seemed tired too, her guard was dropping, even her hair looked like hair and not yellow fire anymore. This will end soon.

As I imagined, after two hits, the blonde's arms practically gave way, holding a guard for so long while receiving attacks must tire more than she expected. Neo didn't miss the opportunity and struck-

"Gotcha, bitch!"

The blonde, who previously seemed tired, smiled almost cruelly and punched at the same instant Neo attacked her, her hair glowing like fire again. She didn't even try to defend herself, simply choosing to punch as hard as she could and letting her Aura take the damage.

It worked partially, the blonde's Aura pulsed and flickered, just before shattering where Neo attacked her with the tip of the parasol, just below her right shoulder. The blonde had either run out of Aura or lost control of it at that spot.

Neo's parasol tip caused a cut where it hit, shallow, about an inch, maybe two. I heard Red's and the other blonde's team partners' sighs when the blood splattered into the air.

The cut would have gone a bit deeper if it weren't for the punch that hit Neo's stomach, sending her flying backward and colliding with a tree.

The sound of shattering glass didn't occur, that was the real Neo... Well, damn, it looks like I underestimated this brat.

From the way Neo's eyes blinked between brown and pink, alternating with doubt, surprise, pain, and a bit of anger, she did too.

Neo got up calmly, or at least to the others, I knew she was in pain, she was just good at hiding it. That punch must have taken a good chunk of her Aura, the impact must not have been light either.

The moment Neo smiled, a slight smile that I knew, I started to get worried. I didn't have time to shout before Neo disappeared, returning to the fight the moment she steadied her steps.

The blonde didn't back down and raised her guard, ignoring the blood flowing from her shoulder. The red gleam in her eyes was enough for me to know she didn't want to stop the fight either.

Unfortunately for them, fortunately for me and my mental and physical health, Devas was against this idea. I realized this when he simply disappeared from my side and reappeared between the blonde and the "air," holding the former by the wrist and the "air," which shattered, revealing Neo's parasol.

Then he kicked the air just above Neo's head.

The three seemed surprised, with the man's appearance, the blonde, Neo, and the woman with black hair wearing the white and red mask that had just come out of a portal that appeared out of nowhere and attacked Neo with a red katana.

Wait, what?!

The woman with the mask reacted quickly, changing the strike toward Devas's foot, between the katana and a human foot in a regular sneaker, protected by Aura or not, I would bet on the katana.

Devas didn't.

The collision between the foot and the katana resulted in Devas's Aura flickering and pulsating in gray, the red veins not appearing anywhere this time, as for the katana, it resisted about a second before cracking and bursting into flames, sending the masked woman flying away.

Good thing it wasn't a real bet, I would have lost...


POV: Devas Asura.

I was expecting a lot of things, but some random asshole popping out of a portal and attacking Neo wasn't one of them. Why Neo of all people? Revenge? I wouldn't be surprised.

The question was: was this woman Cinder? The characteristics didn't match what I had seen in the information before. This woman was taller, had longer hair, and the body, even hidden by clothes, was fuller.

The magic pulsating from her also had a different "scent" than what I had sensed before...

Another Maiden, great, and one that I had no fucking clue who she was...

I pulled Neo and Yang behind me the moment I felt the mana inside the Ōdachi start to become volatile as the blade cracked, and I pulled my armor onto my body.


I focused my senses even amidst the flames and explosion on the woman. Any being who could teleport was a pain in the ass to deal with, at least hers didn't seem instantaneous like Grongir's.

"Do you know her?" I asked Neo without looking away from the masked woman.

She had landed easily after the explosion and stood up. Even without seeing her face, I knew she was surprised, now whether it was because I reacted to her attack, I had mana, or the Bone Helm on my face I couldn't tell.

She was scared of something too.

I could feel Neo's hands moving quickly thanks to the VoidBag, the response was: "No. I've never seen that bitch in my life."

Yang's response surprised me.

"I do. Her name is Raven Branwen." Her voice was surprised, even angry, and something told me it wasn't from Neo. "The woman who gave birth to me." No, not mother. I instantly realized.

I knew little about Ruby and Yang's family, I never delved deep, they didn't want to talk about it either, the little I knew was that they were half-sisters and that their mother had died, Summer Rose.

Yang didn't consider this woman her mother anymore, not anymore at least.

"Raven, isn't it?" I rhetorically asked the woman, my voice echoing with nightmare energy. This seemed to infuriate her even more.

I could see her muscles tense, feel her anxiety rising along with the mana growing more violent by the second. Fuck...

I sent my thoughts to the axe on Ruby's back.

("Lucy, repeat my words: I want you to get out of here, the woman has magic. I don't know how dangerous she is or how destructive the battle will be.")

Lucy didn't disappoint and repeated the phrase word for word.

Raven had almost as much magic as me, losing out slightly, but I didn't know how she would use it. I wasn't really a mage, my mana was more for fortifying myself and creating items with Mystic Symbols and Runes than any real attack, something I needed to fix quickly.

Grongir had less mana than me at this point, and his fireball had destroyed about twenty meters when it exploded earlier, if Raven knew what she was doing and attacked me, things would get ugly fast.

I didn't like my chances of fighting her while holding back enough to not kill her, and at the same time protecting everyone behind me.

Like it or not, she was still Yang's "mother," I didn't think she would be happy if I killed the woman, even if she was angry at her... I didn't want to risk it.

"We're not going anywhere." Yang almost growled the words. The other three didn't move either.

Fuck, I knew this would happen...

An arm then, I'll just rip Raven's arm that's holding the sword and knock her out while she's in pain. At least she wouldn't be dead.

I was confident in doing this without her reacting if I used all my speed. I'll even pull her sword into the inventory, even if she resists, that should make her dizzy too.

I tensed my muscles slightly and left my right hand slightly open to grab Houtengeki at any moment. If necessary, I would pull out my second racial trait too, I didn't have the luxury of hesitating here and letting a fight break out.

"Who are you and what are you doing here?" Before I moved, Raven asked. Her voice was muffled by the mask. "Are you a pawn of the queen?"

I could feel her eyes wandering behind me, towards Yang and Ruby. Worried? Maybe...

"I serve no one. I'm here because Yang wanted to settle something with Neo. I'm a new professor at Beacon." I spoke without the "echo" in my voice. This seemed to make her tense before and explained some things.

If I could resolve it in conversation, I would. Risking Ruby, Wiess, Yang, and Blake in a battle against someone I didn't know what she could really do was something I would avoid at all costs.

Mentioning Yang made Raven tense for a moment, at least more tense than she already was; dropping the name of Beacon didn't seem to help much.

Raven didn't have time to respond to me; my phone decided to ring at that moment, only I could hear the sound because it was inside the Voidbag.

"I'm kind of busy here, Ozpin." I answered the call without taking my eyes off Raven. The wizard's name didn't seem to make her very happy. "Did Winter fill you in on the news?"

"Yes. Can Raven hear me?" The man's voice inquired.

"No, not unless I want her to." A peculiarity of the phone, quite handy. "Do you want me to put it on speaker?"

"I would appreciate it, but first, Qrow is running in your direction, he should arrive in five minutes." Raven was his sister, wasn't she?...

"I'll put you on speaker." I said and switched the phone for Raven to hear Ozpin. "She can hear you now."

"Raven. I would say it's a pleasure to speak with you again, but I don't think that matters to you right now."

"Insightful as always, Ozpin." Her voice dripped with sarcasm, almost acidic. "Who is this abomination in front of me? Your and the queen's lost child? Your secret weapon?"

Rude. Just because my mask reeks of Grimm doesn't mean I'm their offspring, or whatever Salem is. Team RWBY also didn't seem to appreciate her words much. Even though I hadn't explained everything I knew about Salem, they knew the basics.

"Devas is a friend and guest of Beacon, and I can assure you that neither 'she' nor I have any relation to him." Ozpin's voice remained calm, ignoring Raven's sarcasm and acidity.

She became less tense with the confirmation that I wasn't Ozpin and Salem's offspring, but she didn't even relax her guard.

"Friend or pawn? No, don't answer, it doesn't matter, and I certainly don't want to know." Raven replied without averting her gaze from me, and she swung the Ōdachi, tossing the rest of the broken blade away and sheathed the hilt back.

The blade that emerged from there was green, 'reeking' of wind.

Damn cool weapon idea. I could already think of other similar uses that I could copy.

"Already leaving, Raven?" Ozpin's voice sounded again.

"I have nothing more to do here. My presence is not required." She looked at Yang for a moment before looking away, in the direction Qrow was coming from.

Two kilometers was her detection range, or at least that's what she wanted me to think; either way, it was good information.

"Nothing to do here, mother?" Yang spat the word almost disgustedly. "Why did you even come here in the first place?"

Raven didn't answer Yang, nor did she look at her, focusing entirely on me.

"You'll find that Ozpin is not as transparent as he pretends to be. I wonder what your reaction will be when you know what you're really up against..." She didn't wait for a response and 'cut' the air, creating a portal that closed moments after she passed through it.

Qrow arrived seconds later.


"So, is Qrow the drunk and kind brother or something?" I asked into the air, slumping into the armchair behind me.

We had returned to Beacon after Raven's interference in Yang and Neo's fight. We were in Glynda's office at the moment, since Ozpin, from what I had gathered, hadn't set foot in his once today.

I wonder why...

Roman and Neo had 'vanished into thin air' along with the twins the moment everything calmed down. I didn't bother pointing out where they were, nor did Qrow or Ozpin ask.

Everyone was more focused on Raven's surprise appearance.

"Badass and cool twin brother, you mean." Qrow responded after a swig from his flask. It reeked of Vodka. "But yeah, that's me. Raven has always been a bit of a bitch."

Qrow tensed for a second and turned to Ruby, when she didn't react, he relaxed. Was it because he had sworn? Maybe. Ruby had gotten used to them because of me, probably.

In the room were myself, Ozpin, Qrow, James, Glynda, Winter, and Team RWBY.

Ozpin had tried to send the girls away when we arrived, they didn't take it very well this time, demanding answers to the questions they had.

So far, I had answered them what I knew from the stream, except for a few pieces of information; it seemed that wasn't enough. I didn't blame them, I wanted answers too.

The excuse of sending Yang to the infirmary didn't work either; a few drops of the potion on the wound, an adhesive bandage along with Aura, was enough to close the wound almost completely; I even doubted it would leave a scar.

"Why did that woman have magic?!" Yang was the one who asked, not even referring to Raven by name.

"Didn't Devas explain that to you?" Ozpin asked back.

I waved my hand. "Sort of. The opportunity never really came up." The girls didn't ask either, probably because of the stream; some information had been thrown in there.

I wasn't entirely sure what the Maidens were. At least not their origin, only that there were four women, I imagine from the name, with magic and that they were 'keys' to a vault that held a divine relic.

The only part that really interested me was the last.

"Raven is a Maiden, Firecracker." Qrow was the one who spoke. "In summary, there are four of them, one for each season, whenever one dies, the power passes to another."

"It's random, just... poof?" Ruby opened her hands slowly. Ozpin sighed and explained further.

"Whenever a Maiden dies, her power is inherited by the last woman in her memory, except if that woman is over thirty years old, then the power appears randomly across Remnant, as Qrow said."

"Which means Raven has had this power for some time now. You didn't know?" I asked. They seemed surprised by the information.

I said this because of Yang's age, if Raven was still under thirty things would be very strange...

"No. But I'm not surprised that my sister would want that power for herself, even if it put a target on her back." Qrow took another swig of his drink. "Something tells me she didn't have the 'luck' to just wake up as a Maiden randomly."

No one in the room missed the context of the sentence. Raven had killed the previous Maiden, it was very hard not to be the last memories of someone you had murdered.

Yang frowned at the thought.

"As for the origin of these powers, well..." Ozpin tapped his fingers on the table. "Do you know the fairy tale of the Four Maidens?"

"Yes." It was the unanimous response, or close to it.

"I have no idea what you're talking about." I pointed to myself and then upwards. "Seven thousand other people don't either."

The (CHAT) spammed emotes of "WTF?".

Ozpin laughed a bit and began to tell the story of an old Wizard who lived alone in the mountains, lonely, but one day was visited by four sisters, who, each in her own way, was kind to the man.

The first, Winter, encouraged him to meditate and reflect, teaching and assisting him along the way.

The second, Spring, brought him fruits, flowers, and helped him tend to the garden.

The third, Summer, convinced him to leave the mountain, descend, and explore the world around his home.

Finally, Fall, who showed him that even alone, before, he still had much, teaching him that he should be grateful for what he had and not lament what he didn't have.

Moved by their kindness, the old man bestowed upon them great powers, so they could go and travel the world without fear and continue to share their kindness.

"So the four promised to visit the old Wizard annually." Ozpin finished the story. He had a melancholic and sad air about him.

I stared at him expressionlessly. He did the same.

No fucking way I was going to believe for a single second that this 'old Wizard' wasn't the guy in front of me. I was also sure there was more to this tale than he had told, but I didn't ask, the man seemed almost broken as he told the story.

I wasn't the only one who noticed, nor was I the only one kind enough not to comment. No one did.

"What's Raven's Semblance?" I asked Qrow, trying to rid the room of its melancholic air. The guy was her brother; he should know. "I don't like the idea of someone just being able to appear through a portal next to me while I'm sleeping."

My words seemed to worry Team RWBY. I was worried too, but for different reasons.

I was confident that I could react in time even if she opened a portal right in front of my face; my sleep was light, my senses sharp, and I had the Minimap. Raven was considered yellow on it, but the moment she attacked me, that would change.

But what about the others? Raven seemed to have appeared to defend Yang, but what if that changed? What if she were to attack Ruby? Weiss? Blake? I wasn't omnipresent.

"Her Semblance has limits. She can't just appear anywhere; she can only create a portal to someone she has an emotional bond with." Qrow explained. "Other than me and Firecracker, I don't think she has that with anyone else on the planet."

"That's a big limitation... Any range limit?" I asked. Was that why she had appeared, she felt that Yang was in danger or something?

Why now and not before? Neo had attacked Yang on the train, hadn't she? Besides, I was here, Yang wasn't in danger in that fight... Was it because of my title?... Probably...

"None that I know of. I've seen her use the thing to go from one end of the continent to the other." Qrow frowned. "I'd say it's limitless, but I don't think she'll be able to follow you even if she does have a link with you somehow."

"At least continental then..." I muttered. In other words, practically the damn planet, if not really that.

"She could appear around me at any moment then..." Yang didn't seem happy with that fact and turned to me. "Devas, cut this link off me."

I looked at her expressionlessly. When did everyone start thinking I worked miracles?

"How am I supposed to do that, Yang?" I asked. "I have no idea how Semblances work, I don't even know mine."

"Use Analyze: Item on me and cut this thing off." Yang pointed to herself. "Uncle Qrow will pay the SP cost." We both ignored the 'hey' coming from the man.

"Using Analyze: Item on you will show me that you have this link, which we already know, maybe where it is, not how to cut it off." I pointed upwards. "I know where the Sun is, I can even calculate its exact position, but I still can't cut it off."

It wasn't one of my best examples, but it would do. I sighed.

"And there's still the fact: Do you really want this?" I asked. "Cutting off the link you have with Raven?" Summer was Yang's mother, Raven was her biological mother.

I didn't know her story for sure, but I knew mine. Even though my 'father' was a complete asshole, at some point in the past I wished he wasn't, maybe even wished for his attention and that we could be a family.

Not anymore, not for a long time...

I didn't know if that was Yang's case. From the look on her face, she didn't know either.

"I... I don't know." She hesitated. "Raven was never really my mom..." The most I wanted her to be was left unsaid.

Ruby didn't say anything and hugged Yang in silence. No one interfered or spoke.

I let the two hug for a while before getting up and going to Yang.

"Let's see if I can at least find this link. If I can, you can think about it later." If not, it didn't matter. "Let me see something before I spend my SP. Stay still." Yang didn't move and waved for me to continue. I crouched down and got eye-level with her, then pulled my energies into my eyes.

The nightmare energy couldn't see the link, the same with spiritual energy and mana. I could see the outline of her soul, her emotions, and even the intensity of her Aura, her movement, but nothing of the link.

I pulled my Aura into my eyes, nothing changed except for amplifying what I could already see, no sign of the link. I hesitated for a moment and closed my eyes before focusing even more and 'pulling' my second racial trait forward.

I felt the surroundings change instantly, not the environment itself, but the people. I felt every breath they took, every muscle they contracted, their emotions, Auras, I even felt their souls, part of their Semblances...

I felt everyone around tense up. Their bodies reacting instinctively like the people in Junior's club. There I had used the racial trait reflexively, it was weak and sparsely focused on Roman and Neo, here? Now I was using it consciously, even though I restrained myself, focusing only on this room, it was still stronger than in the club.

It was almost funny how Blake, who had better instincts, was the least affected of all. Faunus were still considered human it seemed, but not entirely.

The words instinctively came out of my lips.

"I am human, nothing human is foreign to me."

Everyone who heard nodded instinctively, agreeing with me. They were not mere words. It was not a simple speech...

... It was a decree.

I opened my eyes and could clearly see the link in Yang's soul, not only that, but her Semblance too, where it resided, the bonfire representing it, the flames burning high.

I let my eyes rest for a moment on that bonfire before looking at the link, the connection between Yang and Raven. The rope, so to speak, went south.

I slowly reached out my hand and touched the rope, it swayed gently, shimmering with my touch, I felt Raven tense wherever she was, felt her fear, felt her gaze, her search for whatever she thought was happening.

I sighed and pulled my hand back, along with it, my energies and my racial trait.

"W-what was that?" The first to recover was Ozpin, followed by Blake. All the others still seemed almost in a trance.

"Something I can't use in Terraria." There were no humans besides me there...

"Anyway, I found the link. I think I can break it too." I was sure. It would be simple actually. "Take some time to think about it, if you want me to cut it, just let me know." I said to Yang.

My voice seemed to be enough to 'wake up' everyone, all looking at me. Ruby was the one who spoke this time, her silver eyes staring into mine...

"Devas... Your eyes..."

... Orange eyes...

"... They're orange."


Regarding the chapter: Well, there's a little fight between Yang and Neo, more to calm Yang down than anything else. Raven also showed up, thinking Yang was in danger, but she wasn't; the Devas' title messes things up sometimes.

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