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What is Streamer in the Omniverse

Read ‘Streamer in the Omniverse’ Online for Free, written by the author Calleum_Artori, This book is a Anime & Comics Fanfic, covering ACTION Fanfiction, ADVENTURE Fan Fiction, R18 Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: Awesome, I'm gonna catch a nap after lunch, and bam! Kidnapped.Of course, the damn floating screen in front of me tells ...


Awesome, I'm gonna catch a nap after lunch, and bam! Kidnapped. Of course, the damn floating screen in front of me tells me it's a once-in-a-lifetime 'job' opportunity as a streamer for all realities, living epic adventures, and whatnot. Well... except for the part where I couldn't refuse and kinda ended up in a damn forest with just the clothes on my back, I have no freakin' clue where I am, besides the fact that I'm no longer on my damn beloved planet, and apparently, there'll be a frickin' endless number of people watching me do everything? "I think I'm gonna have a freakin' aneurysm..." [...] It's my first time writing here, I've been wanting to write for a while now, so well, here we go. English is my third language, so there might be some mistakes or incorrect forms of writing, I apologize for that, if you notice any, please let me know, and I'll try to fix them. [Cover created using artificial intelligence] If you want to support me, I have a (P)(A)(T)/CalleumArtori.

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He's... Silent. This is what really ruined the story. This is someone who has just been released into a new world, nervous and panicked, he should have had some outside monologue. He has no charm, it's supposed to be a streaming and his conversation with Red is bland, she just asks him questions. He doesn't take any initiative, he should have been nervous and therefore talk about what he sees, discussing conspiracy theories out loud. Frankly, there are a lot of streamers. 10 minutes on YouTube and the author would have the best and best streamer in the world. It's a shame.


As a sage WebNovel reader, I've searched, seen or read good and bad Fanfic .AND i can say this is a HIDDEN Jewel - a Masterpiece.....Want more of my opinions 😇 ? :WHY AREN'T YOU READING and FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF INSTEAD OF LOOKING AT OTHER'S BLA-BLA-BLAs , I'M NOT YOUR NANNY. {😈}I want to say more but I'm working right now and my boss isn't far away *sigh* 😑


I really enjoyed the first chapters of the fanfic and was hoping the story would continue at the same pace. but what do I see next? All I see is disappointment after moving to the dead..... world I'm so badly disappointed I want to tear my hair out. I loved this story until the author thought let's like us move him to a worse world to improve his abilities and it's all lovey-dovey-romancey-lovey.... I am so disappointed.


really man? the stream plays basically no role, sure the chats are interesting at first but the way its going it would have made no difference if there was a live stream in it or not, even in HOTD the author is basically following Canon witha added character and the cast just taking all his bs at face value, he could profit so much from stream, he knows who they are what they need and what he needs, the could trade, he could request something from the but no. I was so excited about how they would interact about each other's worlds but nope.how the mc would impact them but nope. the stream membership, invite, trade everything was introduced but just ignored until it was convenient.


Ngl I didn’t know what to expect here but I’m glad I found it interesting concept btw hope to see more good things from this


This is a mid book with a protagonist who infuriates me by his actions as they seem a bit intelligent but actually turn out dumb or average. I cannot believe this guy and belive this is a SI if the author and how he would act in the situation. I hope the author can improve and not writ such mid stuff.


Author the only reason it's 4.8 and not 5 because it's great and i read it in one go, now I wait, and wait make me sad. When you complete it I will change it to a 5.


You ruined me bruh...Others feel lacking something now... 😭


Hey, I really like the story, especially Devas and the (CHAT) interactions. :-D


IVe been reading on here for a few years and I can agree this is a hidden jem


The story is well paced. When the first world was revealed, i thought the story will be a really fast paced one. But everything is overall really good. Specially the chapter length and the character development. I really like that the MC doesn't just blow past every interaction even if they are minor characters, it shows how talking to them changes the MC. Like he gets more clever or more cautious after each conversation, It shows actual Character growth.


The writing is impecable, the storyline is awesome, the characters are funny and helpful, it’s emotional and dramatic, plis don’t drop it 🙏


This work is excellent, I would like to subscribe to the author, but Patrion does not work in my region, so I would like to ask. Maybe Calleum Artori should make a page on boost, I and everyone who lives in Russia and China will be grateful.


it's a masterpiece on it's own👌✨. the early chapters might be boring and bad. BUT, the Author learns and the story only gets better and better the more you read it. Trust me😇🥰.


Webnovel needs more so High Qualität Fanfics


I don't remember if I've already reviewed it in the past, but if not, here's a review based on the most recent chapters [chap 66:winterhorde(5)]. Writing quality 5/5- I like the way the author writes and I didn't notice any writing errors but I may have forgotten since it's been a while since I started reading. Stability of updates5/5- they are consistent and the existence of a p@tre0m gives credibility to the stability of the update. Story development 5/5- I liked how the story has developed so far and I must admit that I am interested in seeing the growth of Devas and the different worlds he will visit and the changes he will make in them, especially how he will change the world of Terraria. Character Design 5/5- I don't have much knowledge of Terraria characters but the characters from other worlds seem faithful to their origins and I like seeing how the Devas develop. World Context - 5/5 I don't know much about Terraria but the world was well presented and I can easily imagine it as something real and the other worlds all seem to be in line with their respective plots.


great start, I am currently ch 34. now I am about to stack, I hope it's harem 🙏


This story is great as the fact I re-read it means I lot too me as I don't ever really do that so continue at your pace to continue make this story great.


One of the best in wn right now. although it's a bit edgy but there is character development, can you believe that? Also mr author if you're reading this bruv you talk a lot in your chapters I skipped all of them I hope there isn't anything important there


Tbh There is nothing wrong with the book its just that for me personally it's confusing with all this firstperson perspektiv of this book keps jumping around and got me confused this is probably my 3rd and last book on first perspektiv I'm gonna read and stop for good keep up the good work it's just that the " i here " and " i there " is confusing rather read 3rd person perspektiv well atleast i red this book up to chapter 43 [img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend] id recommend the book for peaple Who like first perspektiv of things // peace out.


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